Dana White on Jon Jones’ Positive Test for Cocaine: ‘It’s a Great Thing That This Happened’

January 7, 2015
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After UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones defeated Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 on Saturday night, Tuesday’s revelation that Jones had tested positive for cocaine in early December dropped like an atomic bomb on the mixed martial arts world.

Even UFC president Dana White, who has spent a lot of time around Jones over the past several years, says he was surprised when his champion tested positive for cocaine.

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“I was shocked obviously. This is so different than if a guy gets busted for performance enhancing drugs, you worry about the person first,” said White on America’s Pregame on Wednesday night. “You forget about the fighting and the work side of it. You worry about Jon Jones the person.”

The firestorm swirling around the situation stems not only from the fact that Jones tested positive, but also in how the whole situation went down, particularly, why was the fight allowed to continue when both the athletic commission and the UFC knew about the result well before UFC 182.

Dana White Serious Over Jon Jones 750“Number one, he was healthy. Number two, the reason you would stop the fight and the hammer would drop on the guy is if he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs,” White said about not pulling the plug.

“Jon Jones, he was contracted to fight. We have a contract with him and everybody thinks we can just say, ‘the fight is off.’”

But apparently, they can’t. At least that’s what White said on America’s Pregame when asked if it was a matter of Jones having the right to fight because of his contract and because the positive test wasn’t for a substance that might effect the outcome of the bout.

“You’re damn right he had the right to fight,” said White.

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There was actually a mistake somewhere along the line for the athletic commission or the testing facility because substances of abuse are not considered banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency when it comes to out-of-competition testing and the Nevada Athletic Commission adheres to the WADA code. So Jones wasn’t even supposed to be tested for cocaine in the first place during his Dec. 4 random screening.

White, however, saw the accident as a positive, at least for Jones and his personal struggles.

“They made a mistake. The guys who come and do the random drug testing made a mistake,” said White. “Everything happens for a reason. It’s a great thing that this happened. It’s a great thing that this guy made a mistake.

“Who would’ve known? We would never know. (Now) we get him the help that he needs.

“We’re worried about Jon Jones, the human being, the person. We’re not worried about the image of the sport or any of that right now. The guy is a human being and he needs help. I applaud him and we support him.”

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  • Darin

    Let me ask you a simple question Dana: Exactly what is the point of random drug testing if a positive test results in NO consequences whatsoever? Why test Jon Jones at all if he is above the rules? Why not just come out and say that the rules other fighters have to live by do not apply to your cash cow?

    I was already sicked by the way you used the disgraceful presser brawl to promote the DC-Jones fight, but the fact that you KNEW your star was a proven coke-head and kept it quiet until after the fight….. F– you, Dana. Just f– you.

  • Darin

    Were you “worried” about Matt Riddle testing positive for weed? Was it a “great” thing, so you could get him some help? Nah, you just s#itcanned him.

    • Lurker

      He was a repeat offender!

      • Bagsy

        So is Jones, DUI.

        • TheCerealKiller

          He doesn’t have another DUI… hence the term “repeat offender”.

          • Bagsy

            So in your opinion as long as its a different substance each time he gets caught he will never be a repeat offender? Get the heroin then the meth then the oxy Jon!

      • The Goon

        Yeah and he got punished for it stupid, still waiting for Dana to stop feeling sorry and start being honest.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You do realize that Riddle did it on purpose and said he would do it again? Riddle doesn’t want help, he wants to smoke weed. Again, tested positive on fight day. It’s sanctioned by the NSAC, not the UFC. WADA wasn’t even supposed to test for recreational drugs, it’s not their jurisdiction.

      • stickthatupyanose

        I think you will find that Jon “did it” on purpose too and by the looks of it has done “it on purpose” numerous times until he developed a nice little addiction that required rehabilitation. REPEAT OFFENDER of cocaine, one could assert.

