Dana White on Matt Mitrione’s Transgender Rant: “There Was No Point In It”

April 9, 2013
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01-Matt-Mitrione-TUF-Finale-16-weighUFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione, fresh off of a victory over Phil De Fries this past weekend in Sweden, went from celebrating to floundering in a pot of roiling water just 48 hours later.


That’s what UFC president Dana White wants to know.

Mitrione talked about the controversy swirling around transgender fighter Fallon Fox on the Monday edition of the MMA Hour. He went off on a rant about Fox and her participation in mixed martial arts that resulted in the UFC taking action against him for “breach of conduct.”

“I checked his fight videos and haven’t seen a man beat a woman like that since Chris Brown beat Rihanna,” said Mitrione.

“He’s chromosomally a man. He had a gender change, not a sex change. He’s still a man. He was a man for 31 years. Thirty-one years. That’s a couple years younger than I am. He’s a man,” he continued. “Six years of taking performance de-hancing drugs, you think is going to change all that? That’s ridiculous.

“That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak. And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That’s disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself.”

Prior to his comments about Fox, which included more than the noted comments, Mitrione also made light of his opponent Phil De Fries in relation to him being a student of Lloyd Irvin and recent rape allegations leveled at another Irvin student.

The UFC later suspended Mitrione and issued a statement about his conduct.

“The organization finds Mr Mitrione’s comments offensive and wholly unacceptable and – as a direct result of this significant breach of the UFC’s code of conduct – Mr Mitrione’s UFC contract has been suspended and the incident is being investigated.”

The question that White has is: why was Mitrione even doing an interview in the first place?

“It’s one of those things that’s just a pain in the ass. First of all, he didn’t even need to be doing an interview,” White commented on Tuesday. “And I’m gonna talk to these guys. The only time these guys really need to be doing interviews is leading up to fights.”

Fighters often do a few interviews in the days following their most recent fights, but it is usually to address topics surrounding the fight or their future plans depending upon the outcome. Mitrione, however, has a segment on the show called the “Mitrione Minute” and selected Fallon Fox as one of the targets of his comments.

“It ended up being a nightmare for him. What was the point of that interview? There was no point in it,” White continued. “Now it’s caused him a bunch of headaches and problems. It’s caused us a bunch of headaches and problems… for no reason whatsoever.

“What was the upside in that interview? There was none, no upside.”

UFC officials are investigating the Mitrione situation and have not yet determined what the final outcome will be.


  • robbiez

    I dont see a point in Dana White cursing out fans over twitter either . Hmmm.

    • shakejunt

      oh get over it. if you dealt with the amount of trolls he does, you’d be spewing obscenities all day too

      • robbiez

        And a man becoming a women then wanting to fight in MMA isnt being a troll?

        • shakejunt

          no, i’m pretty sure that’s not what a troll is. good try though

          • robbiez

            Then what do you call that person. Id call them a gross manly troll. matt hit it right on spot.

          • shakejunt

            right, an internet troll is the same thing as a bridge troll. thanks for clearing that up

            you can have your opinion, but at least stick to the point

  • Neoconnected

    DW sees these guys as just existing to make him some more money and God forbid they are actual human beings that exist outside of DW’s Octagon of thought. I guess they are to be seen and not heard? Who says a fighter can’t have an opinion about anything? DW doesn’t live by the rules he imposes on others and his mouth is always blathering about something…usually self promotion. Mitrione should just issue an apology saying he is sorry for offending some people but not sorry for speaking his mind and then the UFC should move on and let the guy fight.

    • Fan

      He should not apologize . He has got millions of fans behind him . Besides apologize for what ? For telling the truth ??

      • Eric Chan

        go ahead then … he’ll be suspended indefinitely and not get paid because he cannot fight. See how “tough” are you now punk? 😀

        When your stomach is hungry, you’ll be crying to your mommy asking for milk money. Grow up. It’s a business.

        • Neoconnected

          I agree…he does have nothing to be sorry for but like Eric said…there is the reality of the real world and unfortunately you have to apologize to save face and keep your career going. Sad I know but its the PC police state we are now in.

