Dana White Recaps UFC on Fox 9 and Talks GSP and Carlos Condit (Video)

December 15, 2013
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UFC president Dana White breaks down UFC on Fox 9, talking about Demetrious Johnson’s knockout, Urijah Faber’s Vitor Belfort impersonation, Georges St-Pierre’s leave of absence, and Carlos Condit’s next fight.

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  • Austin, TX

    Good comments, Dana. Respectful, classy. Good picks for the title, Lawler/Hendricks. We’ll see what happens. It’ll be hilarious if GSP comes back and wins the title again someday.

    I’ve been thinking/drinking. Here’s my list. GOAT is Fedor. 2 is GSP. 3 is Jones, 4 is Silva. 5 is Hughes, 6 is Liddell, 7 is Minotauro, 8 is Couture, 9 is Hendo, 10 is Wandy. I’m basing that on analysis of how stiff their competition was during their reigns, length of reign etc, whether or not they held belts in 2 different weight classes, age during title reign, etc. (List for favorite/exciting fighters fighters would be a different list.) Favorite fighters would be. 1. Liddell 2. Wandy, 3 Fedor. 4 GSP. 5 Hendo. 6 Rua. 7 Couture. 8. Machida. 9 BJ Penn. 10 Edgar/Chael/Rashad/Gus tie.

  • Axem

    Why did they bloack Canada ?

    • Axem

      Argh.. I meant to say block… Anyways, why is the video blocked for Canadians?