Dana White: Overeem Will Have His Due Process, Then Somebody Else Will Talk About It, Not Me

April 14, 2012
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Alistair Overeem at UFC 141UFC heavyweight title challenger Alistair Overeem recently failed a surprise drug test in Nevada, testing positive for an overly high ratio of testosterone-to-epitestosterone, which would be indicative of performance enhancing substances in his system.

Overeem will go before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on April 24 to have an opportunity to defend himself.

Fighters in the past that have failed similar drug screens have not been successful in fighting the results, but Overeem, at least publicly, has appeared confident that he is still fighting Junior dos Santos on May 26 at UFC 146.

Most fans, pundits, and industry insiders, however, believe that there is no way that Overeem is going to dodge the bullet and get licensed by Nevada, which effectively removes him from the fight.

After initially exploding about the situation, UFC president Dana White has removed himself from talk about Overeem. One of his few comments was about Frank Mir, who is the most logical replacement should Overeem not be allowed to fight.

Mir vs Cain will happen,” he tweeted in response to a fan.

With his most recent statements on the situation, following UFC on Fuel TV 2 in Sweden, White certainly doesn’t sound like a man that thinks Overeem has a leg to stand on. He sounds more like a man that is doing everything in his power from blasting Overeem before he has his day in court, so to say.

“We’re waiting to see what the Nevada State Athletic Commission… just to address that. I think I made myself pretty clear when this thing happened. I don’t have the temperament to talk about this,” said White. “I will say things that you guys will love and I will hate, next week.

“So let me just say this: everybody gets due process. Alistair Overeem will have his due process with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, we’ll see what happens, and we’ll go from there. And when it all goes down, somebody else will speak about this, not me.”

Not exactly the type of talk that is likely to bolster Overeem’s confidence in finding a way out of this situation.

Ever since Overeem’s positive results was revealed, everyone wondered why the UFC didn’t just come out and put Mir in his place.

White’s comment about Mir vs. Velasquez, in particular, caught many off guard, leaving them wondering who else could be slotted in. It could very well be the “due process” that White mentioned that lead to the statement about Mir vs. Velasquez, however.

The UFC has to allow Overeem to present his case before the commission. Overeem is not currently licensed in Nevada, so he is not under any type of suspension. If nothing changes, he will be denied a license and probably not allowed to re-apply for at least a year. But as it stands, he hasn’t currently received a ruling that precludes him from fighting, likely why the UFC has yet to officially remove him from the fight.

Once he has his day before the commission, that is likely to change, and so could White’s stance on Mir vs. Velasquez.

One thing is for sure, for all of the Twitterati that have been rallying for resurgent UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt to get the shot against JDS should Overeem be out, you’re going to be disappointed. Hunt is already on the UFC 146 fight card, slated to face Stefan Struve.

“Yes (I’ve seen the Twitter rally for Mark Hunt). They can keep rallying,” said White. “It ain’t going to happen.”

“You don’t just jump right into the title shot. I guarantee you this, if (Hunt) beats Struve, his next fight will be against somebody in the top five that can get him closer to that title shot.”

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  • D-rail

    Way to let the fans down Dana. Guess Cain vs Mir will end up being the main event for all of those who paid to see JDS fight. A striker’s delight has just been tossed in the trash. Hunt has to win at least another three fights in order to be considered for a title shot says the so called PRIDE FC fan. So Knocking Out Cheik Kongo in the first round doesn’t do much for you in the UFC.

    • phrankthetank

      Theres really no argument about whether Hunt DESERVES a title shot, he doesn’t. But there IS an argument to be made about how much fun that fight could be and how much fans want it to happen.

  • zap

    All u people calling for Hunt are idiots. Hey, lets but Pat Barry in cause he’s a striker. Or maybe give the shot to Heath Herring, he’s a tough guy. Bullshit. U gotta earn a title fight. Mir is only choice. Or Barnett if Dana wants to scrap the Grand Prix. Thats it.

    • Cptmats

      I think it takes a much bigger IDIOT to compare one of the most elite strikers on the planet to Heath Herring or Pat Barry…..Moron !

      • macgrubber

        Are you saying mark hunt is one of the most elite strikers on the planet? I dont know if covering up and just throwing huge overhand rights puts you in that category. Also please watch his fight against schilt. Id say schilt is one of the most elite strikers. Hunt isnt even close.

        • Cptmats

          Thats exactly what im saying, Anyone who knows anything about fighting knows Hunt is a K-1 legend.

          Your basing your argument on one fight ? Name one K-1 great that hasn’t been KO’D !

          Hunt is Def. one of the most elite strikers on the Planet. You don’t win a k1 world tittle by fluke !

    • If you were to give someone who is 3 fights from a title shot, what does that say to the people that are in line now? Just because you can win a popularity contest on Twitter, you get a title fight? If Hunt keeps winning, he will get his title shot.

  • Sain1

    Thats bullshit and your the idiot if you dont think Mark Hunt deserves a shot. This man is a proven veteran and a world class mixed martial artists. Unlike that piece if **** Brock Lesnar who Dana thru in. there with only 3 pro fights .

    • Cptmats

      Exactly, Lesnar was only 1 and 1 in the ufc when he got his tittle shot !