  • Stop the Jokes

    Oh so Dana White is the only person allowed to give his opinion??? Foh

    • Just Sayin

      I think it wasn’t that Matrione gave his opinion is whats the problem, but how he did it. I don’t think he was out of line stating that he thought Fallon shouldn’t fight in Women’s MMA, but when he started calling Fallon names, that’s when the line was crossed. Constructive criticism is fine, being belligerent is not so much

      • John Bunch

        If he’d left “disgusting freak” out he could probably get away with it not being a PR disaster for the UFC…and himself.

      • Kev

        Things should be called by it’s name . Matrione is right.

        • Eric Chan

          He was attack FOX personally …. Admit it. He was out of line.

          I have no problem with his opinion about why Fox should not fight … but calling a transgender folk a “freak” and a “he”. It got personal.

          Admit his wrong and he all should be ok. Being a stupid punk and acting like you’re 12 …. not so much.

          • Confuzzled

            I don’t understand why referring to a transgendered “female” as “he” should be interpreted as bigoted, per se.

            I can insist that everyone call me “God” or “a rocket scientist.” If they don’t believe that I am God, or a rocket scientist, they are not being hateful or insulting when they refuse to call me such. They are expressing their opinion as to the truth of my implicit claim (that I REALLY am God) or my implied request (“Ok maybe I am NOT a rocket scientist, but I REALLY want you to call me such.”) Some people feel strongly that it is important to refer to entities in the world according to their essential natures.

            And to call a man who beats up a woman “a freak” is not insulting someone for a non-decision (read: bigoted.) Calling a black person a freak is. Calling (most) gay individuals freaks, is. Calling a transgendered person a freak probably usually is. But calling someone who committed a moral offense of some kind “a freak” is not a bigoted act.

            If, as many suspect, MM called her “a freak” *ONLY because* she is transgendered, then that is probably bigoted. If he did so BOTH because Fox is transgendered AND because Fox beats up women, then he is not bigoted.

          • Guest

            It’s good to know that you wouldn’t judge a man for beating up women. You would fit right in over in Pakistan.

          • Confuzzled

            I think you replied to the wrong person o_O

          • DPROBLEM

            NO no no Fox is a freak. Im sorry but he/she deserves to be called a name or 2. He/she is beating up women when he/she is straight up built like a man w o package. That its.

          • gnodeb

            FOX is beating women in a cage for money. Admit it!
            You can say that Mitrone acted like 12 year old, but even at that age, he knows how wrong is to beat women…

  • Sir_Roy

    Dana … you have no right to forbid or restrict fighters who want to give interviews or talk to the media whensoever they bloody well please. Get off your militaristic high horse. I understand that the language he employed was a breach in conduct, and for that, and that only, he can and should issue an apology.

    But overall, he’s not wrong. Fox is a man. He’s a male in every genetic way that counts in a fight, and should not be allowed to fight women. It’s wrong. There is really nothing to discuss. The fact he’s chosen to be transgender, take hormones and get snipped is his own business and Mitrione was not criticizing that choice, and was therefore not being phobic or discriminatory in any way, shape or form. He just doesn’t think a man should step into the cage and be sanctioned to fight another woman and is outraged and insulted that this is even being considered. Most of us level headed blokes agree.

    He’s not wrong.

    • jean

      Yes, Dana White will read your comment.

      • Sir_Roy

        Tell me you’re not dumb enough to believe I was waiting with bated breath for Dana to do just that …? Literary technique bud. Obvious is obvious, but many can’t resist any opportunity to be a smart @$$ I guess. Troll.

    • shakejunt

      regardless of him being wrong or right, the ufc is a private company and thus has to deal with pr issues. this has nothing to do with mittrione’s right to legally say it.

      • bajafox

        How dare you use logic in the comments section

      • Steelbreeze

        Just as we have the right to criticize a stupid managerial decision made over a non-existent PR issue. I’d really like to see the section of the contract Dana is alleging he broke. I’d guess that it is open to interpretation and I’d further guess that there are few people that would conclude Mitrione violated it.

