Dana White On TUF 20 Cast: ‘These are the Baddest Girls in the World’ (Video)

July 15, 2014
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The Ultimate Fighter 20, which is currently being filmed in Las Vegas, is different from other season’s of the reality series.  It features an all female cast of the top strawweight women in the world, and the winner of the show will be crowned the inaugural UFC 115-pound champion.

“I think it’s really going to do well.  I think we have some really good fighters and some really good characters.  I think this season is going to be awesome, and I’m looking forward to it,” UFC president Dana White told the media during International Fight Week.  “The thing that’s different about this and dealing with sixteen people that hope to make it in the UFC, this is that weight division.  These are the baddest girls in the world.”

Not only will the season feature top-tier female fighters competing for a UFC title, the in-house drama promises to be entertaining to viewers as well.

“The first day, two of them don’t like each other.  The ladies know ladies and how they work.  Give it a week and they’ll all hate each other,” said White.

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  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    For the 1st time I agree with the bald, SW will be a nice division in UFC

  • rickrom

    the ufc womens 135 is a joke… no real competition. it is only there for the sake of rousey. it a division specifically catered to her.

    • johnnywrong

      Hoping Rinko gets past Miesha for a crack at Rousy. Powerful Judoka Vs powerful Judoka. Also keen to see Holm in action.

      • rickrom

        i believe she can but that “ufc jitters”… atleast she fights in japan and that should help. holms is a bit raw, maybe 2 fights or so then we’ll see.

  • james

    Im really looking forward to TUF20. I think the 115lbs girls will be more exciting than the 135 girls. I don’t care much much for drama im more for stories and fights. It’s true that a few of the girls have already fought each other so some rematches are gonna go down


    This season will be the death nail in the coffin of TUF.

    • johnnywrong

      No chance. There are some great fighters in that house.

    • rickrom

      this is the most interesting season since i don’t know when.

  • TheCerealKiller
  • opposition13

    I can see this being an EPIC FAIL TUF series. Hope that gets Mr Dana the blindfold off his eyes and realizes that NO, its not as popular as he makes it sound and sell to the fans….. $$$$$$$$$$$$$