Dana White on UFC on FOX 10: The Scoring Was Way Off, and Henderson Didn’t Earn a Title Shot

January 26, 2014
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UFC president Dana White is never one to shy away from expressing his opinion. He was no different following Saturday night’s UFC on FOX 10 in Chicago.

White touched on the main event, whether or not the victory propelled Benson Henderson back into the title picture, other fights on the card, and what the UFC might have to do if weather goes sour and the NFL moves the Super Bowl.

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  • hyderabod

    Have to give it to T.J. Grant, bc if Benson is not worthy, Melendez certainly is not by having just lost to Benson two fights ago

    • Baller31

      Lost to benson in the same way Thompson did, bs controversial split decision. Benson is the most boring fighter in mma, and I’d rather see anyone else fight for the title. nurmagomedov maybe.

      • briznash

        This. Melendez won that fight

        • The H

          I must be the only person that thought Benson won and I didn’t care who won. Worse than the decision for all of us is Dana’s continued assnine comments. Noone gives a shit what Dana thinks or says but his ego is just out of control. It is the fighters stupid not you Dana or your opinion that makes the sport.

      • hyderabod

        I love how douchebags use superlatives like most boring fighter. If Bendo is the most boring fighter in MMA, then you have seen very few fights. Tool

        • Sir_Roy

          Nuh uh. You’re the most biggest tool there is. So there!

    • solo

      TJ is out indefinitely, so while champ is still recovering we’ll probably see some good mix with Gil, Khabib, the winner of Dos Anjos vs Khabilov. I would like to see Benson go against Khabib, and Gil fights the winner of Khabilov vs Dos Anjos.

  • DamianCross

    According to Dana did anything on the main card actually happen?

  • horace

    Thought Josh won the fight outright. bad decision.

  • Sucked both lost

    Dana just said that benson boring pretty much in he pick him to headline fox 10 with the lamest fighter in ufc wander what the executive at fox think about give ur worst on there fight night

  • taylor2008

    I thought it was a very close fight, but I think Josh won. He was more active on the ground and had Ben in some bad situations.
    Cerrone looked good against a very good fighter.

  • Austin, TX

    Ludicrous. Thomson won the fight. Benson is a joke. He also lost at least once to Frankie Edgar also. They keep giving him these split decisions in these fights that he loses. It’s a joke. He fights like a bratty little kid who wins because he “looks” good but he really doesn’t ever actually do anything. Except get nearly submitted 17 times and tripped up at put on his *ss repeatedly time after time after time. . He got schooled by a better fighter who fought with an injury after the 1st round and who looked like a wizard. Benson looked like the punk. I reached over and turned off the whole tv about 3.2 seconds after I heard the words “Benson….smoooooooooth…..Hend-” and then the tv was off and I lit a cigarette.

    • BJJ Chris

      I like how make Benson out to be an asshole because the judges may have made a mistake. Benson is actually a very humble and religious man. Not a bratty little kid or a joke.

      • Austin, TX

        “I like W’s. I like getting my hand raised. I’ll take it any way I can
        get it; you slip on a banana peel, by the skin of my teeth, by any
        -Benson Henderson. (after the Thomson fight.)

        • Scotty_O

          Thought you turned the TV off Bud..?

          • Austin, TX
          • King_DG

            dammit what is your point?! He’s a jerk because he likes to win? Isn’t it the whole point of being in the fight game to win?!

          • Austin, TX

            Read the thread again. I was responding to BJJ Chris’s assertion that he (Benson) is a very religious and humble man. Those aren’t the words of an overly religious or humble man. The decision was also bogus. Relax. If you liked it then fine, celebrate.

          • King_DG

            I thought that fight sucked and no one really went after it. Benson has been fighting the best and that is why he can’t finish them. It’s not like he’s going to a decision with cans.

        • solo

          He said it on the press conference after the fight.
          So, whats your point? What are you trying to tell us quoting him? That he’s secretly saying he lost?

      • P-Pac

        Osama bin Laden was also a very religious man

  • Racin8de

    Dana White criticizes every state for the way their judges score the matches. If he continues his shrewd remarks I can guarantee you, he will put the final nail in the coffin of the UFC.

    • MMAFAN

      The Final?

      UFC is soaring right now, popularity wise and financially. What do you mean “the final?

    • bcoy

      That was the dumbest comment . final?? Lol? I really don’t think you understand the way life works . that’s like saying the final nail in the NFL coffin. How stoopid can u bee. Lol

  • Guest

    Imagine if commissioners of NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB said “reffing sucked, that win didn’t count…no playoffs for that team”

    • Jimmy Rebel

      I assume by reffing you mean the judging, there aren’t any judges in those sports. referees exist to make sure rules are followed, and in MMA to protect the fighter. your comment is pretty, well, dumb.

      • a


    • P-Pac

      But, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB are all rigged, and are sports entertainment, like WWE

  • JGD85

    That was Dana’s nice way of saying Stipe ain’t ready for the top guys yet.

  • Scoobs

    FU fat pig Dana.

    • Chad

      Somebody’s got issues ^

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    I wouldn’t be surpiresed if Dana still gave Josh a title shot, especially if TJ is not ready.