        This is AFTER he went DUI (which drunk drivers are beneath contempt). Big whoop he wasn’t caught more than once for excessive alcohol intake whilst driving, but it does raise speculation if he has a drug problem if he drove when using.

        After all, he didn’t have the control to not use to avoid being busted for one of the biggest UFC fights.

        Now, I’ll ask again like I have on other posts, was he busted with blood, urine or hair sample? If it was blood or urine, that method has a relatively short detection scope, meaning little Jon jon possibly used anywhere from 40 mins to three days, whereas hair sample might indicated use up to three months.

        Given that cocaine metabolite benzoylecgonine can act as a stimulant; increase pain tolerance and suppress appetite, would that not, gee I don’t know, BENEFIT somebody in a fight to be that way??
        Jon should have had some sense of morals and forfeited his belt/money until he can prove he can fight clean. If it was DC, I’d be saying exactly the same thing before the bleating of “Haters of JBJ” commences.
        Dana’s stance on it…hardly surprising.

  • Eric Pope

    Wtf. More proof Dana is not fit to be the mouth piece of the ufc. He is trying to say Jones had a right to fight. BS under your own fighter conduct policy, it clearly states a fighter should not take any drugs,peds or any illegal controlled substances. Violation of these condition may lead to fines,suspension, or termination, or all 3. So no Dana, Jones didn’t have a right to fight.Dana is just a scumbag promoter.I remember when he started use to always say how boxing promoters are scumbags,and how the ufc would be different. Once again Dana showed how two faced liar he is

    • Guest

      “It may lead”

    • Sadie Legrande

      He did have a right to fight. Regardless of him having coke in his system it was considered out of competition. Plus coke is not on the list of banned substances, out of competition. Just like marijuana isn’t either. The fact that it was out of competition kind of throws your argument out the window.

  • jmh

    Adrian mutu, played for Chelsea football club and tested positive for coke for which he was banned from football for 2 years, it’s about the image it puts across to the people who are paying to watch these so called role models fight. I’m a fan of Jones, obviously one of the most exiting mma fighters ever, but a message needs to be put across that this is not acceptable, strip him of his title, ban him for a year or so and make him fight for it again, not give him a months holiday in a clinic to waltz back to his half a million a fight contract.

    Also, dana white, I think everyone’s over your bull, it’s about time you took a big step back and let someone else hold the fort.

    • Concerned

      I am a loyal fan of the UFC but I am starting to question my enjoyment of it recently. I have purchased almost every UFC event, despite being able to get it for free and have attended 26 events, mostly cageside. My 16 year old son has grown up attending UFC events. He and I sat cageside Saturday. It looked like Jones had gassed after the first round then suddenly became superman. When we watched the DVR on Sunday we noticed something very fishy. Jones appears to be snorting something out of his corner man’s hand. His corner man looked like he was reaching in for a kiss or something. I watched it over and over again to be sure. When the results came out, my son called me at work and told me. How do I explain that Jones is allowed to do drugs and succeed? When I read about the TE results today I lost all faith in the UFC. It would take a complete turnaround by the UFC to keep this fan. Who does Dana think pays his salary? The fans built this company not Dana. The MMA purists won’t stand for corruption. We will help build Bellator instead.

      • TheCerealKiller

        How many different names are you going to post this same thing under? He was tested post fight, like always.

        • Concerned

          You are a little naive if you believe that the UFC would allow him to be tested after knowing that he failed. He is their cash cow and they have proven that they will protect him. So far as posting under different names you are clearly mistaken. I don’t let idiots bother me, so you wont. One of his two tests came back watered down. Now how could that have happened if administered correctly? The proof is in the pudding genius. Anyone can make an eronious claim, like he was tested post fight. But if you didn’t see it go down, how would you know? Not that the tests wouldn’t be manipulated. Think about how bad it would be for the UFC if Jon was using during the fight. Maybe you have never known an addict but 48 hours off the sniff and fatigue, exhaustion, depression Now, take a little more time and come up with something that can be debated as opposed to stating facts that may or may not be true.

