Dana White on Maynard vs. Guida – ‘That Fight Sucked’ (Video)

June 23, 2012
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No one will ever accuse UFC President Dana White on pulling his punches, and he let loose on the main event for UFC on FX 4 on Friday night.

Following the main event between Gray Maynard and Clay Guida in Atlantic City, NJ, White was asked his thoughts on the fight and he answered with his usual brutal honesty.

‘That fight sucked,” said White.

Here is the full video of what Dana White had to say about Maynard vs. Guida:

  • Awful, simply awful. Like Dana, and I don’t often agree with him, I was stunned Guida choose to make it a track meet. I had the same reaction Maynard did when the 48-47 was announced for Guida.

  • Prodigy815

    The Greg Jackson gameplan

  • MaritalArtist

    If guida had landed a few more punches and maybe another takedown, I think he could’ve pulled it off. The fight was very close, even accounting for the lack of aggressiveness by guida.

    • lfavelino

      Guida NEVER took maynard down, maynard had him in a choke and went for it.

      Maynard even offered guida a takedown, but Sprawled it perfectly.

      The dryhumping that is guidas trademark (along with hisncardio, props for him) would have been more exciting.

      I’m just tired of the wresltef**k thats been established as the best strategy

      • Its time to allow knees on the ground. That will change the desirability of shooting for an unlikely takedown, and reward a successful sprawl a lot more than currently.

        Also, fights should not be judged on ‘aggression’ or ‘octagon control’, they are too gray, just score damage instead, and the fight as a whole (preferably).

  • Bob

    I will bet Guida never gets another main event fight for the rest of his career. I know I would never buy a PPV with Guida (or Condit) as the main event.

    Glad Dana said it “That fight sucked!” I was laughing when Kenny Florian was trying to make it sound better by saying Guida’s foot work was good.

    • RubeKegal

      Really Bob? Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

      This clown can’t make one post without mentioning Carlos Condit.

      • Bob

        PubeKagel at it again with his verbal-diarrhea.

        Condit Condit Condit Condit Condit Condit Condit!

  • kylesmith

    Why didn’t you say this after the Condit fight?? What Carlos did was even worse!

  • pooby

    Carlos used a similar strategy, but Carlos was no where NEAR as ANNOYING while doing it. Carlos didn’t look like a bobble head doll riding on the dash of a rally car.

    Guida was also making stupid faces all night. I think he was intentionally trying to irritate Maynard. It worked, but it backfired.

  • markrenton

    This was clearly similar to Condit’s gameplan with Diaz, but just so much worse. At least Condit actually landed some decent leg kicks and had somewhat of an attack. The frustrating thing is that everyone knows guys like Guida and Condit can put on great fights (when they want to). The Jackson method of trying to outpoint, rather than outfight is starting to get very old. If Anthony Pettis had better wrestling his fight with Guida would have probably looked exactly the same.

    Terrible main event. Awful commentating. Kenny tries hard, but is just terrible.

  • pooby

    I agree with the Kenny comments. I want to like him, but he sucks. He was miscalling strikes all night. “Oh, he rocked him with that kick!”…when the kick missed and a left hook did the damage, etc.

  • bluemma

    This was a great result for MMA! I feared Guida was going to take this win due to the Jackson dodge and run approach. What has happenend to Guida? He use to be exciting to watch until Jackson and his crew have brain washed him. Jackson is a great tactician but his fighters are becoming boring, Guida, Condit and GSP, I have been a big fan of all these fighters in the past, but they seem to want to fight not too lose than to take any chances and win! I don’t think Maynard done himself any favours either as he should have adapted his game and he looked very ordinary and slow!

    • UFC is partially to blame for this as well, though. What is the reward for being exciting, when you are already established? A 60k bonus, if you are lucky. And if you lose in spectacular fashion? Then you go from established to gatekeeper.
      People are afraid to lose their job, hence afraid to lose.

      Dana needs to give MORE incentive to fighters for finishing a fight than just a measly fight of the night bonus, KO bonus, or your win money (which you get for a boring decision just the same as for a spectacular finish).

      Give fighters more assurances about what happens if they lose (by instituting a real ranking system, for one) and more incentives for actually finishing their opponent.


    Card sucked! Didn’t think it would be that bad tho! Ebersole was best fight, Thought Story Jardine would be good but it was evan lamer KNEW Gaynard would be bad THEY CANT ALL BE GREAT CARDS AND GREAT FIGHTS ! The running crap is getting old tho GREG ya BUM ! CANT wait for November, should be some great fights to make up 4 the BS