Dana White: Rampage Can Box When His (UFC) Contract is Up

October 10, 2011
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UFC president Dana White has no problem with former light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson boxing… he’s just not gonna do it on White’s watch.

“He’s under contract. He’s not boxing until… I mean, if he wants to box when his contract is up, that’s up to him.”

Rampage has mentioned recently that he’d like to box because he thinks that boxers won’t run from him on the feet and he’ll finally get the stand-up wars he’s looking for. White insists that won’t happen with the way that most boxers approach the game these days, but he also thinks there’s much more to it than that. He thinks it’s a case of a misconception about the money being thrown around. White says that boxing promoter’s like Bob Arum pay fighters as little as $600, something he’s never done since taking over the UFC.

“Rampage thought that the movie business was the answer to all his (expletive) dreams. That didn’t work out too good. The pay over there wasn’t what he thought it was. The pay over here was a lot better; a lot better.”

Check out White’s full comments on Rampage and boxing…

  • UFC does pay it’s top guys decently but it’s no where near top level boxer pay.


    • Scotty B

      true, but then again do you seriously think Rampage is going to be getting top level boxer pay?

      Arum’s isn’t licking his lips thinking “ooo, that MMA guy, ‘Rampage’ Jackson, wants to jump to boxing! i’ve got myself a contender here!”

      if he does jump to pro boxing, Rampage’ll be lucky if he snags a decent paying mid-level fight which’ll likely be a lot less than what he’s getting in MMA where he name is actually worth something.

  • Theyll let Brock wrestle but they wont let Rampage box?…Ooooook Dana White

    • Mario

      When did the UFC ever agree to let Brock do wrestling/WWE again?

      I think you have bad info, dude!

      From what I remember, Dana said that would never be allowed!

  • MrAdidas

    cameronmerryman: WTF? Can you send me a link where Brock has wrestled while in the UFC? “Oooook cameronmerryman”

    Mario: You are 100% right!

  • suckmeupagain

    Anybody have any idea what Rampage was paid for The A-Team? By the way, Dana is full of shit. The minimum for a 4 round boxing match is $1k not $600. Unless Bob found a way to pay someone $600 for a four-rounder, Dana is lying here.

  • lonniebatt

    Believe me guys Dana knows the deal and rampage has a history of bitching about money so it is a TWO WAY STREET do be hatin on the dude cause rampage is talking out the side of his neck he is a big baby when he loses and talks alot of shit blaming things on his bad attitude….

  • Oh my GAWD Rampage is more whiny than a Jr. High girl with her 1st period. “*sniff sniff, cry cry* Those big mean MMA guys wont stand up with me, so I’ma go box instead” I can NOT WAIT till this monkey’s contract is up & he leaves MMA.