Dana White ‘Pissed’ About Overeem’s Positive Drug Test; No Decision Yet Regarding UFC 146

April 4, 2012
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UFC president Dana White is none too happy about the news that Alistair Overeem tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone prior to his fight at UFC 146.

White was on a media conference call on Wednesday with members of the Canadian press when he learned about Overeem’s test results.

Overeem, along with five other athletes fighting at UFC 146, were surprise tested following the pre-fight press conference as part of Nevada’s out of competition testing program.

Only Overeem’s test came back positive of the six athletes tested.

“I am beyond pissed about this,” White stated when speaking on the call as first reported by theStarPhoenix.com. “The worst part is that he sat in front of us and lied to us.”

White was reference a pre-fight meeting held between Overeem and UFC officials prior to UFC 146 being scheduled.

The UFC president railed on Overeem or any fighter that would test positive, and obviously this throws a major monkey wrench into the UFC 146 fight card should Overeem ultimately be pulled due to the positive test.

“How (expletive) stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb. Anybody who’s using right now is an absolute (expletive) moron,” White stated.

“It’s beyond, what’s the word I’m looking for, it’s beyond belief. It’s beyond comprehension. You’re an absolute moron, a brain dead absolute (expletive) dummy. It goes beyond a guy have any common sense whatsoever.”

White’s anger is justifiable given the magnitude of the UFC 146 card, which was slated to be a five fight main card made up of just heavyweights, culminating in Overeem’s bout against Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title.

If Overeem is ultimately unable to take the fight, or the UFC opts to pull him from the bout because of the positive test, they would likely look to replace him with one of the other fighters currently on the fight card.

Right now in the midst of just hearing the news, White admitted there was never a back-up plan in place, nor do they have one in mind right now.

“I don’t have a plan-B,” he said.

Regarding Overeem’s future with the UFC, again White was none too happy with the former K-1 star, and didn’t sound enthusiastic about the first conversation he’ll have with the giant Dutchman.

“It doesn’t look good, does it? It doesn’t look good,” said White.

Junior dos Santos’ camp is just in “wait and see” mode until the UFC or the Nevada Athletic Commission makes their decision.

Ana Guedes, who represents dos Santos, responded via Twitter to the news that Overeem had tested positive.

“The UFC has made no announcement regarding Junior dos Santos’ fight,” she wrote. “We have no comment, this matter falls solely to Nevada Commission and UFC.”

Now it’s just the waiting game to see first what happens with Overeem’s testing results and the commission, and then if the UFC will pull the trigger on a change prior to that happening.

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  • collideoverme

    Hell, give it to Mir. I’m not and never have been that impressed with Cain.

  • matty

    Fire him Dana. I was ecstatic about this fight. I hate waiting so long for a fight to just watch someone mess it up.

  • matty


  • matty

    Cain deserves it the most

    • maddawgmar

      Cain deserves it the most? Why, because he got Knocked Out by Dos Santos in his last fight. Now Mir is on a three fight win streak. He is the only logical choice on the card.

      • Lesnardo

        Cain deserves it the most in terms of HW ranking.

        But it wouldn’t be exciting to see Cain vs JDS at this point. Cain needs to build up the buzz by beating tomato cans like Mir.

        JDS vs Werdum doesn’t sound interesting either.

        JDS vs Mir sounds more interesting that Cain/Werdum simply because JDS has never faced Mir.

        • XIRandomHeroIX

          Lesnardo do you get off on trolling this site with your stupid ignorant bullsh*t?
          You may not like Mir’s personality but are really so F’in retarded you are going to call Mir a tomato can. Why don’t you put down the keyboard, set aside your doritos and mt. dew, shave your neck beard and get out and make something of yourself… Do you realize how pathetic it is to be an infamous douche on an MMA website. Every story I read I like to scroll down and check out some comments but every time i get enraged by how YOUR (and a couple others on this site) constant douchebaggery has to hijack any normal and mildly insighful comments and turn into some giant flame war with you. Shut the f*ck up, no one on this site really gives a sh*t about your opinion on every single story posted. Everyone on this site hates you as much as your parents do so do us all a favor and stop posting your obvious flame bait comments you insignificat little worm

