Dana White: Renan Barao’s Going Home Without a Dime (UFC 177 Video)

August 31, 2014
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Dana White wasn’t too happy about Renan Barao‘s exit from UFC 177, and the Brazilian fighter is feeling it in the wallet.

When Barao fainted and was hospitalized from a rough weight cut, he was pulled from the UFC 177 main event. This caused chaos to ensue, and the UFC president said that as a result Barao is going home without a payday.


Check out the MMAWeekly.com video of White discussing the topic.

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  • Drewjitsu

    Lmfao I’m glad barao got nothing .. He’s a professional and should act like it .. Cutting a lot of weight is dangerous and showing that he or his camp couldn’t get him on weight safely shows their unprofessionalism

  • TheCerealKiller

    I can’t wait to see the PPV buys. 90% will be pre-orders.

    • Austin, TX

      Check out this article…interesting i thought.
      “As Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Snowden pointed out this week, the UFC’s 2014 PPVs are so far averaging 295,000 estimated buys each, down from 561,250 in 2010. Meanwhile, the six PPVs St-Pierre headlined from 2010-13 (which doesn’t even count the massive UFC 100 in July 2009) averaged 772,500 buys.”

      • Seth

        Yeah, but GSP is GSP, right? PPV was always selling great when he was headlining the card – because ppl either wanted to see him win, or see him lose. Thats why fighters (especially those with PPV points in their contracts) were fighting to get on those cards. My point is – when it comes to PPV sales, GSP is just on whole new level. So it’s not shocking that PPVs without him are doing low numbers.

        • Austin, TX

          Yeah,… i think ppv cards have been hit and miss…over the last couple years…in terms of quality. imo. maybe not. maybe its just injuries and dumb luck probably. Yeah GSP is GSP. true.

  • Mike Higbee

    I think DW should actually step in their shoes for a training camp to see how grueling it is. He’s nothing but a money hungry narcissistic ahole

    • claudale

      He is! But Barao at fault too here.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Cut Barao. If I didn’t show up to work, I would lose my job. Bellatard ——->

    • Seth

      I think Cereal made best point here. He has a contract that says he has to show up for this fight, at that date at certain place. Part of that is following the rules – which clearly says about weight class. You miss weight = you violate the rules. I don’t see how Dana is bad here, since Barao messed up this time… .-.

    • Chris Morgan

      Dana is well aware of how grueling a training camp can be. It doesn’t change the fact that Barao came into fight week drastically overweight. Dehydration will only go so far before a fighter can’t lose any more fluids and something happens (ex. they pass out).

  • asd

    Stefan Struve not only got his show money, but win money as well! FOR NOT FIGHTING.
    Talking about double standards…

    • Seth

      Struve did make weight and it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t fight, so that’s not “double standards”.

      Barao didn’t make weight – which is HIS fault. HE didn’t make weight – for whatever reason. If he had health issues and that’s why he didn’t make the weight, he should let UFC know earlier. At least call and say “Hey, I have this health issue and doctor says I may not be able to make weight”. Every other fighter is penalized for not making weight, if he fights thats 20% of his money. But Barao didn’t fight at all becuase he didn’t make weight. You want to solve it? Move him to FW, if he has a problems with making weight. That Flyweight kid who missed weight like 4 times already, should move up to BW as well. If you can’t make weight or have a problem doing it – why are you doing it? Just move to other weight class.

  • Mr. Hahn

    Right so as long as he doesn’t get cranky you’ll get paid. When he has the added stress of mopping up the mess he makes of a worthless PPV you don’t get a dime

  • peanut

    this is a business and cutting weight is the first step. Guys who cant cut weight should fight in a higher category. Struve got his cash because he had unforseen health issues. People not making weight is like arriving at a football game without your kit. I am not saying its easy to cut weight

  • whadahell

    I don’t feel bad for Barao on this because he ultimately failed to make the contracted weight.

    I just wish Dana would be consistent and fair when it comes to handling payment and discipline. On one hand he favors some fighters and makes excuses for them and on the other he rules like a tyrant. There are some areas of the job he should not be involved in due to his emotional tendencies.

    • The Milkman

      100% dude. He’s all about money not what’s fair. He runs ufc like wrestling and gives fighters title shots based on popularity over skill and accomplishments. Keith Jardine beats Forrest griffin and then Chuck Liddell, no title shot. Had he lost to either guy the other guy would have gotten one. I get that it’s a business and you gotta do what sells but that doesn’t make it a sport and will cause it’s downfall

      • Lucas Freire

        in between these wins he lost to Houston Alexander…