Dana White on GSP’s Return – “The King of Pay-Per-View is Back”

November 27, 2012
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The UFC has never been in the business of giving out exact numbers when it comes to returns on pay-per-view buys, but it’s safe to say they are happy to have Georges St-Pierre back in the fold.

St-Pierre has been described on numerous occasions by UFC president Dana White as the company’s No. 1 selling fighter on pay-per-view and his 19-month absence from the sport certainly didn’t do the promotion any favors.

His return at UFC 154 was a big moment because huge returns were expected, and White says St-Pierre’s pay-per-view performance did not disappoint.

“GSP delivered again. It was awesome, it was a great weekend for us,” White said on Tuesday.

No pay-per-view estimates have been released and the UFC never gives out specifics in terms of numbers, but White’s mood could only be described as jubilant after the Canadian superstar made his comeback at UFC 154.

“It was a good show,” said White. “The king of pay-per-view is back; let’s put it that way.”

St-Pierre defeated former interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit by unanimous decision in his return to the UFC.

Currently, St-Pierre is away on vacation and when he returns the UFC will discuss options for his next fight, which may include a potential superfight against Anderson Silva.

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  • Fight with Condit was sick. I love Condit but GSP dominated in every way that night. Nothing wrong with that though, GSP is champ for all these years for a reason. No shame in the loss. Now back to everyone saying their going to test GSP’s chin and everybody hoping he losses his next tough fight.

    • GoNoles

      i think hendrix will test that chin cuz i dont think it will be as easy to take him down but who knows it might end up just like the kos fight, but i wanna see the diaz fight, i think diaz would be able to pull off a submission in 5 round if gsp were to take him down every round cuz i mean ima diaz fan but i think gsp woould be able to take him down almost at will. diaz wouldnt let gsp keep him on the outside like he did to condit though

      • GSP247

        I respect your post but remember hue smart GSP is with gameplay. Busted Kos in standup cause he could wrestle. Take hitters like Hardy and others to the ground. A smart fighter who sticks to a great gameplan

      • Kris-tyahn

        Not a chance Diaz submits GSP, the guys got sick BJJ defense, but never needs to use it. GSP would probably soften Diaz on the feet & then take him down, GnP, then back on the feet & GnP. Confuse Diaz like he did Serra in their 2nd fight. GSP would not get submited while in top control, if Condit wasn’t even close of doing it, then no one would be able to do it. Condit has more submission victories than Diaz, and Condit wasnt even close to sweeping GSP more than once or twice.
        As for Hendricks …. he would be put on his ass or get owned on the feet, GSP would have a 6-8 inch reach advantage. GSP would be faster & much more technical on the feet. Hendricks only has power, so did Koscheck, Alves, Hardy, BJ & Condit. You should watch the Kampmann vs. Hendricks fight, when Goldberg talks about Hendricks throws his left hand so hard, that he is always off balance, thats WAY MORE than enough for GSP to take him down, and then Hendricks is in trouble.

        • dathump

          I agree, anyone with the power of Hendricks has a punchers chance, but thats about it. I really don’t think Diaz has anything for GSP. I actually see a motivated GSP being the first to stop Diaz in a long time

      • PhranktheTank

        I get that you’re a Diaz fan, but I really don’t think that Diaz will have a choice where that fight goes. Wherever GSP wants Diaz to be, that’s where Diaz will be. Diaz is a very exciting fighter with great hands and great BJJ. But he’s overrated. who has he beaten really? He wore down BJ, but before that? There’s not a legitimate contender on his résumé since he KOed Robbie lawler in 2004.

  • Shaeboogie

    Condit really disappointed me, figured he was gone do better than he did and not just get taken down over and over again!

    • PhranktheTank

      Condit fought well, but what that fight proved is the gap between GSP and everyone else in the division. He’s not just the best, he’s the best by a margin.

  • MMAGearZone.com

    Diaz has a great game plan for just about everyone he fights because it seems like none of them can actually believe there is a guy standing 18 inches from their face begging to get punched in the head. But GSP isnt that type of fighter to get nervous by that. He would just accomodate and tear Diaz’s face to ground meat. I do think Diaz would take him down though I dont think he could do much other than take punishment from GSP. Nick has incredible BJJ and he is very fast with transitions but GSP is just overwhelmingly strong for this weight class and Diaz will not be able to move him.
    I really hope someone does end up giving GSP a solid whooping if for no other reason than it will make things very exciting for a little while. I just dont see that happening anytime soon.