Dana White Responds to Luke Rockhold’s ‘Think Before You Run Your Mouth’ Slam

The back and forth between UFC middleweight challenger Luke Rockhold and company president Dana White continued throughout the day on Tuesday. 

The situation started with Rockhold’s public criticism of the UFC for twice overlooking the top 185-pound contenders in favor of what he deemed “freak show” match-ups for middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

The UFC opted to give Dan Henderson a shot at the belt in Bisping’s first title defense after he took the belt from Rockhold. It was a sort of retirement gift for Henderson, who laid his gloves down following the fight. After Bisping dispatched with Henderson, the UFC opted to match him with returning former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who would be making his middleweight debut in a challenge for the belt. 

St-Pierre recently said that he wouldn’t be ready to fight until at least November, so the UFC pulled him from the fight with Bisping. White said they would instead match Bisping with Yoel Romero, the No. 1 ranked middleweight contender.

Luke Rockhold and Dana WhiteRockhold wasn’t the only one to criticize the UFC for it’s middleweight matchmaking, but he faced the brunt of White’s criticism at the UFC 211 post-fight press conference on Saturday night in Dallas. 

“You got Rockhold right now screaming, ‘I deserve this.’ You just got knocked out in the first round, you don’t deserve anything. You gotta come back and earn it,” White said

Rockhold fired back on Tuesday via Twitter, culminating in his comment telling White, “‘You have to earn your way in this company?’ Tell me how did GSP earn a middleweight title shot? Think before you run your mouth.”

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Though he doesn’t always respond when fighters take aim at him on social media, White did just that on Tuesday, basically telling Rockhold not criticize the matchmaking.

“Luke Rockhold, I usually never respond, but GSP never lost his title. Bisping, GSP, and the fans wanted it,” he said, referring to the match-up that recently dissolved. 

“Stick to fighting and modeling and leave the matchmaking to us.”

Rockhold has yet to respond following White’s latest comment.

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  • michaelchimique

    so, Dana white by saying that GSP never lost his title, he’s really saying that GSP deserves this fight. that contradicts his “fighters don’t deserve anything, they earn it”

    • Sean

      Not really. Gsp earned his title shot by not losing, being the longest reigning welterweight champion and winning his last fight. I’m not say I wanted to see that fight but he earned it.

      • michaelchimique

        GSP didn’t earn a middleweight title shot. his division was welterweight.
        he left the sport more than 3 years ago. he hasn’t earned a title shot in a division he actively avoided while Silva was the champion. I’m a GSP fan but let’s get real.

        • Prince Randorson

          Thats a good point. I do think GSP would deserve a welterweight title shot.

      • taylor2008

        No he didnt. He left the UFC for a few years. Earning it is taking another fight to work his way there. GSP didnt earn anything. He left.

  • Bobby Cullari

    Ahhhhahahaha – Luke is out of his league. Dana White is not giving this douche anything, and Luke needs to fight his way back into title contention.

    • taylor2008

      You forgot that Luke didnt ask for a title shot. But questioned Dana when he said to fight his way back. Luke is right. GSP shouldnt have had the title shot. Glad GSP said he wont be ready. Yoel will probably beat bisping.

  • michaelchimique

    fight fans care. idk what you are but doesn’t sound like a fight fan to me. you seem like a Dana shill.

    • Bobby Cullari

      Luke needs to STFU and take a fight. That’s his solution – not pissing and moaning about what he’s entitled to.
      Take a fight or rot on the shelf. Again, nobody who matters cares…

      • michaelchimique

        he’s not even talking about himself you dimwit. he’s speaking for the fighters. you’d know that if you paid attention.

        • Bobby Cullari

          “I want Bisping,” Rockhold said in Feb on The MMA Hour. “There’s no way around it. I’m not going to give that up.”
          Luke needs to take a relevant fight over the summer and win. That’s what will get him back into title contention – not pissing and moaning about what others don’t get.

    • Trevor

      I am a fight fan and I dont care either. Rockhold is mediocre at best and did just get owed by Bisping …sad! He should shut up and start doing some winning before he spouts off.

      • Julian

        Rockhold mediocre ? His only problem is to stay focus when he fight… otherwise he is a true killer… he is a huge MW, incredible kicks, great wresting and one of the most aggressive ground game in the MMA. He can beat everyone but sometimes he just looks too lazy or cocky.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Yoel Romero is the only deserving title shot and he’s getting it now. There is no story here now for Luke.

    • macarrech

      Lets see if GSP still want the MW title when Romero kills Bisping.

  • Julian

    Actually Dana said after GSP VS HENDRICKS fight that HENDRICKS won the fight. So it’s not so clear in his mind that GSP never lost his title 😉

    I was a huge fan of GSP, but now he’s just thinking too much. He wants the best match up for him and at the end, little by little, MMA fans are losing the respect they have for him.

    He asked for the MW title because it’s BISPING a good match up for him. In his natural division, the current champ WOODLEY is a really bad match up for him. That’s the only reason he wanted to fight at MW.

  • himmler adams

    Lucy Rockhold just got KO’d in the first round by an average Mike Bisping. Lucy has been KO’d a few times but still whines and complains like a girl. Lucy Rockhold lost her balls in those KO’s and has to ask Mike Bisping for at least one nut back. Luke the Puke is a complainer on her period nothing more.

  • himmler adams

    Luke the Puke needs a win not a whine. Lucy Rockhold must be on her period?