Dana White: Rashad Evans Wins and Remains Injury Free, He Gets Bones Jones Next

January 10, 2012
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When Rashad Evans faces Phil Davis at UFC on Fox 2 on Jan. 28 in Chicago, he will control his own destiny and his goal of facing former friend and training partner Jon “Bones” Jones next.

Speculation began to swirl last week after UFC president Dana White said in an interview that Jones was already done with his vacation and looking to get back in action sooner rather than later. He mentioned that Jones could potentially face former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson next, with most pointing at the UFC 145 fight card in Montreal as a possible landing spot.

While anything is still possible, on Tuesday when speaking with the Jim Rome Show, White said that Jones is indeed ready to get back in the cage, but if Evans wins on Jan. 28 and comes out unscathed, he’ll get his chance to face the champion.

“We’re working on it now. We’re going to obviously see what happens in this Rashad fight at the end of the month. The next fight on Fox, Rashad is fighting (Phil) Davis, so we’ll see what happens there,” White said on Tuesday.

“If Rashad wins, if Rashad comes out injury free, we’ll get the Jon ‘Bones’ Jones/Rashad Evans fight going.”

That’s obviously good news for Evans, who had to be curious what the next course of action would be should he defeat Davis.

Evans was always assured of a title shot with a win, but now that Jones is ready to return and the UFC 145 card in Montreal needs a main event, it just seemed to make sense to put the UFC light heavyweight champion at the top of that card.

As for Dan Henderson, he may have just become the biggest Phil Davis fan in the sport, because if Davis upsets Evans, then the longtime UFC and former Pride fighter will most likely get the next shot at Jones.

The UFC on Fox 2 main event will tell the tale however. If Evans wins and comes out injury free, he may finally get his chance to settle the score with Jon Jones in the Octagon.

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  • just one problem i see there… Munoz is gonna KO Sonnen and that’s that. He can stop his wrestling and has bombs in the hands. Don’t see this going to great for Sonnen

    • sux, this posted in the wrong post, should be with sonnen-silva thingy 🙂

  • Matt Magick

    Yeah wrong post buddy, and uh no not gonna happen, I’m rooting for Davis so I can see Hendo get his last hoorah

  • b-soc

    Last hoorah is an understatement. He’s going to get killed by Jones.

  • fitefan

    Davis is dangerous but I see Rashad with a victory here. If he could survive Rampage and eek out a win, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Not a walk in the park, but not a problem to employ a winning strategy. Rashad is a smart fighter.
    Question everyone will soon be asking ( especially Evans haters ) is will he fake an injury to avoid Jones and perpetuate his relevence in the LHW division and avoid the position Rampage is in now.

    • Lesnardo

      perpetuate his relevance? I don’t think he has the relevance to perpetuate.

      Evans should be seeking for a rematch with Lyoto instead of shamelessly going for title shots.

      Does he want to prolong is MMA career or does he want to be the best fighter. With Evans, I see some dude that tries so hard to be relevant.

      • fitefan

        I’m neutral vs Rashad. I don’t hate him, nor am I a fan.

        I don’t think he has any desire to be the best fighter. He should be calling out Machida to rectify his only loss.

        I see a guy that tries to take the easy way. Avoid any true challenge unless the reward is great. For Rashad it’s a business. He’s trying to make as much money as he can, while he can. And losses lead to less pay.
        He took a big risk against Rampage, but there is no telling how much cash he made hyping up that fight in PPV bonus.
        He has said before, he only wants to fight as the main event. Anything less, is undeserving.
        Hence this ongoing fued with Jones will reap him some huge profits. It’s a win win for Evans. If he loses to Jones he gets a fat check, and doesn’t lose much reputation because Jones is presently blowing through everyone.

  • Hopefully this doesnt make Rashad be extra cautious. Throwing bombs makes it likely he hurts his hands and has to wait.

  • zacharydetal

    If Rashad loses, I think a fight with Shogun would be a good idea and if Davis wins let him fight the winner of Nog and Gustaffason, or give Phil Baroni a title shot.

    • fitefan

      I find it odd that you offer a brilliant match up of Evans/Rua if Rashad loses, and then offer up Baroni at 13/13 for a title shot in the same sentence.

  • MikeMc1983

    No doubt. Calling for a baroni title shot in the UFC is definatly thinking outside the box.
    Baroni wouldn’t be in line for a strikeforce title would he? Lol

    • Lesnardo

      He wouldn’t be in line for a Moosin title shot even at MW. Maybe OneFC WW title contention shot.

  • MikeMc1983

    Hendo, and Evans have both shown ko power. 1 punch, or kick ko peer at that. Evans has more speed than jones does, and hendo has more power, and probably strength then jones.
    I understand people picking jones as the favorite over the rest of the division, but it’s not as if he’s better than everyone, at everything. Almost every fight jones has his opposition will be better somewhere. I’m not sure I understand the people who think no one has a chance against the guy. Unless they’re just wrapped up in the fandom of it all. He’s not even like chuck where people knew a single punch and a fight could be over.
    Jones is a favorite vs. the rest of the division, but you can come up with an intelligent way he losses to everyone in the top 5.

    • fitefan

      Jones is very confident, and he should be. He’s also very calm, and that can be a great fighting advantage. But they both lead to a lack of caution. He’s gonna get caught one day, and we’ll see what he’s made of then on his comeback.
      I sill favor him against Hendo. Age,range.
      And I favor him over Rashad. range, questionable chin.
      But so far Rashad has the best chance of beating him with hand speed, and experience sparring against him. Plus he’s a strong wrestler.
      Jones has some viscous subs if he gets a hold of your neck. And thats really the crux of it.
      Jones can destroy from the outside, smash you trying to close the distance, and wtf sub you if you tie up with him.
      I’d like to know what ‘holes’ King Mo see’s and thinks he can exploit.