          • I don’t agree with Lesnardo either but dude you ****ing snapped lmao… also i would love to know why in the world would anyone in their right mind think Cain is more deserving to fight JDS than Mir? Mir’s been on fire lately and Cain last fight was JDS… who he lost to. In fact im not sure if there has ever been a fight in the history of the UFC where a fighter has fought the same person twice in a row right after he/she lost to that person…. especially considering it was a title fight

  • lonniebatt

    Everyone wants to see a rematch with Cain but it cant be that way his loss was the only way that he could have lost that fight to not be entilted a rematch,,sucks I know but it really hurt his standing in the division being the champ and to lose that easy… Mir is technically next in line and having said that just who else would be a better fight for Junior…. Man Overeem has let t the whole world down at this point what a Dick he was poised to have the most presteigest title in the world and he fucked up……

  • I find this hilarious! It was always obvious Overeem had used PED’s. He went from being tiny to being huge gaining like 80lbs in muscle in about a 9 month period of time. Who does that? I’ll tell you, No one! What I find even funnier was the fact that there was videos of Overeem on Youtube admitting he took growth hormone to get huge while he was in StrikeForce. There’s videos of Nick Diaz smoking weed and talking about smoking weed, and Dana acted shocked about that too. . . C’mon man, you’re either dumb as shit or the most Naive person on the planet. . .

    • ajmadic

      actually, you’re the one dumb as shit. 80lbs in 9months? you obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. he used to fight at 205…. and weights in around 250-260. so how exactly is that 80lbs? plus, it didn’t take him 9 months to put on that much mass. it took him a couple of years.

      • Lesnardo

        He is not dumb.

        It was more like 60+ lbs in 2 years. But who cares? It’s not like Reem is a bodybuilder! Anyone, even athletes, gaining 60+ lbs in 2 years is weird.

        • maddawgmar

          Do your math again… When he fought at 205, he didn’t weigh 205 he cut 20+ pounds to make that weight. How do you figure 225-230 to just over 265 to be 60 lbs. 30-40 lbs yes but not 60 definitely not 80. Did he use to gain that muscle? Yeah. Should he have stopped? Yeah. Do these numbers matter? No. The only thing that matters is he got caught, and will he be able to get licensed, and if he does will the UFC let him fight for the title.

          Technically he did nothing illegal in the eyes of the NSAC because he is not licensed there. But he won’t get licensed unless he can prove he is off of the juice. I think he will be able to get licensed, but I think the UFC will strip his title shot. But may switch spots with Mir.

        • “It’s not like reem is a bodybuilder”… have you ever seen a photo of that man or any of his training sessions? Trust me he’s one of the closest people in all of mma to being a bodybuilder. But that’s besides the point. he didn’t put on 60 pounds he put on around 40, which is definitely achievable in 2 years. I know a guy that gained that much in less than a year and the only supplements he took was protein

  • Towers66

    I’d say Mir over Cain. As far as who deserves it…..but I’d rather see Cain. Screw it…Hendo!!!! 🙂

  • At least its two months out from the fight. There is time for a replacement. If he would have failed at fight time it would have been a disaster.

  • bdono554

    The guy go’es from being a lanky 205 who regularly got his ass kicked by top tier 205’ers to a ogre with a head bigger than Shrek’s and this is shocking to you? Dana I love you but your either an idiot or a liar.

    • Lesnardo

      Dana never said he was shocked that Overeem took drugs.

      He said he was shocked that Overeem took drugs so close to the fight date.

      Dana doesn’t mind Reem juicing so long as Reem doesn’t get caught.

      • Enfo

        Lesnardo; you´re an idiot. stop writing here. I’m serious. Stop.

  • Iamrozylo

    I don’t know why Dana is pissed. You’d have to be either a complete fuckin idiot, totally naive, or not truly care about PEDs and just hope the fighter doesn’t get caught, to not know overeem was using. It’s like trying to tell me that WWE stars are all natural. Get fucked… Idiot.

  • williamcummings

    Dana is pissed that he tested positive? why, because his steroid connection is gone now?

  • Give Randy a call. Problem solved

  • Towers66

    Words of Wisdom SHORT_BUS. Words of Wisdom.

  • D-rail

    “Give it to Mir, give to Mir” WTF? so he can get KO’d in less time than Cain? Mir’s only ground game will be his face hitting it. So far, the only fighter that makes sense, is another stand-up striker like Hunt.

    • Lesnardo

      I want to see douchey Mir get punished.

