Dana White on Nick Diaz: He Shows Up for Fights, but He Has to do the Promotion Too

Nick Diaz UFC 129Nick Diaz is a different kind of character.

As a fighter, he’s one of the most polarizing figures in the sport. People love to love him, or love to hate him, there’s not a lot of gray area in between.

UFC president Dana White could easily be the person to find himself on both ends of the spectrum with Diaz. He loves the way Diaz fights, but hates pulling teeth to get him to fulfill the business obligations that come along with it.

White has had trouble getting him to show up for promotional obligations and press conferences in the past, particularly when he was slated to face the same man he is now supposed to fight at UFC 158 in Montreal… Georges St-Pierre.

White pulled the fight out from under Diaz when he blew off his obligations in the past and he’s willing to do it again.

“Nick Diaz shows up for fights… he fights his ass off. He’s not a big fan of pre-fight promotion, but you have to do it. It’s in your contract; we can cut you for that.

“I’ve proved that you will be punished if you don’t show up for those things.”

Check out Dana White talking about Nick Diaz…


  1. Nick won’t show up. He’s a chicken sh!t.

    • Diaz who has gone up in weight to take fights and is a former champion in WEC and Strikeforce is a “chicken ****”? Only a few minutes into this post and we already have the top stupidest comment.

      • I hear you! How in the world could anybody call Diaz chicken sh#t? Because he skipped a press conference? The guy stands in the ring, and begs his opponent to hit him in the face. I’ve met Nick, and that guy is not scared of anything. Heck, he thinks he could Anderson Silva. Dudes got nuts bigger King Kong

        • I heard the press conference was a mistake and due to a bad rep in his camp not informing him of the p.c and the negative effects on not going to it. What are your thoughts on how GSP/Diaz will play out? And please follow me on twitter and facebook I would appreciate it. I enjoy talking to educated fans like yourself.

        • Well considering Dana stated that Nick knew if he was a no show he would lose the GSP fight, and he decides to miss two press conferences?!? Yeah Diaz fought and beat bums in Strikeforce, how many of those opponents were ranked in the top 10?!? Ohhhh yeah, maybe one Paul Daley. Bahahaha fighting B level bums is nothing like fighting the BEST WW in the world who’s owned everyone he’s fought, including nicks training partner. I can fight and beat up people less skilled than me, so that makes me not scared?!? STFU idiots, but if I didn’t fight someone my size or level, im still tough bc I beat bums?!? Good point you idiots. Why don’t you check Diazs record in the UFC when he fights ranked opponents like Sherk, Riggs, Parysian, BJ and Condit = 1W & 4L. Wow Diaz is such a bad ass, he beats B level non ranked bums and loses to ranked world class fighters. Bahahahah u Diaz nut huggers sure are funny/idiots.

          • 1W & 4 L? Nick is 7-5 in he UFC, and four of those losses were over 7 years ago. I guess in your world people don’t improve. One thing is true about most MMA fans, ignorant opinions are very common.

          • It’s one thing to think Diaz won’t win or doesn’t deserve a title shot after a suspension and a loss, but saying he is afraid or not a quality fighter is ignorant. You bring up the lack of quality opponents but fail to recognize how close that condit fight was. Judges could have easily saw that fight going the other way. Diaz is definitely a top five WW. People also forget how young he is. This guy was barely old enough to vote his first time around in the UFC.

  2. I don’t think Nick will miss any press conferences again. All the guy does is train; he’s not afraid of anybody he’s a former champion and world class competitor. If Nicks wins he rebounds himself big time from the Condit loss. If GSP wins he can have another high level striker and conditioned athlete on his resume as well as settle this little beef they have going on.

    • Speaking purely of my own greedy wants as a consumer of fine MMA, I hope Diaz wins and gets a Condit rematch. I like the sound of Diaz/Condit II over GSP/Condit II and find it far more compelling.

      ….but then there is poor Jonny Hendricks stuck in TRUE #1 contender purgatory. I feel bad for that guy not getting his shot. He should have next. He not only wins but leaves no shadows of doubt ala Condit/Diaz.

      • Hendricks/Ellenberger is a very nice style match up though and will be a good fight I assume. I do feel bad for him. I mean business wise the fight makes sense and they are doing GSP a favor giving him the fight bc he specifically asked to fight him b/c of all the talk he did. He really pissed GSP off. Hendricks should call out Condit or Diaz to make another big statement. Guy deserves next shot if he wins again for sure. I hope he would get it. Or it would be sick to see him fight Nate Marquardt. What do you think of that fight?

        • Hendricks and Marquardt would be an awesome match-up. Two strong wrestlers with heavy hands. Though I hold Nate’s BJJ in higher esteem should the fight hit the mats.

