Dana White on Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva: “That Was One of the Best First Rounds Ever” (Video)

May 11, 2014
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(Video courtesy of Fox Sports)

Jaws dropped following the first round of the Matt Brown vs. Erick Silva main event at UFC Fight Night 40 on Saturday night, including UFC president Dana White’s.

He called it “one of the best rounds ever” when all was said and done.

Check out Dana White’s post-fight comments after Matt Brown stormed back from the throws of defeat to take out Erick Silva and solidify a spot as a title contender.

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  • dups

    not avaible in my country , thx ufc . thx fox

    • Glenn Corbitt

      Dude, download the torrent.

  • Obi-Wan Granoli

    Holy s–t that was awesome.

  • Chicago

    Now they’re going to Maine? How about you come to Chicago during the summer time instead of January when it’s 20 below.

  • MPA2000

    I thought that the main event was the worst example of a fighter taking defeat from the jaws of victory. The Brazilian had Matt hurt from the kicks to the liver, but did not follow up. Instead he went from some silly punches to the head to a failed submission. He should have either kneed the hell out of his body or forced the ref to stand him up and go back to the liver.

    I believe he hurt once more with a body shot, but his corner never told him to pursue it?

  • El Gvapo

    It was a great round, and fight, so exciting. I still think Diaz vs Daley was a better first round though.

  • Bob Humphrey

    “Throes” of defeat, not “throws”.

  • Steve555

    That was great fight. Silva threw it away and did not take advantage of a hurt Matt Brown That was his fight to l but I’m happy to see Brown take that victory, wow, was Silva hard to put away.

  • MORGAN18

    great fight. I put that guy “Brown” in the same group as Nick Diaz & Robby Lawler, Condit use to be there 2, but after not meeting Diaz in the middle of the cage & not giving us the fight that us the people payed to see. (running away & through a couple of punches at the end of the first 3 rounds) just to win a interm belt. then did nothing with it, just losing. I think Matt Brown would come to fight Diaz like Condit should have. hell it might turn into a rematch or even a third fight, and all of them would be GREAT FIGHTS. “DANA WHITE MAKE THIS FIGHT HAPPEN” “AND PAY THESE GUYS THE MONEY YOU SHOULD BE PAYING THEM ANY WAY, YOU WILL GET IT BACK TEN FOLD” BOTH NEED TO GET PAYED, BUT IF YOU WON TO SEE MORE OUT OF YOUR FIGHTERS, PAY THE WINNER MORE. AND IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT KIDDIE MONEY YOU CALL BONUES. AND PUT THEM ON A GOOD CARD. VERYONE IS SICK OF ONE GOOD CARD THEN 3 OR 4 BAD WONS. THEN THE WINNER GETS ROBBY LAWLER, HELL LET THE LOSER FIGHT LAWLER.