        • shakejunt

          think about when miguel torres made the rape joke. he lost his job over that. yes, he was brought back, but it was a firm message sent.

          • Steelbreeze

            The only message Dana is sending is that politically incorrect speech won’t be tolerated. He needs to resign and let someone a little more in touch with the UFC’s fan-base take over. Very few actual UFC fans are going to care about what Mitrione said about a surgically castrated man that wants to get paid to beat up women. Dana is appeasing a minor demographic that isn’t at all likely to be interested in watching anything as “barbaric” as the UFC. When the competitive sharing league gets started I’m sure that demographic will make up a significant part of its fan-base (as long as no one actually wins).

      • Guest

        The more this is so, the less the sport of MMA will be

        • shakejunt

          actually, it’s the exact opposite.

          the ufc is trying to become something like the “nfl of mma” and with that comes professionalism. 10 years ago, matt’s comment would’ve been ignored because it was a fringe sport with little to no viewership. now it’s something that’ll be brought to millions and so they need to keep it clean.

          • Steelbreze

            What he said wasn’t “unclean.” Just the reality of what it means for a surgically castrated male to try to get paid to beat up females. Criticizing FF for being a liar and a sociopath is really about as mainstream as you can get. I’m guessing Dana spends too much time in Hollywood to realize how out of touch he is with the country. The only people pretending to be offended by this foolishness are an extremely vocal minority trying to pass off their willingness to label a surgically castrated man a women and allow him to be paid to beat up women as some kind of open-minded virtuousness. It’s silly, no one really believes it, and it deserves to be mocked.

          • shakejunt

            so what you’re saying is you don’t care about anyone else’s opinion and yet yours should be cared about? ah, logic at its finest

          • Steelbreeze

            Nice attempt at a straw man. Dana was in the wrong. Period. FF is in fact a liar. Try as you may to twist these you will fail.

          • shakejunt

            try going to work and telling potential patrons that you think a transgendered person is a freak and see how long they keep you around.

            it’s not about fox being a liar, you clownshoe, it’s about public relations.

      • Agreed.. I agree with both sides. I get where people can say Mitrione has a right to voice his opinion, but as an employee of a company, they have the right to somewhat censor what employees say. That’s just how it works. ZUFFA is trying to expand at a rapid rate, and get into every demographic possible. If they feel what one of there “Employees” says is offensive to a group of people, then they have the right to do something about it… If you work in media they will not let you start your own blog talking about issues they may not agree with, because you’re supposed to share the same views as them, and will be associated with the company with whatever you say. Hindsight is always 20/20, and honestly a lot of fighters would have shared the same view if asked the same question. When you see her fight, she does move like a man (my opinion, and I’m not employed by ZUFFA… yet).. On top of that, men are born with better coordination. It’s a genetic trait that pills won’t take away. Matt happens to be quick-whitted at times and said things that could be seen as funny, but offensive to others, so because of that he’s going to have to deal with it. It sounds like Danas going to let this one go, and that the suspension is more something he’s doing for the companies face then to actually banning him from fighting. He’ll be back in 6 months probably, and since it was not a commission suspension, there’s no financial tole (unless a sponsor decided to drop him over the issue).

      • Just like any other job, you can’t just say whatever you want about whoever you want when your representing a company. Especially when your insulting somebody. He shouldn’t have went out of his way to speak on the subject. He does have the right to his opinion but career wise there as just some rules you have to follow whether you like it or not. I don’t think the NFL would have appreciated the rant either. Fans sure enjoy the drama this has brought out though I’m sure.

      • d

        Except that DW has dragged the UFC into hot water on numerous occasions with his own bile inflected vitriol. And he’s the f****** pres. How is this any different than that? Oh, I forgot. Dana’s motto is: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    • Mark Bazid

      Actually Mitrone was wrong. I decided not to have an opinion on the matter until I educated myself. Now that I have SHE has every right to fight. Do some homework and put aside your preconceived notions.

      • Maddawgmar

        I currently hold a masters in biology. And there is no drug a human can take that changes their DNA, Fallon Fox is a man. Biologically HE is a man, the law can say one thing, but that doesn’t change his DNA. Thus he will always hold a advantage over a woman.