    • Lesnardo

      “Jones is a favorite vs. the rest of the division, but you can come up with an intelligent way he losses to everyone in the top 5.”

      Your Machida vs Jones prediction proved to be wrong.

      Stop making these soft predictions.

      If you are going to bet on Evans, just say it.

  • zacharydetal

    I know I was just messing around with the Baroni comment. I think there are a couple of fighters that can beat Jones, but I would say Henderson has the best chance. Jon Jones reach is such an obstacle and advantage, that I’m not sure at 205 there’s many that can overcome it.Then you add on his wrestling skills, he’s going to be tough to beat.

    • fitefan

      Hendo has that overhand right, that will put Jones to sleep. Problem I see is that he has to close the distance like Machida did to do it. And we see how that ended up for Machida.

      It’s like sticking your hand in the mouth of an alligatot, sure you can do it, but eventually you’re pulling back a stub.

      And Hendo doesn’t close distance very quickly. Maybe that’s the key. I keep thinking, If Randy came back…..

  • Mma fanatic

    Bones will choke Dan with and easier the same choke he put on Lyoto! Dan will swing to no avail and try to shoot and end up in that DEADLY choke hold of Champion Jon Bones Jones!!!!! Same result for Rashad!!

  • MikeMc1983

    Hendo closes distance much differently than machida. Hendo is also different in that he will take shots to land his own. Machida first and foremost avoids being hit.
    There’s also a huge difference in clinching. Hendo is just a tad bit of a better wrestler than machida. Lol. Hendo isn’t a big head down, rush in guy, but I don’t think that really matters. Just because jones caught a guy in a guillotine choke doesn’t mean if he sees a neck the fight is over. It’s probably the most defended submission in all of mma. We don’t say that a fight is over if Anderson gets a guy in his guard.
    Jones is good. It’s just crazy hoe people are exaggerating his abilities. He’s a good combination of everything, but he hasn’t shown to be spectacular at anything. I could still picture him loseing to anyone who’s great at anyone thing. Obviously anyone with 1 punch ko power, which most of the guys at 205lbs seem to have could kill his hype as well. It’s hard not to get caught with something. Even if you are the “better” fighter.

    • fitefan

      I made that statement because Jones has four subs, all of em a choke. Wasn’t it the first time Rampage got subed? Seems Bader has bad neck defense but still.. What he did to O’brian was impressive. How many front chokes have you seen where the guy taps out in a seated position? And then he choked Machida standing straight up. The kid is strong, tall with a lot of leverage, and has long arms to snake in their and choke you with.
      And the comparison to Silva’s guard is hardly applicable. Silva isn’t known for BJJ, he’s known for striking. But you can say ” if you stand in front of Silva, you’re going down”. Most of the time, the Maia fight sucked.

      I sense you don’t like Jones much. I don’t either, but I recognize his abilities without bias of my dislike.

      Nice point about how Hendo is willing to take a shot to land a shot. I didn’t consider that. Hendo’s experience to bait the strike he needs to close distance may be exactly the type of strategy that beats Jones’ reach.

  • Hey Dana, please let the Rashad or Hendo /Jones fight come to Atlanta in April. Me and my son were at UFC 88 & had the time of our lives……… even met Chuck, Rashad, and a whole lot of other fighters. Your staff was so nice – got to come to the post-fight conference………. great memories. I hope you bring an awesome card back to “HotLanta”………. one word Dana……… BONES !!!

  • TKD

    I’d only like to see RETARD Evans win so Jones can have the next chance to mop the floor with that asshole.

    As far as Henderson against Jones, I would rather see that than RETARD Evans get the title shot.

  • maddawgmar

    Okay here’s the thing. Jones is an aggressive striker, dominate wrestler, and slick at submissions. His power has something to lack, and there are holes in his game. Evans gets beat down worse than when he fought Machida. Henderson however has more of a chance. His power is phenomenal, wrestling is world class (even a JUCO national champion has nothing on an Olympic wrestler). Hendo gets his hands on Jones he can control him. Jones cardio hasn’t been tested because no one has controlled him yet. Maybe something to watch for. If Jones is not careful striking with Henderson he will get caught, and we’ll see how his chin holds up. I have always said that it will take a prolific wrestler who can control him or a one punch KO fighter to beat Jones. Fortunately Hendo is both. Would be an interesting match. But Rashad has nothing to be feared as far as Jones is concerned.

  • tobaccoman

    Hey TKD very clever with your RETARD instead of Rashad. But as with all names only the first letter should be capitalized. By the way that was sarcasm in my first sentence in case you are too moronic to catch that.

    • TKD

      Wow, tobaccoman, you are bitter. I didn’t realize that my insult towards your gay fantasy lover would hurt so much. Chill out, you can still stroke it to his poster. Nobody is stopping you.

      • fitefan

        I try (try, mind you) not to engage in name calling and over the top insults.

        But that was funny as hell, and you were antagonized.

        • TKD

          Thanks fitefan. Not sure why I struck such a nerve in this guy. It’s like I offended his girlfriend…Ooops, maybe I did! LOL!!

    • TKD

      Hey, tobaccoman…

      I am sorry for being mean to you. I see you are as smart as that genius name of yours.