Dana White Regrets Mayhem Miller Twitter War

August 13, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 150Neither UFC president Dana White nor former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller is known for holding his tongue when it comes to a war of words.

The two recently went head to head on Twitter in an exchange that White thought started out as a joke, but later expressed regret when he saw how seriously Mayhem was taking their exchange.

Check out what Dana White had to say to MMAWeekly.com following UFC 150 about his war of words with Mayhem Miller.

(NOTE: This interview was conducted prior to Jason “Mayhem” Miller’s recent arrest.)

  • Booker T

    Don’t kick a guy when he’s down.

  • adriana

    Don’t sit ass-naked on someone else’s couch! that’s just rude. and unhygienic.

    • Booker T

      Not if he wiped good.

      • lfighterc

        haha yea but that wouldn’t prevent him from jizzing all over the church, that is if the guy has a sack, not sure. but seriously i do feel kinda bad, he’s on medication
        Also i don’t like to judge people but if Mayhem thinks his life is bad now just wait till he’s in Hell cause God don’t take lightly to people vandalizing his home

  • Bob


    If you really feel bad- post his $20,000 bail!

    • Lesnardo

      Dana won’t post his bail unless he has something to gain from that.

      Dana won’t care if his ex-champs are found dead in back of station wagons after ODing.

      He has made millions exploiting fighters.

      • Machterf5

        Anyone older than 12 that OD’s deserves it. I can’t believe that people who OD aren’t in the running for Darwin Awards.

        • MikeMc1983

          I’m guessing you don’t believe in the concept of addiction being a disease.

  • WhoCaresNotMeUS

    You know what, Mayhem is an idiot and he deserves to be treated like one. It’s not Dana White’s fault that Mayhem conducts business like a child. Dana White sees a child so he treats such as child.

  • Ketsugo_John

    He’s my kind of church goer. 😉

  • bernardmartin

    Don’t know what happened to him. He was really good a few years back.