        • Prince James

          You should give that masters back. The hormones will take care of the muscle mass and bone density. He is a women now.

          • Maddawgmar

            Okay smart guy. Does he have a menstral cycle, can he bear children, does he have ovaries? No…. Then he is a man.

      • Sir_Roy

        There are no “preconceived” notions bud. Fox is physically a “man”. That’s science. That’s fact. And Mitrione was referring to the fact that there must be a few screws loose for said ‘man’ to get into the cage and want to beat on women.

        I do not contest his / her psychological and personal right to address himself as a ‘she’, or to surgically alter his/her appearance and inject as many hormones as “she” wants. Whatever makes one happy in life … as long as it doesn’t end up hurting others. Fact is, at the physiological level, “she” is still a “he”. And a man is, at base, physically stronger (by quite a stretch) than a female of similar fitness levels and size. That’s also fact.

        While we’re at it, why not throw men and women into the same Olympic competitions … see how many women win gold. That’s not sexist, that’s also fact.

      • Crashman

        that She was born a man, has a male structure, bones, the density, it may be a “she” in all the parts, but the original blueprint has male hands, feet , knees , stature, muscles and tendencies, He./she has a huge unfair advantage and not to mention the failure to disclose the fact she started out with “balls” is a pretty big fact to be hidden. Matt just opened his mouth without thinking and yes now its a PR mess, and thats why Dana’s going to come down hard on him, he has to set an example, you HAVE to try and please everyone in that sports buisness, they do it in EVERY sport, teaching those kidness and understanding classes, he will probably take one for the team on this. but mark you have your head up your ass if you think for 1 minute that fallon should be fighting women, its absurd and completely unfair. .

    • Dana Pink

      Dana … you have no right to forbid or restrict fighters who want to give interviews or talk to the media whensoever they bloody well please.

      Actually as the CEO of the UFC he most certainly does! You sir are plain wrong.

      • Sir_Roy

        I’m no lawyer, and I’m willing to bet neither are you, but unless he breaches terms in his contract, what Mitrione, or any fighter, does in their personal time, time that is off the payroll, is most certainly NOT Dana’s business in fact. So no, I’m not ‘wrong’.

        Dana can suspend Mitrione for breaching his terms of conduct – terms that he signed and agreed to. But unless there is another signed contract stipulating that Mitrione cannot talk to press, or outlining terms how and when he can talk to the media, then I could give a rats arse if Dana hails himself as Christ, Mohamed, Krishna or Buddha, he cannot force Mitrione, legally, to avoid said media (a source of much needed income for many fighters).

        Not saying he can’t make Mitrione’s life hell and cut him at the end of his contract for ‘disagreeing’ … but unless he’s signed terms concerning media there’s not much Dana can force him to do legally.

    • Eric Chan

      It’s offensive to the transgender community. As such UFC have to take the matter serious. Your opinion does not count. No one cares what you think.

      He has a right to an opinion, but he has no right to offend people. BTW, Fox has been approved for the commission to fight as a woman based on the opinions from the scientific community, so whether we like it or not …. she’s fighting as a woman.

      Also, stop calling her a he. It’s offensive to the transgender community. What else is there to discuss?

      • No Regrets

        No right to offend people? What is this world coming to? Who knows what will offend or not offend people? For every statement people will agree and disagree, be offended and not be offended. It is life. Deal with it. Things in life are offensive moron.

      • Stephen Boner

        lol, there is no right on planet earth to protect you from being offended.

        just like he has his opinion which to you does’ not count’. The same is said for your opinion. Who are you and why does it matter.

        its offensive to the MMA community to know a guy is beating up on women.

        • Guy beating up women is offensive in every aspect of the society not only in the MMA.

    • An article I read, Fox(HE) didn’t tell them he got snipped when he went to be sanctioned So they thought HE was a SHE. This is one point no one has mentioned. I think this is why MM expressed his personal views on Fox.