          • TheCerealKiller

            You’re naive if you think the UFC has any control over the NSAC that destroyed Sonnon, destroyed Barnett, destroyed Wand, cancelled free shows with Marquardt, ruined some their biggest names at the time like Phil Baroni, Sean Sherk, Bigfoot, Leben, Thiago Silva, Bonnar twice, etc. The list goes on and on. Go back to your CNN pages where you belong. Amazing how all these random people are commenting here for the first time ever. Viacom much?

          • Concerned

            What do they all have in common genius? All of them were expendable. Jones is not. Your comments are absurd. Random people? Who do you think you are tough guy?

          • TheCerealKiller

            If you think that list of people were “expendable” at their times, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Bigfoot is ranked #8 today. Marquardt vs Story UFC on Versus 4 cancelled over PEDs, a huge loss. Leben was a title contender at that time. I keep posting facts and you keep posting obscure opinions.

          • who what huh

            UFC on Versus 4 wasn’t cancelled, it went on but Kongo vs. Barry was the main event.

          • L

            Yep, if a drug test result can help Uncle Dana get out of a contract, he will do it in a heartbeat. If it doesn’t help him, in fact hurts him, he will say it is “a great thing this happened.”

          • TheCerealKiller

            I stated that Marquardt vs Story was canceled.

          • Concerned

            By the way Bigfoot tested positive in Australia not Vegas. Who calls themselves cereal killer anyways? What a tool!

          • Michael Milz

            It’s all a conspiracy bro. We’re all out to get you, only we’re all the same dude! It’s not that this post went out to most MMA fans on Facebook…

        • betty

          Go back to sucking little boys perv.

      • jmh

        I’ve watched Ufc religiously for about 6/7 years now and it’s going downhill, it’s always been about the money to Dana, make as much as possible, pay the big names and let the rest who fill the cards feed off the scraps. I don’t think it will be the only high profile fighter this year to be tested positive for something similar, I would have thought a governing body would step in at some point if it’s clear that Dana can’t control the fighters actions outside the ring, when you’re in the public eye 24/7 your actions speak volumes, yeah everyone’s entitled to their privacy but one bad decision could change everything.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Give him a harsher penalty than testing positive during a fight? What the hell is Chelsea football club? Role models? These guys are not role models, they are fighters. You don’t want your kids trying to break peoples arms.

      Here it is, the Most Dumbest Comment of the Week award!

      • Concerned

        The cereal killer gets the keyboard warrior of the year award. He/she not only doesn’t get it but wants to insult posters from afar. I haven’t read one good point from you and I hardly expect to.

        • TheCerealKiller

          CNN ————->

          • L

            What is Chelsea FC? Google is your friend, ignorance is NOT bliss. JFC.

      • jmh

        No, make changes, the same as I don’t know, pretty much every sport? It’s an illegal substance, bring in bans or its obviously just going to keep happening if people now see that they can stick anything up there now with nothing to worry about except an apology and a few weeks chilling in clinic, and they are role models to young fighters, who said anything about being a role model to kids you complete whopper, crawl back under your keyboard.

      • jmh

        Oh and Chelsea football club, they are a team owned by a multi billionaire who wouldn’t think twice about paying his employees £200,000+ a week, unlike dana, because they are paid to compete at the highest level of their sport, like John Jones in Mma and Adrian Mutu was an example of what should happen to an employee when they disgrace their companies name by taking an illegal substance with no though as to what could happen to his career, obviously Dana wasn’t required to take a drug test but i guarantee he knew he was on it before he was tested positive, he looks wired every time he’s on a camera.

