Dana White on Randy Couture at UFC 129: It’s a Perfect Time to Retire

May 1, 2011
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UFC president Dana White may have said that he’s heard the retirement talk before, but after UFC 129, he said that it’s a perfect time for Randy Couture to walk away from MMA.

White, after Saturday night’s fights, said that he was amazed that, at age 47, Couture could still fight men less than half his age. He also gave full credit to Couture for lasting as long as he did with Lyoto Machida at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

  • wonggfan

    Why is NOW a perfect time to retire for Randy when it was NOT a perfect time back in 2008??? Oh Dana..you clown.

    Let’s see what Randy has done since 2008.
    Randy v. Brock: KOed
    Randy v. Nog: Pwned
    Randy v. Vera: Theft
    Randy v. Toney: does it matter?
    Randy v. Lyoto: KOed

    Many serious MMA fans knew that Randy was overhyped by Dana back in 2008 solely to discredit Fedor’s dominance.

    So why is Dana okay with letting Randy retire from his contract now? Hmm…does it have anything to do with Randy’s market value at this point? That is, even if Randy goes out and puts a fight against non-UFC fighters, it would be irrelevant?

    Dana…you clown!

  • phrankthetank

    I love how you purposely skip the Coleman submission just to make it sound worse. Randy is tough as nails and he wanted to keep fighting, this is time for him to retire because he’s 47, got a fight he’s wanted for years, and he got to walk out of the cage one last time with 55000 people chanting his name. Also, going in to 2008 he had beaten sylvia and gonzaga.

  • armendo420

    agreed wonggfan ur dum