    • Ed_Denmark

      You don’t really get it. Mitrione was calling Fallon Fox “a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak”. To address the issue of Fallon Fox having an advantage is one thing, but he was involved in what amounts too defamation of character(which is in fact punishable by law) and at the same time displaying immense lack of judgement and insight into transgender issues. The bad jokes were well quite bad jokes, and Ariel Helwani as always looking for scandals seemed more than happy to provide the platform. He even tried to get Conor McGregor to fire some cheap shots at Steven Seagal, Ariel Helwani’s approach to entice some dumb answer, that then gets repeated in order to creat yet another soap opera. If Ariel Helwani could muster the initiative to at least train in ONE martial arts, he would at least know something about MMA instead of this paparazzi interviews which basically amounts to, what did you do, why did you do it, how do you feel about it and then adding in what other feel about it and then repeating the same questions again.

      • Truthsayer

        “displaying immense lack of judgement and insight into transgender issues.” You do realize transgender people cause their own “issues” right? they CHOOSE to switch sexes. Its not like a hermaphrodite that was born with both and chose to pick one. So “it” CHOSE to switch sexes because “it” felt like it. I don’t know why people have to cater to every freak of nature out there that strives to be different than the rest of society instead of working on their various issues.

      • Sir_Roy

        Well, Fox did lie. He lied his way into a cage, and proceeded to beat on a woman. He happens to be a man and lied about it. Aside from the fact Fox is a liar, so I don’t see the problem with Mitrione calling a spade a spade there, Mitrione wasn’t calling Fox a “sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak” (an extreme use of terminology I don’t support btw – just to be clear) because of her transgender bent, but because Fox lied, is a man, trying to get into a full contact mixed martial arts cage match with other woman.

        He finds that behavior ‘sick’ and ‘disgusting’ bordering on sociopathic. While I don’t approve of Mitrione referring to Fox as a ‘freak’, I don’t entirely disagree with the rest of his analysis. Fox lying, stepping into a cage, and beating on another woman is plain wrong. If you don’t think so, then it’s definitely YOU who doesn’t “get it” IMHO.

    • Giorgio Tuscani

      Dana white is right people… He states “there was no point in it”… of course, because they cut t”His” point off. “He” is given permission to beat up real women is beyond fathomable!… It’s just plain crazy. I’m all for equal rights but this is crossing the line when a man is beating up women.

    • Isra Kitikoses

      Learn to read. Dana isn’t even trying to “restrict” anyone because, well like you said, he has no right to do that. He was simply wondering why Mitrione was doing that interview in the first place.

      I do agree with Mitrione however. Well, i probably wouldn’t have been as… unpolished with those statements, but i totally see his point of view and agree with it. Snapping your ding-a-ling off and calling yourself a girl doesn’t change your body structure. It’s wonderful that people can do that to feel comfortable in their bodies and thus bolster their confidence and let them feel free, but it just doesn’t work in sports. Any sports.

      • Sir_Roy

        Dana said, and I quote; ““And I’m gonna talk to these guys. The only time these guys really need to be doing interviews is leading up to fights.” That sure as heck sounds like he plans to impose his will insofar as how, when and where the fighters can give interviews. Maybe it’s just talk, maybe not, but it warranted being pointed out.

        So yeah, I can read just fine thanks. Maybe you should take your own advice.

        As far as Mitrione is concerned, does he lack finesse? Yes. Should he have chosen his wording with more care? Yes. Should he go into politics? Most definitely no. But his comment was in direct reference to Fox, genetically a man, getting into a cage and fighting women … not criticizing his choice of orientation or transgender status. An important distinction. And one on which I think we both agree on.

  • Cereal Killer

    Matt did nothing wrong! He is probably making a little money on the side for the “The Mitrione Minute”, that’s the upside Dana. Now you won’t let your guys bash on other fighters in other org’s even though you are a regular at this? Matt better not get suspended or your fans will go ape s***!


    Dana white shut ur damn mouth . that he
    is a criminal fighting women

    • shakejunt

      waaaaaahhhhhh i take any chance i can to bash dana wahhhhhhhhh


    Thanks matt for speaking out. everyone I talked with today supports you and also thanks you. Stay your course Matt we are behind you.

    • Mate

      Agreed !

