Dana White Reveals Miesha Tate as New TUF Coach; Updates on Cat Zingano Surgery (video)

May 29, 2013
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08-Miesha-Tate-TUF-17-Finale-wUFC president Dana White on Tuesday unveiled stunning news that Miesha Tate would be replacing an injured Cat Zingano as head coach on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. Tate and opposing coach, women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, have a fiery history with one another and this shocking turn of events should lead to one of the most hotly anticipated seasons of TUF ever.

TUF 18, now with Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, debuts on TUF’s all-new network, FOX Sports 1, on Sept. 4.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Feel terrible for Cat. That really sucks. Was more hyped to see Cat fight Ronda than to see Meisha get her arm broken again … but the rivalry has the potential to make for interesting T.V I guess.

  • hrgi

    Tate will lose again, pointless fight. Let’s see if she’ll dare to shove Ronda’s face when she’s getting up from the ground… Wait, I just realised that this fight isn’t going to go to the 2nd round, sorry.

    • Jack Burton

      It’s not pointless, now if loses again, which she probably will, a third fight would be pointless.

      They really have no other choice. Zingano and Tate are the only ones with name recognition at this point.

      • shakejunt

        it’s completely pointless. the winner of the show will be more deserving of the title shot than tate will be.

  • Phyte_Phan

    Miesha looks silly with her “upsized fakeness. Someone should have told her to stay on as a fighter, not turn into a “Cupcake”.

  • eric

    Awesome. I felt that Meisha would’ve been a better TUF coach anyway just personality wise and stylistically, Tate has better chance @ Rousey than Zigano.

  • solo

    Wow, what a happy moment for Miesha. To bad for Cat though. Now we get to see her sexy ass every week on TUF lool!


      Miesha? Do you watch UFC for all the ass? Come on. She would be a great sparring partner for up and comers nothing more.

  • Balckdog

    Bad for Cat – good for TUF and MMA fans – cant wait!

    • shakejunt

      good for tuf and mma fans? rousey has 7 fights and we’re already up to rematches???


    Watching Rhonda vs Miesha will be like watching GSP and Jake Shields. Dana should have put a fight up for the next two runner ups after Miesha (how is she a runner up?… Cat made her look like an amateur at Mandalay Bay) and the winner would have the pleasure of getting her ass whooped by Rhonda.