      • sidcley s.lemes

        surdo: lutador de mma,novo para sidcley s.lemes

  • Blah freakin Blah

    Blah Blah Blah Blah said Dana White

  • lol


  • guest

    It’s called playing favorites and defending your only remaining ppv draw (depending on the opponent)

    He would have thrown almost any other fighter under the bus, were they non-champs or non-draws

    If it was anyone besides Dana, I would be shocked at the hypocrisy

  • Ozzie

    Bullshit there just worried about covering there ass

  • Jesoos

    The guy who caught Jones being a coke head made a mistake in revealing it to the fans.. Jones is the victim!!!!!!

  • Jesoos

    I think Dana’s quote after he cut Matt Riddle for smoking weed was.. “I don’t care if you have a doctor’s note.. If it’s illegal don’t do it, it’s that simple!”

    • EshamTheUnholy

      The thing is…Matt Riddle is who? No one gives a s**t about Matt Riddle…seriously. No one likes him besides his 10 followers on twitter

      • ^^This Guy^^ LOL

        Matt Riddle has 14,000 twitter followers. lol

      • uncle

        It doesn’t matter how many people follow him to speak the truth

      • Piotr

        Then Dana should just come out and be honest about how the rules don’t apply to all fighters the same, which is totally unfair and ridiculous.

        • EshamTheUnholy

          Not going to deny that. Dana White needs to come out and punish this guy. All this time, Matt Riddle has TUF in his name still. Still riding that UFC d**k I see

          • MattRiddel’s mom

            Leave Matt Riddle alone. Stop bashing on the weakest of the weak. Matt is a journeyman who can’t even make champion at Bellator or OneFC.

      • Sensei_jr

        I’m 1 of the 10 followers.

  • Seth

    That’s just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much bs. Come on, seriously? We will defend a guy that breaks a law? Come on, son, let’s be real here… :/

  • adam1848

    “As provided in the Promotional and Ancillary Rights Agreement entered into between each UFC fighter and Zuffa, LLC (“Zuffa” or “UFC”),
    fighters shall conduct themselves in accordance with commonly accepted standards of decency, social conventions and morals, and fighters will not commit any act or become involved in any situation or occurrence or make any statement which will reflect negatively upon or bring disrepute, contempt, scandal, ridicule, or disdain to the fighter or the UFC…Responsible conduct advances the interests of the sport and the fighters. Conversely, irresponsible conduct by a fighter tarnishes the reputation of both the affected fighter and the UFC and undermines the positive image set by other fighters…While criminal activity by a UFC fighter is clearly detrimental to the reputation of the UFC and therefore subjects the fighter to discipline, other conduct can also result in disciplinary action…”

    Dana had every legal reason to ” just call off the fight” as he has with many other individuals for many other reasons, and if he actually cared even slightly for Jon Jones the person he would have canceled the fight and helped him get into a facility the day he found out about these test results.

  • Joe Dog

    Dana White is again making words come out of his anus. Amazing talent.

  • uncle

    I see now Jones secret to cut weight

  • alain

    coke and steroids…what else ?

  • alain

    wtf ??? jon jones ANDRO is insane !!!

  • Michael Milz

    Doesn’t the NSAC consider pretty much everything a performance enhancing drug? I remember the head of the organization commenting on the suspension imposed upon Nick Diaz for testing possitive for marijuana. He said it was considered a performance enhancing drugs because it helped athletes cope with the stress of training. I have to think that if this happened to a lower level fighter they would have pulled the plug on the fight and suspended him/her.

  • David Joiny

    Very disappointing. Jones is or was the role model type.. Like Pierre. Hopefully he can get back on track. Top performance against Cormier though. Can’t take that away from him.

  • EshamTheUnholy

    Look, Matt Riddle STILL USES TUF in his twitter name. If he has real followers…change your twitter username to your name. take out the TUF…which made him “famous”…and see where it gets the guy. Fair enough?

  • Your Mother

    Cocaine and PCP should be a requirement to fight in the UFC. Maybe they’d fight like men again.

  • Hippity Hoppitus

    In the picture, Dana looks like he’s enjoying one of his own pork rind farts.

  • sidcley s.lemes

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