Dana White on UFC Uniform Controversy: There is no deal; It doesn’t exist (Video)

February 25, 2014
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While there has been a lot of dust kicked up about UFC uniforms and the effect they would have on the bottom line for fighters, UFC president Dana White says that, as of right now, it’s much ado about nothing.

“There is no deal. We’re sitting here talking about something that doesn’t exist.”

White does admit, however, that uniforms are something that the UFC is exploring as a possibility at some point.

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  • Adam K Vogt North Yarmouth

    Yeah guys, stop complaining…its not like we are talking about your livelihood or anything. Just go on the strip, put $50,000 down on a few hands, maybe you leave with trash bags full of money, maybe you lose a million…who cares, right?

    Sorry Dana, but when you pay your main event challenger of a PPV $16,000 and co-main event challenger $8,000, people are generally not going to just trust that you have their best financial interests in mind. This guy blows off steam by gambling hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time and then tells people who are sometimes struggling to make mortgage payments to just chill out? Once the UFC has already decided their fate and signed a contract, then they are free to express an opinion about it? The UFC will continue to buy out and dissolve the competition so these guys have almost nowhere else to work, and continue to pay them a small fraction of their value to the company. But they need to just keep their mouth shut until the deal which hugely effects their income is signed. Dana is an egomaniac with a temper like my 5 year old and needs to realize that a world exists outside of his narrow self interests.

  • joe

    I met Dana once and dude seems real nice and sincere. But come on uniforms? That would look ridiculous. Plus you pay the fighters pretty crappy. So I don’t see uniforms benefiting anyone but more money for the owners. Not against Zuffa being more filthy rich, but there has got to be another way. Perhaps just putting on better fights, and huge match ups. Instead of using that bogus ranking system. How cool would it of been to see GSP v. Silva? Or see Jones go to heavyweight to fight.