          I see that fight happening only after Hendricks gets past Ellenberger (if he does), of course, and in so doing finally gets his title shot.

          Which is to say, there are at least two fights for Hendricks standing between that potential match-up. A lot can happen to Nate at welterweight in the interim.

          Conversely, and I know I’m getting well ahead of myself here, Marquardt could possibly be Hendrick’s first title defense (after proving himself first, at least once, at welterweight in the UFC) should Hendricks get the belt. Or, if Hendricks loses against either Ellenberger or the title holder, he could be among Marquardt’s first ‘tests’ to see if he himself is title shot worthy.

          • Oh you just made me think of Ellenberger vs Marquardt as a possible fight even. That would be sick. This division is looking nice with all these match ups. Should be very interesting to see how things play out.

          • Marquardt lost all is chances tonight by losing by TKO.

          • He still should be able to go over to the UFC. But we’ll see. He’ll end up in Bellator most likely.

        • Hendricks vs Marquardt would be really fun to watch I think. I think Marquardt would prove tough enough to last and make Hendricks show more of what he can do if he could avoid getting his chin stamped like the last few guys Hendricks fought. The X Factor would be Marquardts mileage. He’s been vet that’s been around for a long time. That could be good or bad, especially if he were to take on a very confident Hendricks with the momentum he has going into the Ellenburger fight…assuming he wins that, a fight I could not call accurately as Ellenburger’s no slouch by any stretch and a real gamer, it is a fight I wouldn’t wager serious money on, Hendricks should be feeling pretty unstoppable if he finishes Ellenburger…or even with a legit UD.

          • Ellenberger is a veteran he has fought all over the world, people don’t realize how experienced he is. A win over him especially by stoppage would be a very good win on the resume. I actually think this fight is very interesting.

  3. If this complete idiot blows this opportunity for a second time because he’s too arrogant to think he doesn’t have to show up for press stuff, then that’s going to be one of the saddest things ever. This guy is his own worst enemy; he wants to fail.

    There’s really no way Diaz has a chance in this fight. Diaz is basically Condit with better boxing, but worse ability to get up once taken down. Better boxing isn’t going to win this fight. However, the fact that Diaz was even given this fight is crazy considering he lost his last fight to a guy who just lost to GSP and he’s coming off a suspension for drugs. Diaz has got to have his brain checked to even play around with a title shot given under those circumstances.

    I know people are going to come out swinging in favor of Diaz because for some reason that is beyond my comprehension, Diaz has fans that are completely unconditional. Guess what? Press is part of the game. Press is what gives us those fancy Countdown shows; press is what gives us all the podcasts that we listen to so we can learn about the fighters we like to watch. Press is for the fans and Diaz doesn’t care about his fans. He says he fights for the fans, but that’s BS. He fights for himself.

    • You cant defend Diaz’ title shot anymore than Sonnen’s or even Edgar’s. And as much as I am a Diaz fan, the truth is GSP is gonna win this fight. Yes GSP will say how Diaz is his toughest foe and how he’s gonna go for the finish but we all know that isnt happening. Having said that, I’d rather watch a Diaz fight everyday of the week than any post-Serra GSP fight. I love watching the Ultimate FIGHTING Championship.

    • where have you been? Nick Diaz doesnt have to get up after being taken down. Althugh he will. Check out his resume. Nick Diaz’s ju jitsu is top tier and amongst the best in all of mma! Diaz has finished 21 oponents

      • I’m well aware of Diaz’s ability on the ground. People will disagree with this, but it’s true: as far as MMA and GSP are concerned, Condit’s BJJ is just as good. I think the last time I looked, out of Condit’s 28 wins, only two went to decision, and he had an equal 13/13 split of KO/Sub – that’s pretty impressive.

        I’m not saying Condit has better BJJ in a vacuum. I’m saying as far as GSP is concerned, it really doesn’t matter. Anything is possible, but chances are, Diaz isn’t going to submit GSP, so it’s not really even worth mentioning.

        • well spoken, never the less I am really looking forward to this fight as well as the rest of the card,. I beleive we are allready at 8 ww match ups. I’ts looking like 2013 is goona be an awesome year for top ww match ups.

  4. The reason I love the Diaz brother’s is because they’re real. They don’t put on a mask, What you see infront of the camera is the real deal. They’ve got a problem with authority, They’re non-conformists, rebels if you will. Sorry, but I love that ****.

    Also the fact that Nick smokes pot, yet competes in triathlons “for fun” is an awesome “****-you” to the ignorant sheeple who think weed makes you lazy and stupid.

    HOWEVER. There are times when you gotta do what you’re told, obey, and do your job. If Nick ever needed to do that, it’s now…or never.

    • Well said anonmoose.

