Dana White on Nick Diaz: I Want Guys That Really Want to Fight (Video)

May 25, 2014
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According to UFC president Dana White, Nick Diaz was in attendance at UFC 173. White didn’t exactly divulge the details of his recent interactions with Diaz, only to say that “I want guys that really want to fight.”

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  • dandogood

    Nick Diaz is a scum bag dumb rude ignorant crude vile and mean and who also loses most big fights-Condit and GSP. There are too many good deserving decent fighters in the UFC to worry about Nick son of satan Diaz.

  • Mark Watson

    Di-ass Brother’s Suck, They are Old News, Move on, Neither one of them Can Fight, Never Could, the U.F.C. is for Fighters Not Cry baby’s who Quit Cause they Don’t get their way.. Stay In the Ghetto then Boyz. we don’t Miss you.. In fact, The U.F.C. is better of without, you.. Cause your A Bad example to our youth .

    • dandogood

      simply a great post

    • wut huh

      never could..how much and how long have you watched MMA..oh that’s right you prob only seen the UFC..did you know Diaz used to fight in Japan..a lot of the fighters did…go watch and find out and watch Diaz beat some of the best in the world in Japan..sheesh you guys think the UFC is the only MMA

      • jay

        The diaz brothers used to do good in japan and other organizations because back then it wasn’t at the level it is today. The best MMA fighters in the world are in the ufc period. If u question that then look at what happens when the ufc releases fighters and they go to bellator or somewhere else and just walk thru every1. Perfect example is Tito Ortiz and Rampage

        • Drock420

          But if you look at the UFC roster they got alot of there good fighters from other orgs they bought out, I mean look at pettis hes the lightweight champ came from WEC. An those fights in Japan, now that was actually fighting with them pride rules were you get stomped in the face an sh*t

          • earlsimmons

            Ya and they get a TON of fighters from other orgs who are suppose to be good and end up being trash. Lombard and Crocop and Shields for example. So your argument is horrible.

      • Mark Watson

        no , not all of us, I know Better, My negativity Comes from the Fact that I don’t like Fighters who Aren’t humble. And are full of themselves , that is all.. That Girl is easy to Dislike.. there Is No room In Martial Art’s For that Gang-banger attitude Shit. it Dishonors those Before Him..

  • Guest

    Let them go from the UFC!

  • taylor2008

    Tired of them crying about gettign title shots when they dont deserve it! They always lose big fights anyway. Dana has offered them fights but they always want to pick and chose. I dont watch the fights for them. I watch fights of people who truly want to fight.

    • Milosc

      I think that Nick has personally come to the realization that the general public consists of jealous/lazy P’sOS who could care less about him (and i$ now obliged to behave accordingly)

      • taylor2008

        The general public is right about him and true fans are not jealous and lazy POS’s. Nick is a flat out jerk to people. He respects nobody. Plenty of fighters out there that are WAY more talented than him and are classy. Let Diaz go!

    • uncle

      This all started with Melendez new contract
      and the Diaz bros got jealous ,they want more
      money too, but they need to finish out the contract
      like Melendez did, then negotiate salary on the
      new contract but whatever the pay is that’s what
      they signed ,so you can’t expect a raise in your
      deal until you finish your contract if the Diaz were
      smart they would hire the same manager as Gil
      and fire who they have now so 2 tears in the bucket f**k it, Nick can stay retired he can’t beat
      these new elite fighters any way

      • TheCerealKiller

        Five comma’s and not one period? Go back to school.

        • uncle

          Oh I see your 1 of those brainy
          smurf mother**kers. that told the bully stop your wrinkling my school
          clothes..I’m sure you went to that
          school when they start rapping in
          the commercial lol, that’s not a real

          • TheCerealKiller

            Collage? Wow, it keeps getting better! Hahaha…

      • koleck

        Melendez is 10 times the fighter either of them are.

    • teecal24

      U have no idea wgat u r saying.they all have say in ths fites once they r at the lwel they d at

      • taylor2008

        Yes I do know what I am saying. Silva matches them up and the diaz brothers can take the fight or not and they are not taking fights. They want title shots but neither are worthy. Too many better fighters. They can just pick and chose their fights because they might not get another chance to fight.

      • earlsimmons

        amateur trolling…mispelling on purpose to get people complaining about grammar….really bro. Lern2 Trol plz.

  • blob

    Dana saw Nick in attendance, let’s write an article about that…

    • dgs

      That was really funny!

      Seriously, this place seems so desperate for news sometimes, that many of the articles end up being a waste of space. Still my number one MMA news site go-to however.

  • dandogood

    Bellatrash is calling for the Diaz Bro’s let them go.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Screw that, let them rot on the shelf.

  • Toby Harris

    Nick will make a good medical marijuana store clerk.

  • teecal24

    First off n diaz going to watch isnt the ultimate example of the guy who quits. But comes to the office ne way…id say going to tge gym us nore equal to going to the office not the fights.the fights r entertainment n these guys r passionate about their cradt. 2nd he nite make a great cleak but as a cleark im shre he will be moee successful then 90per ent of u guys who keep hatung on him

  • dandogood

    Diaz Bro’s will hold up a bank or do something really stupid for money. Watch how badly this ends up for these two clueless morons. No brains no guidance nothing but dumbness.

  • lowlb

    Lawlor Diaz 2 good fight

  • Truth

    Diaz said he was broke and needs to fight. He turns down fights and pays two hundred dollars for a ufc ticket? Go eat a burrito you loser N Diaz.

  • Guy Brohski

    Nick Diaz makes stoners across the world look bad.

  • dandogood

    The Diaz brothers’ future is dark and gloomy with a hurricane coming soon. broke felonies and prison is on the agenda for these clueless dimwits dumber than a can.