      • JOE SHINE


    • Eric Chan

      but he’s still suspended ….

      Lots of white folks supported slavery back in the day… what’s you point ?

      He attacked Fox personally … Matt’s in the wrong.

      • JOE SHINE

        Matt is 100% girly man

  • Shawn Leonard

    While Meathead didn’t use the most eloquent language for his point, there is one buried in there. I think the Fallon Fox scenario is a joke too.

    • Eric Chan

      You mean like attacking Fox personally and called her a “freak” and a “he”? Right.

      Matt has a right to his opinion is he has not right to attack people personally in a public forum, and offend a community of people at the same time.

      • No regrets

        Actually he does have the right to “offend” people, and the people he “offended” have a right not to listen or pay attention. It is America. What should we censor everything so we don’t offend people? Well that is offensive to me. Get it? **** off.

  • Renee1234

    Almost everything he said is correct. Trans gender fighters should not be allowed unless they compete with men. Its not a fair fight. Men and Women aren’t equal. The olympic records held in track and field in the Olympics in track and field is beaten EVERY SINGLE YEAR by EVERY SINGLE boy’s high school state champion in EVERY SINGLE state. Think about that. The best women in the world are unable to put up times that 18 year old highschool boys are able to put up to win their yearly state titles. Even the suggestion of a transgender MMA figher is BS and indeed basically just a guy beating the s*** out of women.

  • really dana any thing else

  • nunya

    Dana is an idiot and a hypocrite. Can’t wait for him to fall.

  • She is not a she, she is a he.
    He was born a male and has male dense muscles compared to females. He should have never been allowed to fight females. I know, he never told them he was born a he. That was his own fault too. The females he beat should sue him for fraud and so should the UFC.

  • Bob

    I don’t see an issue with it. Guy puts on a bra and calls himself a woman so he can fight woman?

    • veryphil

      You, sir, are correct.

  • Robin Naber

    there is a division for men and there is a league for a woman to fight. So if the person is a transgender then there should be a division for a transgender. It doesn’t discriminate yet places them in the appropriate category.

  • uncle

    Why is Dana sticking up for Fox I hope he doesn’t want that
    guy to fight in the UFC because whatever Mitrone said
    is a reflection on him and not on the UFC but Matt is only
    telling the truth no man should fight women And if Dana
    cared about women’s saftey he would feel the same way

    • uncle


  • Confuzzled

    I don’t understand why referring to a transgendered “female” as “he” should be interpreted as bigoted, per se.

    I can insist that everyone call me “God” or “a rocket scientist.” If they don’t believe that I am God, or a rocket scientist, they are not being hateful or insulting when they refuse to call me such. They are expressing their opinion as to the truth of my implicit claim (that I REALLY am God) or my implied request (“Ok maybe I am NOT a rocket scientist, but I REALLY want you to call me such.”) Some people feel strongly that it is important to refer to entities in the world according to their essential natures.

    And to call a man who beats up a woman “a disgusting freak” is not necessarily bigoted.) Calling someone who committed a moral offense of some kind a “freak” or a “monster” or a “sociopath” is not a bigoted act.

    If, as many suspect, MM called Fox “a freak” *only because* Fox is transgendered, then that is probably bigoted. If hMM did so not so much because Fox is transgendered but because Fox uses Fox’s transgendered position to beat up women, then MM was not acting in a bigoted manner.


    Is there that big of a difference in what he said and what jor rogan said??? Anywayz he gave an honest opinion that is nothing but the truth. WTF dana??? People arent allowed to state the obvious or what?

  • steelbreeze

    The upside is that Matt Mitrione expressed an opinion that the majority of UFC fans are in agreement with. FF is not a woman. I know that we’re now in a society that is creating weird words like “transphobia” to attempt to affix to those that don’t swallow political correctness hook line and sinker. You can’t change your gender no matter what the PC brigade says- you can cut off the external plumbing and bolt on some boobs, but that doesn’t make you a woman.

