Dana White on UFC 169: Blown Main Event, Aldo on the Move, and Overeem’s Crappy Performance

February 2, 2014
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There was a lot of fallout from UFC 169 on Saturday night in New Jersey, and UFC president Dana White, true to form, didn’t shy away from any of it.

Though he credits referee Herb Dean as the best in the business, White said he blew the main event stoppage on Saturday night. He also discusses Jose Aldo’s possible move to 155 pounds, Alistair Overeem’s “crappy performance,” Belfort vs. Weidman and Sonnen vs. Silva, his Super Bowl pick, and more.

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  • Joe Silva

    Overeem’s performance wasn’t crappy. He dominated the former champ. White is just pissed that he overpaid Overeem. White is a whiny baby.

    • Kris-tyahn

      I concur, all my buddies and I were talking about how good Overoid looked, didn’t looked gas, dominated Mir and was probably his best fight in the UFC thus far. Dana’s such an idiot, he’s so full if BS, I just don’t really pay much attention to the crap that comes out if his mouth, nor do I believe a single word that, that bald headed douche says!!!

  • ultimatefatcunt

    So he wants a good performance, but if you loose you’ll get a pink slip. Thanks uncle dana for your kind generosity. We know you like a good fight by swearing at anything and everything, but if someone does the same to you, especially a fighter under contract, they’ll be giving a marching order. What an *ss of a guy, fat tw@t. It was another boring overall card. Having a good name doesn’t make for exciting or entertaining fights, but having the right rule set does.

    • Racin8de

      Hate to bring this up, but common spelling for LOSE is not loose, like your anus hole u Loser ! Ha Ha………

  • Piotr

    Dana White is a clown.

  • Shakir Hanifa

    Dana! i support pretty much everything you say. But i dont agree about crappy fight about Overeem. He played it safe, he dominated and after 15 mins he still looked super fresh. Frank is a dangerous guy and he could pull out a submission anytime. Maybe he would have performed if you said he wont get fired.

    • Advance*

      You just said yourself that Overeem played it safe and after 15 mins he still looked fresh. So if he was still fresh after the fight, why didn’t he go harder in the last few minutes to get the finish? It was completely lopsided and Mir was posing no threat to him, so if he had the energy there was no excuse for him not opening up.

      He has to find a middle ground between being cocky and careless and playing it too safe like last night.

      • Shakir Hanifa

        I dont disagree with you! you have a good point there. I think Overeems next fight will decide pretty much if he stays on UFC or not.

  • Shakir Hanifa

    how about Jose Aldo? he played it safe with those kicks. He never tried to finish Lamas. How come you kiss his ass Dana?

    • Dragon Kid

      Played it safe? Aldo outclassed Lamas each round even though Lamas was more dangerous and well rounded than Aldo’s previous opponents.

  • Racin8de

    Dana just say it out loud….You don’t like the point system in the UFC, you would rather have it Gladiator fighting where one fighter gets beat to the pulp and the only way one fighter wins is to knock the other out. I agree ! These fights suck !

  • Oh Dana

    Dana, you should say something about Barao trying to trick Dean into stopping the fight by keep looking up to Dean. His job is to finish his opponent not counting on the ref to stop the fight. I agree with the previous comments here about how Dana is just pissed he still has to pay Overeem top dollars for his service. If you don’t like his pay structure you shouldn’t have agreed to that signing contract – same argument you made when former fighters complain about low pay, Dana.

    Plus Overeem did much better than his fight against Werdum in SF. What do you expect when he lost twice after being overly agressive early? There’s nothing pleasing Dana. He is behaving like his own twitter trolls he endears so much.

    • Kyle Piercey

      Barao was hardly the first to look at the ref wondering why the hell a fight hasn’t been stopped. Dean is a pro, I highly doubt a fighter would influence his decision to stop a fight.

    • FN

      Best f***ing response. All these idiots talking about everything else when Danas B*tch ass needs to adress Barao on how he was looking at the reff pressuring herb the dumb a** dean into stopping the fight. If this fight was any other fight NON TITLE, the stoppage wouldent be that bad it was a OK stoppage, but this was for the TITLE for f*ck sake herb… Let him fight till the end!! People need to understand that, for the title let him go all out!

  • Ferry Vd Lans

    look dana alistair is a real pro if you come back from two losses… whats wrong with you… too say crappy performance he just fought a former UFC champ in case you forgot that…

    • invalid

      A washed up former UFC Champ….your argument is invalid.

      • Ferry Vd Lans

        a champ is a champ!!! he submidded a lot of guys bro so he fought very smart!!! mir is still a killer dont forget that????

      • Kyle Piercey

        it’s actually completely valid. He was a former champ and he dominated him.

