Dana White on What’s Next for Georges St-Pierre: Conor McGregor? Anderson Silva? 170?

(Video courtesy of UFC on FOX | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

Now that UFC president Dana White has stated that he’s pulled Georges St-Pierre from his planned return bout opposite UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, what’s next for the former welterweight kingpin? 

White recently weighed in on GSP, talking about him returning at welterweight now that Bisping appeared to be out of the picture, although Bisping sounded unaware. White also talked briefly about the possibility that St-Pierre could fight Conor McGregor or Anderson Silva.

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  • Prince Randorson

    Of course GSP saw Bisping as a “winnable” fight. It’s a warm up fight with a belt on top.
    GSP v Silva makes more sense to me no that the weight difference is less.
    GSP is too big for Conor.

    I’d like to see GSP have a warm up fight with a guy outside of the top 5 middleweights.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I think Cerrone would be a great Welcome Back Champ!

      • Prince Randorson

        Yeah, I’d like to see that.

  • Miguel

    Circus acts and pony shows……..

  • Blobbejaan Blob

    Unless they can make a huge amount of money on Conor-GSP it probably won’t happen. What if GSP manages to beat Conor ? What does the UFC get in return ? Well, a boring fighter with a boring personality who is at the end of his career. And once GSP served his contract there is also a chance he will start bashing the UFC again.

    It’s a lot smarter to give someone like Ferguson a chance. He’s young, has a brash persona and is exciting to watch. If he would beat Conor the UFC can easily promote him to stardom.

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  • Julian

    GSP vs BISPING will happen ! BISPING just said he will wait for GSP taking time to heal some injuries he had.

    Those 2 are shameless.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what it looks like. Bisping said he can’t even train because of his knee.

    • Joshua Tolles

      They both want the fight to happen for the same reason: they see each other as “winnable” fights compared to other potential top 185 pounders.

  • Joshua Tolles

    GSP would embarrass McGregor the same way everyone keeps saying McGregor would embarrass Mayweather in an MMA bout.

  • Triggerman99

    If Conor beats GSP in his first fight back, it wouldn’t have the same shine as it would have if GSP was champ. Of course it would be big, but id rather see GSP fight/beat woodley first.
    Not saying Conor would win, just that the timing leaves something to be desired.