Dana White Outlines Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Details

June 14, 2017

As UFC president Dana White said, “The impossible deal is now happening.”

In an interview with TMZ Sports, White unveiled some of the details about Mayweather vs. McGregor that have thus far been as much speculation as the fight itself.

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor boxing match will take place on Aug. 26 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Though Mayweather Promotions had requested and received Nevada State Athletic Commission approval for Aug. 26 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the venue was not a lock and will instead take place at the more lucrative T-Mobile Arena.

Dana WhiteAs expected, Mayweather vs. McGregor will be a boxing match, but White unveiled some of the specifics that were certainly part of the negotiations.

“These guys are going to fight at 154 pounds. They’re going to wear 10-ounce gloves. It’ll be in a ring. It’s gonna be a 12-round fight. Both fighters will be tested by USADA for anti-doping.”

It’s an incredible turn of events from even a few short months ago when no one believed the fight could ever really come together. Now, it’s likely to become the biggest combat sports spectacle of the century.

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“This is all anybody wants to talk about anywhere I go,” said White. “If the fight goes well, everybody involved is gonna make some money.”

Mayweather is all but certain to make more than $100 million for coming out of a two-year retirement to try and add a victory that would bump his boxing record to 50-0, while it wouldn’t be out of the question for McGregor to cross the finish line with a similar payday, although it is likely to be slightly less than Mayweather’s windfall.

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  • Dieter Wichert

    I got $500 on Mc

    • Dieter Wichert

      I might even double or triple it if I win my next Poker Tourney

      • Trip

        Well if you’re just handing out money, send some this way!

        • Dieter Wichert

          I am pretty sure that Connor gets to hit Money and once he hits him he will swarm right at Floyd, but then again I can be wrong. We shall see what happens…. Floyd is not as fast as he used to be and a lot older now…

          • Trip

            The only chance CM has is in rounds 1- 4, after that Floyd will toy with him and probably knock him out.

          • Bad breath

            He doesn’t have any chance whatsoever.

          • Trip

            I’m just about 100% sure FM wins easily but, there is always a puncher’s chance.

          • Dieter Wichert

            That’s exactly what I was thinking, but for 75-100 mil, I let anyone in my weight class ko me

          • TheCerealSpiller

            I remember everyone saying the exact same thing about Donald Trump….

          • Prince Randorson


          • Dieter Wichert

            Yeah, the Donald won by a landslide….

          • Prince Randorson

            Yeah hes gonna swarm the best defensive boxer in history. CM has A chance, but its goddamn slim.

  • danksy

    I cant wait to see the press conferences – Should be some epic shit talking.

  • NoMoreElbows

    I am willing to bet McGregor could honestly care less whether he wins or loses. The only thing on his mind is money. Win, lose or draw, he cashes out and never fights again.

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  • Rolfe Mahan

    McGregor is going to win this fight. Floyd cannot hurt Conor because he has brittle hands. His power has usually only been good enough to keep other boxers at bay, but against Conor, he will be going up against a caveman who is stronger than any fighter Floyd has faced. This means that Floyd can’t stop Conor from hitting him, except by using the various defensive maneuvers he’s known for. This will be increasingly ineffective, especially if Conor applies relentless pressure. At 40, Floyd can’t sustain his evasive tactics like he could when he was younger. He will get hit, hit hard, and hit often. This fight will go to Conor by KO in the late rounds, when he finally connects with the big, wild shot that Floyd either did not see or could not escape. Remember you read it hear first.

    • A3P

      Get real. This is a guy who schools world class boxers vs. a guy who has never boxed.

    • NoMoreElbows