      • Lesnar pulled 1 million PPV buys with his title shot though.

        • Like Brock or not, people loved to see him fight. He always would draw big PPV numbers and he would probably still draw big numbers.

    • Lesnar also drew also drew one of the highest PPV buys in UFC history. Are you saying Mark Hunt would draw that much interest? I doubt it.

      • Cptmats

        So Brock got a tittle shot cause he draws PPV buys ? All the more reason to give Hunt a shot because there is no one out there right now that will draw as many buys against JDS as Hunt except Overoid (even though Hunt would be the tougher fight !)
        He’s all ready on the card, he’s prepared to fight, it the best choice ! Mir wouldn’t last half a round with JD !

  • maddawgmar

    8-7 is not World class. And to use that, He “just” got caught in a submission, is BS. A loss is a loss. If that were the case, then Fedors only loss is to Hendeson. He Just got caught in a sub by Werdum, then the doc stopped the fight with Silva, Fedor coulda pulled off a victory in the third. And we all know about the first loss. No, MMA means losses on the ground or on the feet are still losses. And Hunt, while he is a good striker, is a mid tier mixed martial artist.

    • Cptmats

      And Overeem is world class ? with eleven losses ?

      • macgrubber

        K-1 champ. nuff said.

        • Cptmats

          LOL Hunt is a K-1 Champ back when K-1 was the shit, as weel as 4x a K-1 tourney champ.

          Real K-1 Champ nuff said !

  • zap

    Thank u. some one here knows what they’re talking about

  • D-rail

    We are pushing for a striking match dummies! JDS isn’t about to showcase his BJJ skills if Mark got in his face right? And if everyone’s that confident that JDS will prevail, then what’s he got to lose. Guess if u got pull from the WWE then it makes sense to not earn your title shot, they just give it to you after one fight.

  • stak

    “You don’t just jump right into the title shot.”

    Rampage, Silva, Belfort, etc.?

    • Rampage won a title shot. I don’t like Rampage either, but he earned his title shot.

  • Anthony

    When they through Brock into the mix for the title shot, it was a completly different time for the hvy wt division–it was noware near as deep as it is today–they were lacking the top level compitition thats around now–in todays hierarchy , no way Brock would get the title shot being 2-1—its a much deeper pool of talent now–thats why you cant throw Hunt in just for something to do—it disrespects the top 10 UFC hvy wts that are deserving of a title shot–ex Cain, Mirr,Carwin,Werdoom,Brown, etc–Hunts not even ranked yet–give him time to develop through the UFC ranks then maybe he gets his shot

    • That is a great point.

    • Cptmats

      The HW div is the same today as it was when Brock started. And every one in it had a better record than he did when he got his shot. No maybe Hunt doesn’t deserve a tittle shot, but when the hell has that ever mattered in the UFC ? Cause Brock sure as hell didn’t earn his shot !

      • Anthony

        I think stating the HW division was as deep when Brock came on the scene as it is now is absolutly absurd. Sure,you had allot of the same athletes ,but they werent proven like they are now 3 years later. You had a 45 year old 220 lb HW champ, top contenders for his belt were Big Nog and Heath Herring???????????? . So if I understand you correctly Randy could easily be HW champion today???????? Sure, throw him in there with JDS or Overeem and see what happens. Like I said your statement is absurd ,in fact id even say comical. Take that sh*t on the road CPMATS. If your future as an MMA analist doest work out ,theres always stand up commedy.lol

        • Cptmats

          You need to give your head a shake ! At no time has heath Herring ever been anywhere close to a contender( hell he was barley a gate keeper) And big Nog was the Champ at the time.(Interm) So tell me what so dif today from when brock first stared. Kongo, mir Cain, JDS, Carwin, all guys that were here when brock started fighting and all had better records then and still do ! All were way more proven than lesnar was.

          ” So if I understand you correctly Randy could easily be HW champion today???????? Sure, throw him in there with JDS or Overeem and see what happens”

          No you don’t understand me correctly. Im not saying Randy could be the champ today, Nor could he back then if he actually fought for the belt, he won it way earlier from Tim Sylvia then left the UFC. He retured much later to defend it after being forced to after a long legal battle. Im saying there are a few guys that would have been champ along time ago if they had been given a early tittle fight(and a gimme at that)like Brock did.

          Its the same Division it was three years ago, only dif is Dana’s Golden Poster Boy is gone !

          • Anthony

            Imay need to give my head a shake, whatever the hell that means, but if HW the division is as deep now as back then , Why is it the intrim champ and true HW champ are two fighters that would be barley in the top ten by their balls today. That speaks volumes in it self. A division is measured by the best fighters in it ,and in the HW division back then ,the best would not make the cut today–CP you know your sh#t, no question about it, but I think your wrong here-lets just agree to disagree. Sorry I came off like a di#k with the commedian comment. I kinda have bit of a temper–my bad

  • Anthony

    “threw”–not “through”–my bad–sorry boys, I wasnt aan English major back in college.

    • MikeMc1983

      Anthony, you were actually right the first time. Threw is used as a past tense for something that has been thrown. You were correct the first time.

      • Anthony

        lol, thanks bro–like I said, lit was not my thing–