  • Ferry Vd Lans

    and one more thing you p**** dana white??? i heard some of those shots f***ing all the WAY in HOLLAND ok he playd it safe so what a win is a win you idiot.. at al he has going treu with the comission and stuf this just a big win and very classy the way he fought!!!!!!!. and these are things you already know so shut the f….k UP

  • rdweys

    Allistair was landing hard shots the whole fight. It was far from terrible. Just because he didnt finish doesnt mean it was a terrible performance. He overpowered and man handled Mir

    • Kyle Piercey

      My thoughts exactly. Dana is starting to sound like a Diaz brother; always bitching if fights don’t involve a brutal KO. I think every MMA fan can appreciate Overeem’s performance, so Dana seems to still be bitter that Reem retired his goldenboy Brock…. that and the whole steroid thing haha

  • Ferry Vd Lans

    is it so hard to give him a compliment???? he was a champ all over the world and you for god sake call it a crappy perfomence!!! i hope he gets the belt too holland very soon… but thats is the thing you dont want!?

  • carlos felix

    dana white the don king of mma

    • Randy Hoopes


  • Billtron

    He seems more at peace with that f-d up stoppage (not sure if Faber was going to win anyway) than he was with a solid performance by Overeem.

    I think Dana might be spoiled with all the recent HW knockouts. it’s not going to happen every time but I think the fans still thought it was a good fight between two solid HWs.

    • Kyle Piercey

      I think it was a fair stoppage. He was rocked twice, got flattened by that second punch, and took 15 unanswered hammerfists while in a turtle position. When Dean says “Do something or I`ll stop the fight” he doesn`t mean “give me a thumbs up”, he`s basically telling the fighter to advance his position or attempt to intelligently defend himself. Faber did neither (does anyone expect Faber to tap there instead of giving a thumbs up in that situation? Of course not), and I don’t think putting your hand on your ear counts, especially when he was trapped and was taking shot after shot. No question, Faber has a granite chin and probably wouldn’t be KO’d, but the refs stop fights in that situation to protect the fighters. I think Dean was spot on.

      • taylor2008

        I think it was stopped too soon. As jsut one example…remember hoe Ali would let his opponents beat the crap out of him on the ropes? He would come right back and win. If faber was getting killed down there I would agree that Herb stop the fight. But Barao wasnt hurting him in the position. Faber is like that. He will eat some punches and come right back to dish it out. Not saying he would have won the fight but I think it was a bad stoppage.

        • Rence

          I agree. I mean, the key phrase is “intelligently defending yourself”. Faber may have just been turtled up, but the way he had his hands and arms, the hammerfists were just hitting him on the hands and arms…thats not really going to cause a lot of damage. It stands to reason that had he let the fight continue like that, Barao would have likely either gassed his arms, or tried to move Faber into a different position, which could have given Faber a chance to try something offensive. It was kind of like the Lesnar/Carwin fight. Carwin put so much into pounding on Lesnar without doing enough to finish him that in the next round he was shot and Brock was able to get the arm triangle. Its possible that could have happened in the Barao/Faber fight. It may not have, but now we’ll never know.

          But Faber was defending himself, Barao wasnt doing enough to finish Faber, Dean should not have stopped the fight at that point. Just my opinion.

          • taylor2008

            I agree with you. Faber wasnt getting hurt. Didnt he even give the thumbs up at one time?
            I can see if he was hurt and Dean stopped it, but he wasnt. Dean is a very good ref but that was a bad stoppage.

      • Billtron

        I totally hear you. It’s the ref job to stop it and protect the fighter. Listening to some post interviews, he has no idea how tough Faber is or if he’s in trouble if Faber can not defend himself. It’s a tough one because it’s a championship fight with a lot to loose and gain.

        I’ll agree that Dean called it right and stick with my assertion that Faber was not going to win that fight. Once Barao got his timing, it just seemed like a matter of time. I really wanted to see Uriah with the W but Barao is a beast.

        All in all, the fights were good. I wish Dana would chill out.

  • Randy Hoopes

    Dana is becoming a whinny little bitch.

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Dana White (trash) strikes again!!

    Alistair Overeem’s “crappy performance,”?

    He didn’t wanted to burnt all his energies soon again and then getting upsetted, just what happened against Browne! He fought in a smart way and even challenged Mir on the mat! Saying that Dana is like he’s saying that Mir is an uncompetitive low-tier fighter!

  • Brandon Jones

    The thing most of you are missing from Dana’s comment about Overeem is the FACT that Dana is a PROMOTER. He promotes FIGHTS and if someone doesn’t put on a show for the fans in a way that makes the fan jump to spend more money then from a promoters point of view it was a crappy fight. From a Martial Artist point of view or from the view of hardcore fans he did what he needed to do to win the fight, but from the promotional side he didn’t really excite anyone. Not his fault that his opponent didn’t force the best out of him, but this is a ENTERTAINMENT business and if you’ve shown yourself capable of doing some exciting things then that is what becomes expected of you, period.

