Dana White Praises John McCarthy for Making Case to Not Stop Jones vs. Gustafsson Fight

September 24, 2013
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Big John McCarthyThe UFC 165 main event between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson was a bloody war that nearly got stopped prior to the fifth round due to a cut sustained by Jones in the first round.

Referee John McCarthy pleaded with the cageside physician to not stop the fight, according to UFC president Dana White.

Check out this video from Monday’s UFC 168 press tour stop in Los Angeles, where White praised McCarthy for his efforts.

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  • Ron Wheeler

    Because Herb Dean is a way better ref?

  • Maddawgmar

    This is BS, his job is to be impartial and not plead for one fighter. He can offer his opinion on if he feels he can go on, but not plead. Shows he was not totally impartial.

    • Matthew Stone

      He isn’t judging the fight so not sure why you think this is such an issue.
      I’m glad he begged for the fight not to be stopped otherwise we wouldn’t have got to see a great 5th round and a fighter win via cut which in my opinion is rubbish!

      • Maddawgmar

        A refs job is to manage the pace of the fight. If a fighter is in trouble then they stop the fight. In between rounds, if the doctor is examining a fighter and the ref is asked on his opinion then he gives it. But it’s not his job to plead for the fight to not he stopped, that is the doctors call.

        I am glad it wasn’t stopped, just upset the ref showed he was a little partial to Jones. That’s all.

        • Matthew Stone

          Fair comment!

        • steeltown65

          He was partial to the fight. And it was obviously the right thing to do because Jones went out and won the fifth round. So in hind sight it was the right call because it didn’t effect Jones. Now hindsight being 20/20. If he had stopped the fight. It would have been the wrong call for the same reasons.

    • DamianCross

      I don’t know that he was “pleading” though. A fighter is going to be impartial regarding their own damage and stoppages if only because of adrenaline alone. The ref is the closest one to the action and has seen all the damage up close so his/her opinion is invaluable. If he made a strong case at the time that’s important.

      In this case Jones had all his faculties going into the 5th (the win isn’t the important thing here) so the ends justify the means.

      • Maddawgmar

        Correct and I agree that he can give his opinion, and it’s an important opinion, but the article and Dana said he pleaded for it to not be stopped, which possibly took a win and the title from Gus.

        • Chris Morgan

          Sorry, but Gus is the only one to blame (him and maybe the judges depending on your opinion) for not winning the title. Gus was not prepared to go a full 25 minutes and that ultimately led him to lose the belt. Had he not gassed out, he’d likely be champ right now.

          • Maddawgmar

            I’m not disputing that. Simply stated the refs pleading may have led to the fight not being stopped.

          • Chris Morgan

            Assuming Big John did in fact “plead” and it actually worked, then the blame falls on the commission for employing a compromised doctor.

            The fact of the matter is if the doctor truly felt that the fight should’ve been stopped, he would’ve stopped the fight. I’m sure whatever Big John said likely carried some weight. McCarthy has been refereeing since UFC 2. Considering that he wrote the book on MMA refereeing (correct me if i’m wrong), I would imagine he knows a thing or two about when a fight should be stopped, doctors consulted, etc. You don’t reach the longevity he’s had in the sport by being biased, putting fighters’ health at risk, etc.

            As far as him being biased goes, it goes back to my point about him more/less being THE original MMA ref. Actually watch some of the fights he’s officiated (especially ones w/ cuts). If you still think he’s biased after that, then sucks to be you I guess (no offense).

        • steeltown65

          He never said ” pleaded” the reporter did. Dana did not.

    • uncle

      if it was azzagatti he would of said it should
      of been stopped

    • Adrian Kimmett

      He wasn’t pleading for one fighter he was pleading for the fight. For both fighters and for every fan of mma in the world.

      • Maddawgmar

        I think Gus would disagree with you, he lost the fight and the title because of it. Had he not pleaded would the doc let it go? Maybe. But if I was the opponent, and the doc was gonna stop it and I was gonna win, then I’d feel cheated that the ref stopped that from happening. Just saying, it’s not the refs place.

        • Dewi Gray

          are you really suggesting the Gus would have prefered to win the championship from arguably one of the greatest fighters of all time via a cut in the first round…. or be part of what was and will be considered on of the greatest fights in UFC history. to be the fighter that beat the s*** into JOnes for 5 rounds who went the distance, the underdog and now considered to be easily the second best LHW (arguably the best) in the UFC? had he won bcos of a cut he’d have been slated for being ‘lucky’. I very much doubt he’d feel cheated… nonsense.

          • Werdoomb

            Dude, your question is doomb. Of course any one in the right mind would prefer to win via cut rather than a five round war at the end of which it is not clear whether he would win. Win via cut + a rematch?

            Why do you think fighters call out the champ before clearing out every one in the division?

            God you are naive.

          • Dewi Gray

            clearly you dont fight

          • Jesus

            What about Chael Sonnen? He said he would never for a second call himself the champion if he won because of Jons toe injury.

      • Adam

        Amen to that

    • goodcleanfight

      Big John is THE authority when it comes to reffing. I can guarantee you he had the FIGHT’s best interest in mind.