    I don’t know how insulated you have to be from mainstream thought to think that he said anything objectionable- he didn’t. The UFC should not be in the business of mixed gender fighting. Nor should it be in the PC business. Grow a pair Dana- Matt didn’t do anything wrong. I’d really like to see the section of the contract you are alleging that he breached. I think that it’s time for you to step down Dana. Let someone who has a clue what the average UFC fan is thinking take over. You will not be missed.

  • dgs

    Welcome to our new politically correct world, where saying what you think gets you fired/suspended. Corporate America is a joke with all of their multi-cultural sensitivity training and affirmative action bullsh!t! So happy I no longer work in corporate America and don’t have to worry about that crap.

    Dana you are a joke, I despise everything about you. You are a hypocrite, a lair, a loudmouth, and your only talent seems to be how many times you can use the “F” word in a sentence . If you didn’t have very wealthy friends, there is no way someone like yourself would be a CEO of any company. As the old saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” and you are a shining example of that.

    Hey Matt, if you read these boards don’t worry man, while you might have been a little more tactful with your comments, there are very few of us in the MMA community who don’t feel the exact same way, including myself. You should tell your bald headed tool of a boss to go “f&ck himself” and move on to another org. UFC may still be the big dogs of the industry, but they ain’t the only ones, I’m sure you would clean house in an org like Bellator. In any event, you have me as a fan for life now.

  • Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Mitrione’s espousing unpopular opinions of transgendered people (opinions that most physicians in ;the field would find silly) should not bear on his ability to make a living at what he does best, i.e. beating up other men. Unless, of course, he wants to fight Fallon Fox.

  • Milosc

    Guys, Let’s throw on a couple wigs and T-A-K-E O-V-E-R woman’s weightlifting this Olympics. Who’s with me??


  • Anthony De Nigro

    Sorry UFC, you are wrong. I dont care what a persons sexual orientation is, this is about physiology, if you are genetically a man, you should not be fighting women, I dont care if you “see” yourself as a woman or get your God given parts visually made into a womans. The DNA is male, and if you lied about your birth sex to fight women, then yes that makes you as Matt Mitrione labelled you: ” a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak. And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That’s disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself”

  • The First Amendment protects free speech from government, common sense should protect free speech from ourselves. MMA was illegal in many states, through the years Dana White and the UFC did a great deal for the sport. Now fans need to be more loyal to MMA because there is a need to not depend on the UFC. Dana White’s comments about talking to the fighters about not giving interviews is disturbing. He plays the role of commissioner and promoter. Imagine Don King with more power. I really hate that Dana White is making this decision. I’ve always liked him, he speaks his mind but allows others to do the same. So I thought. Also disappointed in the LGBT community for supporting Fox beating up women. A huge set back for them. Matt Mitrione hasn’t had a fight pushed back because of this, hopefully it’ll all get resolved soon.

  • Bobby Mac

    Why are women’s right organizations and others not up in arms about a MAN fighting in the WOMEN’s division? That is what his whole point was!

  • mtpineda2003

    Matt deserve to be brought back in the UFC. Besides, he won that fight! Matt also has a point against fallon. He cannot fight in the woman’s division because first of all, he’s not a woman.

  • Steven Mark Tobin

    Matt ‘Cabbage Brain’ Mitrione speaks from the heart and inserts foot in mouth… lol…

  • Fight_Fan

    I didn’t hear the whole interview so I won’t be quick to judge Mitrione I like the guy however what was posted did not in my opinion sound like an attack on G/L but a call to attention to the commission to really look at this situation with Fallon Fox. Chael S, Vitor B, Alistair O and countless more were suspended or fined for enhancing their abilities to perform or recover to perform. Cris Cyborg and Carina Damm are women that were also suspended or fined for using enhancements so why is it that Fallon Fox a guy can go around beating up women. Asia for instance has cross dressers and more but have to fight their appropriate gender. I’m not saying get rid of the guy/gal I’m saying he should be fighting men just like Nagashima did to win his title in K1 Dream. If this guy is allowed to fight as a women and UFC supports him/her then UFC should stop testing for roids all together whats the point in penalizing all my favorite fighters if their supporting the ultimate Cheat. If Fallon Fox wins a title in the men’s division then at that point he will bring in a G/L demographic and it was done the right way and I can just imaging the following.