      He talked lowly of JDS in the past. So let him eat his words. Mir thinks JDS is a better match up for him than Cain. So let him get the beating of his life…or…one of the beatings of his life…he’s gotten some brutal beating before.

  • wildmanstan

    Can they borrow Brock from the WWE for one night?

  • I have a really terrible idea that would piss off alot of people how about after Jon Jones destroys Suga Rashaad he goes back into gym stays in shape and fight for the HW tittle in May… He has been begging to go HW he wouldnt have to cut weight and if he somehow wins against JDS he could vacate his tittle and if he loses stay at LHW until next year when he planned on going to HW anyway problem solved…

  • vacate LHW tittle if he wins

  • jjjackson

    Who Should Replace Alistair Overeem at UFC 146

    UFC should sign up Fedor Emelianenko
    against Junior dos Santos. This would bring in so much money for the UFC organization. There are so many hopefuls for Fedor cuz he is likeable and he has a facinating history. With a little P.R. hype this will really take off. But i’d say make the deal with Fedor directly and tell his foolish manipulating management team to take off. UFC has brought lots of guys who are fading like Captain America, and made great ticket sales. Fedor is a well known name and there are lots of hopefuls out there.

  • hollafront1314

    i dont see dana calling chael and idiot when he got caught..

  • That’s because Dana doesn’t even try to be fair. He has his favorites and they can do just about anything and stay in the game.
    He cut people for wrong words and keeps people that do drugs. It isn’t all Dana either, the fans don’t want their favorites cut either.
    Hardy didn’t do drugs but he did lose 4(?) in a row and wasn’t cut. Others lose 1 and they are gone.
    This isn’t a Sports league, it’s a business and they run it like a business. Make money you stay.

  • me vs you

    the ufc needs to take a no tolerance approach. fire anyone that uses steroids, make a few statements. there are so many fighters out there right now that they don’t need to give guys like chael and overeem second chance, just can ’em.
    once they do that a couple times i bet we see much less steroid use. fines and slap on the wrist suspensions just don’t cut it, take away these athletes jobs and they’ll listen.

    but that’ll never happen, because steroid use is as an important part of professional sports as money. we’re only going to see this happen more and more as fighters and their camps do whatever they can to stay competitive in this growing sport. i agree with a lot of the posts above, we would all be surprised by the number of athletes that do this. unfortunately i think that athletes that don’t use are few and far between.

    people aren’t going to stop using, they’ll only spend more time and money trying to beat the tests. so why not just legalize all of these drugs and level the playing field? all except for medical marijuana of course, because that is obviously the most performance enhancing of all of the performance enhancing drugs.

  • Madmaax9

    Is anyone really surprised? No one gets that big, I don’t care how long it takes without using. Eating horse just isn’t an excuse anymore!!

  • matty

    Please don’t give Mir this fight. Give it to Cain he should of got rematch anyways?

  • Marvin8

    Funny, but even though JDS would probably crush him, I’d actually pay to watch him fight Fedor.

  • wilhaul

    Who cares about “Another Fight” or another fighter replacement .
    The point is Overeem is a cheat,and a fraud.He willing took enhancement drugs to get the upper edge .He cheated not only himself,his career and reputation,but lost fans and aspiring athletes,the fight commission,and of course the UFC itself.
    In my opinion not only should be given a life long ban from the sport,and any of it’s affiliates,but also stripped of any career records that in my mind are also now tainted..

    In a sport that places respect above all else,this showing has proven the very exact opposite..

    • jpgagne

      Respect SHOULD be the most important in combat sports, but it is defenitely not! Just listen to all the B.S. from Chael Sonnen’s mouth. WWE needs this kind of crap to build story. UFC does not need this to make MMA exciting and marketable. No real sports does.

  • jpgagne

    Have anyone mentionned Fabricio Werdum… or is he training with JDS? If not, he is the best fit for me. Keep the Mir/Cain and Nelson/Silva, as they are really decent fight. The logic of ”first contender” though would dictate Mir or Cain. Or give Brock a call. He said that he would have fought one last time if it was for the title. Anyway, they will all get knocked down by JDS!

  • chrislovely

    Come on Dana u are not surprised Overeem tested postive. The whole world knew he was doing juice. Think about it he used to fight at 205 and he was skinny as hell. Now hes a monster at 265. Come on Dana u are pissed because he got caught.