    • Ferry Vd Lans

      go watch the WWE THAN!!! you realy missing the point bro??? he had a training camp for 10 months he is a real pro and knows whats hes doing so do you realy think he dont know how to entertain the people he was a pro when you stil had youre dipers on!!!!!

      • Brandon Jones

        What does his training for 10 months mean exactly? There are tons of “lay and pray” fighters in MMA who train for long periods of time before their fights and even some who’ve made their way to the ufc and don’t put on exciting fights even though they are vets. And I never said he doesn’t know how to entertain I said he didn’t in the eyes of casual fans and promoters then he called out a guy who doesn’t fight anymore which shows me that he’s not into the showmanship at this point and all I said was everyone is forgetting that Dana is a Promoter first and what sales better is a fighter who has put on wars or clinics in the ring/cage. The only way “play it safe” fighters sale are when they’ve gone way up the contender list or even became champ and the only reason why they sale is because the people from their country want to see them win and everyone else wants to see them lose. Those aren’t the fighters a promoter wants so calm down.

        • Ferry Vd Lans

          give the guy some air he came too the ufc an he had only problems with al kind of stuf he dont get any respect at all he just playd it save so too stay in de ufc dana says on of those are exit what do you expext ok he fought very reseverd and he did al wel job against mir!!! but he can and wil give a great show for the people al lot of people in holland are watching give the guy some respect!! the only one ho give him respect was joe rogan!!!

    • some dude

      He never tore into GSP or any of Greg Jacksons boring a$$ fighters like that. Reem didn’t finish but he did put on a far more entertaining fight than any of Jacksons “point” fighters. To illustrate my point Jackson made Clay Guida, a dude who seemed to be fighting 2 fights at once, a boring fighter.

  • Kenny Powers

    Yeah thats pretty messed up that he would say Overeem had a crappy performance when Aldo did the exact same thing. They both dominated their fights but to say it wasnt a good night for Overeem is totally hypocritical.

    • Dragon Kid

      Aldo outclassed Lamas for four rounds, Overeem played it safe for 3 rounds and refused to finish Mir when the opportunity occurred.

      • deepgrim

        overeem needed the win and he didnt want to over commit to the finish and leave himself open for a ko himself, given that his jaw isnt the best it was the right thing to do. i think he will be a bit more open in his next fight as there will be a bit less pressure on him now. I still enjoyed the fight anyway

        • Dragon Kid

          Mir had nothing on Overeem for the three rounds other than the guillotine choke attempt. Other than that it was all Overeem and he easily could stopped Mir but he chose to play it safe. A fight is a fight, one shouldn’t hold back for any reason. That’s a sign of weakness.

          • deepgrim

            if he didnt win the fight he could very well have been out of a job. champions also have a detaincy to be more conservative once they have the belt and they have something to lose, so its not really that shocking. although mir wasnt in the fight had overeem gassed himself out mir still has the power to ko people

          • Dragon Kid

            Mir KO people? Never seen him KO anyone before other than that boring Cro Cop fight. His stand up is average at best. Overeem is a world class kickboxer so he definetly had the advantage over Frank in the stand up.

          • deepgrim

            he ko big nog in the first fight and has another big ko but i cant think of who it is at the moment. but considering many LHW have ko’d overeem in the past im sure frank could have too.

          • Dragon Kid

            There’s no comparison between Mir and the LHW strikers Overeem faced in Pride. They were much better strikers & have a record for KO many others. Mir on the other hand is an average striker who’s been KO’d more times than he has KO’d someone else. The only way I’d see him KO Overeem is if Overeem dropped his hands, but then again Mir isn’t know for having KO power in his hands. He’s a submission fighter it’s than a striker.

  • Rence

    IDK the way i saw it, Dana only thought Reem’s performance was crappy because he felt that Alistair could have finished the fight and made the choice not to. Yeah Reem may have been too cautious but against Mir thats not stupid. But earlier this week when asked if the loser was getting cut Dana also said it would depend on the fight. Hypothetically, had Mir and Overeem gone out and put on a fight like Varner and Trujillo neither one of them would have to worry about being cut. Dana may be a douche, but when guys go out and lay it all on the line it is rare they get cut. Look at Hardy.

    That said, Frank’s been with the company so long and been such a “company guy” i would NOT be surprised if he still has a job.

    • Dragon Kid

      Frank was getting smashed in the first round, no doubt Overeem could’ve finished it had he kept on pounding out Frank. But he played it safe for all three rounds instead.

      • Rence

        Thats what i’m saying, he probably could have ended it and chose not to to play it safe. Against Mir, thats not really stupid, Nog had Mir just about beat and out of no where he’s got a broken arm. But i think if he’d have gone in for a finish and gotten caught in a sub by Mir then it would have been a much more exciting fight and his job would still be secure. Or if he had gone in and taken the shot at a finish his job would have been safe. Now, yeah he won but because he chose to make it a safe fight, i dont think its going to advance him as far towards the belt as a finish would have. So he still has a job but his road to the belt is not much shorter.