    • ya well said i like diaz for the same reasons but if he didnt show this time id say white will cut him dana really holds grudges againt people that mess with events if he dosent show hes done in the ufc

      • And well Dana should cut him. I would hold a grudge too against an employee that cost me money for no good goddamn reason – and this right after I handed him the keys to the welterweight kingdom. He was too press shy to walk up to the door, let alone turn the knob and step through.

        Heck, imagine you’re set to give an important demonstration at a company meeting. You decide not to show up without so much as a ‘by your leave’ and cost the company a lot of money and the contract. You do it once, you might keep your job (but probably not). Do it twice and you, sir, are jobless and without reference.

        The fact he’s getting another opportunity so soon is, in and of itself, astounding. Personally, I think as a lover of poker, GSP is calling Diaz’s bluff as they BOTH know Georges is a terrible fight for Nick. Nick ran from their previous fight. Now Georges has him by the gonads and raised him, with Nick’s career now on the table.

      • he might cut Jon Jones too for cancelling the UFC151 event

    • great fighter Nick Diaz but a total douche he could have been on top of the world and make a lot more money then he does.

  5. GSP may be too strong for Diaz. GSP going for leg kicks, take downs and lay on him all night. Diaz has stamina like no other but I think his muscles may tire out.
    Hard fight for Diaz.
    Diaz vs Fitch would be another story, with Fitch getting subbed on the ground or koed on the feet. That is the fight I want to see.

    • Big Diaz fan here! Prior to GSP/Condit, I thought Nick would kill GSP. BUT, after watching (from the 7th row) Bendo beat Nate, my confidence has evaporated. Bendo showed GSP how to beat the Diaz brothers. Nick & Nate are very similar fighters in that they constantly bring the pressure with in your face boxing. Takedowns, stick & move, and leg kicks is the only way you beat the Diaz boys. You stand with them, or try to grapple with them, you are asking for a loss. GSP does have a suspect chin, so who knows. The one thing we all know is that Nick will not get tapped or knocked out.

      • Are you saying that b4 the Condit vs Diaz fight, u thought Diaz would “destroy” GSP? It after that fight, u didnt realize GSP would destroy Diaz? Especially after GSP owned Condit after being out for 19 months & after having major ACL surgery, while Diaz lost while being healthy and with NO ring rust? But you then needed to see BENDO spanking Nate to realize GSP would embaress Diaz? Even after Diaz lost to Condit & GSP owning Condit after a 19 month layoff? Wow, the fact it took you that long to realize Diaz is FUCT vs GSP is mind boggling.

        Though, the fact it took you so long to realize the truth with everything that has happened with Condit vs Diaz and then GSP vs Condit, to admit Diaz is going to get spanked March 16th, is just as sad, as your comment a out GSP having a suspect chin?!? How so genius? BC he lost once by TKO from a punch behind the head/ear or when GSP took. Shin to the head and still dominated Condit?!? U are such an idiot, 25 fights – 2 losses and 1 was a TKO from a punch behind the ear, but didnt get finished by a shin kick to the head, but yeah ur right, GSP can’t take a punch? WINK WINK, but he sure as hell can take a kick to the head. Last time I checked, a Condit kick to the head is a lot more powerful than a dozen Diaz pillow punches. You sir are an uneducated dummy!

        • Ha ha! I know more about MMA in my left pinkie toe than you do keyboard warrior. Bring on the insults, and the ignorant observations.

    • It’s clear you don’t know much about Fitch so let me educate you. Fitch vs Diaz ….. Diaz gets owned 9/10, Fitch has the UFC record for not getting submitted 0/25 attempts from people like GSP, BJ, Erick Silva etc. he’s never been close to being submitted, and I guarantee you Maia will have trouble doing it, let alone Diaz. As for Fitch, his chin is granite, He sticks landed a perfect punch, Diaz doesn’t have half the power Hendricks has. Fitch would be the 2nd worst fight for Diaz, GSP bei g the worst. Ur welcome and up to date.

      • 0/25?. Fitch has no ufc records period. In fact he’s only fought in the ufc a total of 17 times. And ya he has been choked out just ask Mike Pyle. Fact is Nick Diaz has NEVER bin submitted in 34 fights.

  6. The UFC–the only place in the world where you can fail a drug test, refuse to show up to your job, and still find employment.

    • Not true: Look up Marion Barry on Wikipedia.

      • In fact, now that I think about it, someone check Nick Diaz’s tax returns!!

    • Zuffa really, not UFC. And they are also the founders of fighters insurance. Really is a great place to work for in the business.

    • WCW was like that too, scott steiner insulted all people in the ring was suspended with pay for 2 weeks. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  7. I want to see the weigh ins the staredown should be epic