Dana White Remains Undecided if Josh Barnett Will Come to the UFC or Not

January 1, 2013
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Josh Barnett StrikeforceIt’s been more than 10 years since Josh Barnett last stepped foot in the UFC Octagon, but following his last fight in Strikeforce in January, he could potentially have the chance to return.

The key word is “potentially” because nothing is signed, sealed or delivered at this point in terms of Barnett’s future with Zuffa.

Barnett faces relative unknown Nandor Guelmino at the final Strikeforce show on Jan 12, but then his contractual future remains a mystery.

It’s no secret that Barnett and UFC President Dana White have had a tumultuous relationship in the past, and as of right now there’s no word on if the former UFC heavyweight champion will get a second shot at fighting in the promotion or not.

“I don’t know, we’ll find out soon though. We’ll see,” White said about Barnett’s future.

While they don’t necessarily have to be best friends to work together, White is still unsure that he’s willing to bring Barnett into the organization after January.

Friends or not, White does respect Barnett’s fighting skills, and says that when Daniel Cormier beat him earlier in 2012, that was a big win for the former Olympian.

” What I said was true, the fact that (Daniel Cormier) beat Josh Barnett, that really means something, that’s a big deal,” White said.

It remains to be seen however if Barnett’s future lies in the UFC Octagon or elsewhere after Jan 12 passes.

  • Barnett is a border line top 5 hw, he needs to fight in the UFC.
    Barnet vs Mir, we have to see it.

    • dick niaz

      It is VERY hard to assess where Barnett is based on the competition he has faced in the last 5-6 years. He got smoked by the only top 10 guy he fought and crushed some guys that were either unranked or riding their achievements from 2005 era.

      Maybe he is in the #5-10 region or maybe the new breed is too much for him (Cormier sure was) but there is only one way we will find out and that depends on Dana and Co taking a risk on a 3x juicer (that’s only when he got caught, he has fought a lot over seas)

  • The Best Eva

    If he doesn’t he’s retarded.

  • Barnett needs to be brought to the UFC. If you don’t bring a HW fighter with that much talent to the show then you are not looking for the best fighter. Quit playing freaken head games and sign the best fighters.

    • Milosc

      Agreed. What they did to Duffee his first time around was laughable for a major sports organization

      It seems as if everyone on ZUFFA payroll needs to ‘polish the boss’s head’ to keep their jobs. Makes you wonder what his Mom said about Rachelle Leah..

    • Robizzle

      Barnett should be nick-named the human blanket

  • Duxan1

    I remember Dana saying that Barnett would never fight in the UFC straight after Josh pretty much singlehandedly destroyed Affliction’s MMA anbitions when he failed the drug test before the fight with Fedor.

    • Dana has had a rough relationship with Barnett. Yes he’s a great fighter but he just lost to DC and has to win his next fight. I don’t know why they clueless fans are making comments like “if he doesn’t bring him over he’s retarded” and “sign the best fighters in the world”. Obviously the UFC’s goal from day one was to have the best fighters in their promotion. That’s why people always complain when they get fighters from other promotions b/c they get all the top fighters. It’s not about that in this case though. It’s b/c Barnett has had issues with steroids, the commission and business with Dana.

    • PJ Brennan

      Dana don’t give a crap about the fighters. If tickets are no less then $150. And they sell 20,000 tickets. Plus PPV sales. How did Cain Velasquez only make $200,000 including his win bonus. What a joke. These guys are gonna have brain damage that cost more then they make.

  • Barnett has failed THREE drug tests before. Why would you bring him in to the UFC when you already have guys like Overeem and Kris Cyborg failing tests, getting suspended and screwing up potential title fights?

    • DamianCross

      I think you just answered your own question.

      • GoNoles

        the fact that the man has failed multiple drug test would be enough to make any organization think twice so yall need to chill and stop acting like he is entitled to a spot.

    • PJ Brennan

      How about the UFC people that have failed test? Funny how only the fighters not known for being in UFC get the heat.

  • yannick

    dana yet again being an idiot same has when he released Werdum who was on a winning streak, he just hates guys and do what he please. Barnett is top talent, who cares if he used steroids they all do at some point or growth hormones worst comes to worst Barnett will fight in Japan and i will enjoy seeing fight anywhere.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Umm… you do realize that Werdum was released after a brutal knockout from a then unknown dos Santos right? No winning streak there

  • Collideoverme

    Why not. It’s not like he can sink the UFC like he did Affliction. Put him on random drug testing before a fight, and if he fails, send him packing. If not, let the guy fight.

  • chuck colson

    Vinny, grow up. Read Thomas jaimisons comments so you won’t sound so stupid.

  • Scotty_O

    The HW division is basiclly just down to 4 guys right now. Other than Velasquez, JDS, Overeem and Cormier there isn’t much out there. They need new HW’s in general, might as well give him a shot.

    • Stanislav Alyas

      Stefan Struve has 4 str8 finishes against some good fighters, Roy smoked Dave, and Matt. Also ok we all no mark hunt isn’t the greatest but he has 3 solid wins right now, I mean he just stopped Kongo who’s not that bad, even though a lot off ppl stopped Kongo

      • Scotty_O

        That’s my point exactly. It’s doubtful any of those fighters will ever even make it to a title fight let alone win a title fight. I could watch Big Country fight all day long but he won’t ever win the belt, not at HW anyway, and out of all the fighters you mentioned, he’s the guy with the best chance.

  • Denny Swain

    Brring the russian who beat overeemed twice

  • Dan Davis

    Anyone who has failed as many drug tests a Barnett has doesn’t belong in MMA, much less the UFC. Period.

    • DamianCross

      Then cut Diaz.

      • dgs

        Getting busted for weed and getting busted for steroid abuse are not at all the same. Steroids are an artificial performance enhancer, and weed, well I think EVERYONE understands weed does nothing for athletic performance. Actually it would be the opposite, but Diaz has never had a problem with his cardio.

        Testing for weed is ridiculously stupid. Hopefully when marijuana becomes legal in all (or most states), testing for it will disappear. Making weed an illegal substance in the first place was beyond stupid, but that is a discussion for another day…