  • truthmaker

    Look at Mr/Miss Garrison on South Park

  • Common Sense

    When a MAN speaks the TRUTH he is suspended for it… This is just like Liberal DemocRATS and their tactics in DC. Fox WAS born a MALE SPECIMEN and his DNA will show that HE IS A MALE until long after he dies. He can take Estrogen, Cut off his pecker, Cut off his testicles and do whatever else he wants to do, but it does NOT CHANGE THE FACT that HE IS A MALE and to let him fight WOMEN IS A DISGRACE. HE WILL always have an unfair advantage over WOMEN, because HE WILL always have the DNA Genetic Makeup of a MAN. Which will ALWAYS allow him to get bigger and stronger than his TRUE FEMALE opponents~!

    What Mitrione did is NOT the disgraceful thing in this whole situation… What IS DISGRACEFUL is that the MMA would EVER allow a MALE to get into the cage and beat on a FEMALE and that IS EXACTLY what IS happening~!

    Dana White sometimes MORALS & DIGNITY IS more important than money and to allow a MAN to get in a ring and hit a WOMAN is WORSE than a guy on the streets hitting a woman…. In that Cage YOU AND THE COMMISSION ARE CONDONING A MAN HITTING A WOMAN and that IS A DISGRACE to MMA to the FULLEST~!


    Thanks Matt for speaking out the truth about how disgusting Fallon Fox is. screw Dana White. America backs Mitroine.


    fallon fox makes me vomit

  • onehitwonder

    Mitrione had every right to say what he did, Fox is fighting unfair, bottom line! Fox wants to call himself a women, great be my guest, but to fight a women, that’s where I draw the line. Fox should find another line of work.

  • d

    So why was it ok for Joe Rogan to say basically the same thing on his podcast several times? And furthermore, this tranny is never going to be in the UFC, so why does it even matter?

  • Saberol

    Mittrione was just protecting women in the sport. Fox only lost his male organ but still has his masculine muscles and the naturally protective (hence aggressive) stance of
    a man. So Fox has got a built-in advantage over all those women Fox chooses to fight. It’s unfair to the women fighters. Am so confused on how to refer to Fox –
    whether a he or she. UFC/MMA is not just about violence; it’s also about credibility. Want the sport to be entangled in
    confusion like this? The least that can be done now is to have qualifying rules that are based on expert advice, and whether we agree with them or not, let us then enforce them.


    Thanks Matt for speaking out against that freak and disguting Fallon Fox.


    We need more men like Matt Mitrione in America.

  • Neoconnected

    Ronda Rousey gave an interview with the NY Post about the Trann fighter that Mitrione got suspended over. Rousey said:
    “She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it’s still the same bone
    structure a man has,” Rousey told The Post. “It’s an advantage. I don’t
    think it’s fair.”

    So I guess Ronda should now be suspended and “investigated” too.

  • Adam White

    Yes there was a point in it. That THING IS A FREAK. Good job Matt least you still have NUTS to stand up for what you believe in I’m proud of to hell with everyone else


    Thanks matt Mitroine for speaking the truth on Fallon Man Fox. Just because a guy gives up his shaft doesn’t mean he a a woman.

  • Emanon

    They came for your guns, now they are coming for your freedom of speech…. political correctness “run’a’mock”. This is what liberals have given us, thanks liberals. Will i have to sign over my newborn for your voter roles any time soon? Welfare / Warfare – the health of the state.


    I think Matt Mittroine spoke well and correctly for 99.8% of all decent folks in thw world.


    Dana White is 100% wrong on the Miroine suspension. No More PPV’s for me.

  • Dana, any word of suspending Rousey for tweeting links to videos that deny the existence of children shot to death at school? No? Nothing? Okay, I’m not taking anything you say seriously. P.S. We all know that the real reason you’re punishing Mitrione is because YOU made homophobic comments years ago and are now walking the pink line with the LGBT community.


    Thanks Matt for speaking the truth.

  • Jon Fox

    Dana probably agrees with Matt.


    Thanks Matt for the honest true comments on the freak Fallon.