        IDK, yeah a win is a win but when you CAN finish a fight and dont just to play it safe? Not a good look as the kids say

        • some dude

          It was definitely more entertaining than a GSP fight.

        • Dragon Kid

          Overeem has never been shy about tearing his opponent apart until ufc 169. He barely took risks in the latter two rounds and barely showed aggression. It was a lacklustre fight that could’ve been a good one had he ended it early. Even Varner vs Trujillo was more watchable than Mir vs Overeem

          • fsunoles10

            you’re talking like that varner fight was boring, it was hands down the best fight of the night and id say the best fight of the year.

          • Dragon Kid

            How? u might wanna reread what I wrote again.

            Best fight of the year? It was a good fight but let’s not go overboard now. It was nowhere near Melendez vs Sanchez or Jones vs Gus fight of the year. Fight of the Night is probably the closest I’d give it.

      • some dude

        Really cant blame Overeem, this dude has a history of gassing. Could he have finished the fight? More than likely, if he were unsuccessful he would have gassed and lost. It was still one of the more entertaining fights of the evening. Even though that doesn’t say much. Would definitely like to see Reem vs. JDS now.

  • dgs

    Reading through these posts, it’s actually really nice to see I’m not the only one who despises Dana “Fu%king” White. Almost everything that comes out of the moron’s mouth is assinine, and his comments regarding Overeem are no different. Overeem puts on a dominating performance against a dangerous opponent (yes, Mir is still dangerous despite his recent losses), and all the idiot can do is complain about the performance??? Damned if you win, and damned if you lose I guess…

    I am convinced the UFC would be more popular and more well liked than it is, if someone else (anyone else) were president of the company. Dana has burned bridges with fighters (good luck getting GSP to fight in the UFC again, ever), refs, commissioners, network executives, other MMA org presidents, coaches (remember Dana’s ultra professional comments about Greg Jackson?) and judging by the comments here, fans of the sport as well. If he didn’t know the Fertitta’s on a personal level, I have to imagine he would have been fired long ago.

    • Sir_Roy

      I think he’s getting the results he wants. He’s the epitome of bad press is better than none. Love him, hate him, he’s become the most recognizable MMA personality worldwide. Is he a manipulative, conniving prig half the time? Hell yes, yes he is. Is he a master at HR and / or PR? Nope. He rubs everyone the wrong way once a day and thrice on Sundays. It’s business. And in business, he’s damn good. Built the UFC out of bankruptcy and into a world corporation. He knows what he’s doing and could give two shites about hurt feelings and fan hate.

      His comments are calculated to instigate and pull the emotions he wants and needs out of fans and fighters alike (though not always and not invariably because he has indeed put his foot in his mouth on more than one occasion).

      And that is frustrating for all us fans. Because we smell the crap he’s dealing, and know it’s making him giddy rich.

  • Scoobs

    Dana’s such a self-righteous jerk. Fat pig.

  • Chad

    Dana Rocks

  • otto

    I know its not relevent here, where has Brandon Thatch been, seen just enough of him to become a fan, that dude should be fighting more often…..hes a future champ IMO……not trying to start a thread, curious why this dude isnt fighting at least twice a year, the few times Ive tuned in, hes tooled his opponents in impressive fashion……….just looking for an answer

    • johnjohnson

      He had knee surgery I believe.

  • fsunoles10

    im starting to dislike white

  • MartialArtist909

    Dana has no respect for those who risk their health for his millions. Smh You need to get your fat bald head in there and see if you can give a good performance. Actn like hes somekind of GOD of MMA. Your just a big spoiled rich snob who thinks hes tough cause You got some money

  • diazfan209

    So utilizing a solid gameplan and showing smarts instead of throwing caution to the wind = a crappy performance???! n$^ga please….

  • bill

    wonder if Whites comments have anything to do with Overeems apparent free agency looming??? Dana White is such a scum bag. The fight wasnt that bad. Overeem goes berserker every fight, then for once he actually has a gameplan and makes sure to get a win and people are jumping all over him. The guy wanted to correct what lost him his last two fights. give him a break lol.

    • Ferry Vd Lans

      well sayd thx for this comment!!l look man some of those shots he gave mir where so hard i heard them all the way in holland!!! alistair is BACK..

  • Dana “Douche bag” White

    Imo overeem looked the best he had ever looked in and out of the ufc. We was complete in every area of the fight. Frank mir is the one who had a crappy night. Barely even threw a punch. Dana needs to rewatch the fight but he wont because for the first time after reading this article Dana White is a giant douche.

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    wow, douche. I thought overeem looked great!