Dana White on Ronda Rousey: The Day Comes When You Don’t Have It Anymore

UFC president Dana White on Tuesday said that if pressed to say one way or there other what’s next for former champion Ronda Rousey, he would have to say that he thinks her time is up and that she’s going to walk away from the Octagon.

So what happened with Rousey’s recent downward spiral in the cage? 

“It’s no different than any other sport. When you’re a professional athlete and you’re performing at a certain level, the day comes when you don’t anymore. It happened to Ronda and a lot of people have their comments on why,” said White in an interview with TMZ Sports.

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“Who knows why. This sport is very, very tough. You have to stay at the top of your game. It’s a young man and young woman’s sport. Fighting, throughout the history of time and fighting, one day you show up and you don’t have it anymore. It always happens that way. You never know when it’s going to come, man. It just creeps up on you. It’s a rough sport.”

Here is White’s full interview with TMZ Sports…

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  1. wow, Dana’s really got her back doesn’t he???
    The truth is, her training was messed up. She tried being a boxer when she should be taking them down. I have more respect for CM Punk who got beat by a nobody but is still wanting to fight. Dana and Rhonda act like she was entitled to have everyone lie down for her. If your a fighter then reach down and find the fire to fix the problems and go at it again. She’s not even 30 yet but Dana has her washed out. He’s a good time homie – bad times come and he’s gone

    • Yeah, I agree that she isn’t exactly pushing 40. It’s a strange comment to make.

      • not to mention holly holm is 35 and amanda nunes is 28 almost 29 and those are the 2 that beat her

  2. Ronda’s own success hamstrung her. Because she destroyed her opponents so easily she had very little actual ring experience. Not only that but she began spending more time doing movies, commercials, photo shoots which all kept her out of the gym. In my opinion that’s why she lost her last two fights. She was not able to adapt to her opponents. That’s where ring experience comes in. It’s nice to beat people easily but that also means you don’t really know how to change gears when things get tough. Ronda had 1 gear, attack. She didn’t know when to take her foot off the gas, and use footwork to become a hard target to hit.

    • I think you have hit the nail on the head there. Ronda’s 100mph style worked when she wasnt fighting strikers that could hurt her, but when she went against good strikers she should have been more concerned about avoiding getting hit and get a takedown. All them distractions and movies seemed fine when she was winning but it caught up with her, also she needed to have some double legs in her arsenal too and a bad fight camp didn’t help either

    • Those things definitely played a factor but before Holly ever set foot in the octagon I knew she would be the first to beat Ronda. Horrible style for her regardless of any distractions. Bet the house on Holm with confidence

  3. Thanks for having my back Dana. We’ll do lunch sometime.

  4. thanks for deleting my poste A holes

  5. thanks for deleting my poste A holes

    • Looks like you’ve had 9 comments deleted.

      • Considering how incredibly ignorant some of the comments are that don’t get deleted, I can’t imagine what you have to write to get one taken down lol

      • that’s because i am gay and the world don’t accept me…… who cares its internet most people here don’t even train or compete i still do at my old age

  6. She set a standard that no other woman will get near so she can ride off into the sunset.
    Future hall of famer