      John cares deeply for fighters and goes into the cage with their best interests in mind. NOT the UFC’s (or any other promotion for that matter).

      This is the guy that wrote the rules. You can trust his judgement implicitly.

    • taylor2008

      Where did he plead for Jones? He pleaded for the fight which turned out to be a great one.

  • tyrone

    Doc should not be allowed at another fight beings he let a ref persuade him against his professional oppinion.mccarthy have money on jones?

    • Fightfankevin

      Wow. Dumbest comment ever. Not sure how long you’ve watched UFC but just because McCarthy hasn’t been around a while doesn’t mean he’s not a pro. He’s been the best of the best since the early UFC days. McCarthy clearly saw the beauty of how great a fight was happening and did not want to see a dogfight end on a cut, not because he bet on the fight.

      • tyrone

        Wow, you just made the dumbest comment ever, blah blah…

    • steeltown65

      Okay. Tyrone is dipshit of the day.

  • DamianCross

    “The cut wasn’t affecting Jones even when it was bleeding like crazy.”

    Wow Dana’s an idiot.

    • Werdoomb

      Dana loves to hear himself talk.

      Wow…the arrogance.

  • Guest

    From working EMS behind the scenes at mma/ufc events I can say that Doctors can get a bit over zealous. They are not used to triaging combat athletes and they will always err on the side of caution, which isn’t what the fighters necessarily need and/or want. The ref in many cases will know whether a fight should go on or not. A cut doesn’t mean a fight should be ended but to a Dr who isn’t used to mma, it seems like a possible game ender. – I had a doctor once that wanted to xray an athletes ankles cause they were all swollen and he was like “it’s what happens when you kick people in the shins and knees. I’ll worry about it a few days from now if they are still like that.” I was like, good point. It’s all about perspective. McCarthy knew if the Doc ended that fight it would have been pandemonium and unfair to the athletes and fans. Refs in MMA/IBJJF are generally blackbelts and know the sport more than an emergency physician or stand-in doctor who does physicals and orders labs tests all day.

    • Werdoomb

      For an assistant to a nurse who is an assistant to the doctor (which makes you a completely disposable glorified janitor) you sure speak as if you better than doctors.

      First, I doubt that. Second, it doesn’t matter because you are just a janitor, nothing more nothing less.

      I know plenty of support staff dummies in my field (finance) that think that he/she knows more than the front office people.

      Why not try getting into a Med school before you continue making a fool out of yourself.

      “I was a toilet cleaner at EMS…and yeah…doctors don’t know s*** about MMA….yeah…and I do…”

  • Lawdog1521

    Because White can be a catty, vindictive, ahole who doesn’t like it when people in his organization leave to find better employment. Like when Big John left to go work on a MMA magazine show.

    • JMoney

      Please name me a BETTER employer than the UFC for fighters..

      Is it one of the promotions that decided to pay it’s fighter’s way more than it could afford? Lemme guess, Pride.. Strikeforce, EliteXC, bodog, Affliction, CageWarriors, WEC..

      Or is it that promotion ALL the UFC fighters are just praying to be fighters for.. BELLATOR!!!!!

      The UFC is the place to be.. More NFL players complain about salary than MMA fighters…. It’s the ignorant fans that don’t understand the pay scale that cry “Dana’s evil”…

      • Lawdog1521

        I didn’t mention **** about fighters pay. I said Dana can be a ****. There’s a difference. Every person who’s left the organization, from McCarthy to Couture, has suddenly been bad mouthed by White. When he doesn’t get his way he behaves like a child and that has nothing to do with the UFC itself.

        You mention the NFL. The NFL doesn’t come out and call Dion Sanders an ***hole for commenting about its polices. The NFL acts like a professional organization and ignores it. White has a twitter bitch fit.

        • JMoney

          Dana can be an asshole. If he wasn’t one we wouldn’t have MMA on national TV.. He is ruthless and MMA is where it is because of that..
          I wasn’t talking about the concussion situation or the Retired Player Fund.. I was just saying that there are not many people that complain about their salaries in the UFC.. I don’t know of any UFC fighters that would prefer to fight for any other organiZation.. I find Dana to be the most transperant person in sports.. Sometimes he should’t be as honest as he is.. He certainly isn’t right all the time, but the the UFC is his baby, not mine or yours, so i respect his intentions to protect it for all of our sakes..

  • Werdoomb

    I would say yes.

    He is the godfather for sure.

  • Werdoomb

    Okay, this is how stupid Dana and the TUF noobs are.

    A ringside doctor is bound by codes of conduct under which he is not allowed to act on opinions rendered by nondoctors such as the referee. In addition, it could lead to malpractice suits should the fighter get hurt.

    I DOUBT the doctor would have stopped the fight BUT FOR Big John’s unsolicited “plea” that the fight must go on. So Big John’s unsolicited plea has NOTHING to do with the doctor’s decision to continue the fight.

    Dana just wanted to say something (a) purely for the sake of saying something (he thinks by saying something it makes him an authority in that field) and (b) trying to improve his relationship with Big John, which over the years has been less than friendly.

    • steeltown65

      The reporter heard it. That’s why he asked Dana about it. Which is why Dana even said anything. Does your video player have audio. If it does. Turn it up.