Dana White on Georges St-Pierre: ‘You Couldn’t Ask for a Better Role Model’

October 11, 2011
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Once upon a time, former NBA great Charles Barkley uttered the now infamous phrase ‘I’m not a role model’.

The rotund rebound machine went on to say that just because he dunks a basketball doesn’t mean he should raise your kids.

Well, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre may punch people in the face for a living, but according to UFC President Dana White, he’s a perfect role model and representative for mixed martial arts.

St-Pierre’s name came up as a result of White saying he believed UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar was the No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, which would bump GSP back to No. 3.

White defended St-Pierre as well however, but went onto say that the Canadian’s other attributes make him the model for a great athlete and representative for the sport of MMA.

“He’s a professional, he’s always in shape, he does everything he’s supposed to do, you couldn’t meet a nicer guy,” said White.

“You couldn’t ask for a better role model, you couldn’t ask for a better representative of the sport.”

St-Pierre has always stayed humble when subjects like being a role model come up, but with another title fight looming in just a few weeks, the famous Canadian will once again hit the main stage and a lot of people will be watching him do it.

Check out what Dana White had to say about GSP recently:

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  • RedFeatherOne

    GSP is still #2. He isn’t a finisher but he completely dominates his opponents no question.

  • bajafox


  • GSP is still # 2. Nobody has faced tougher opponents than GSP has. If you look at his record and see the people he has beaten and compare it to other fighters, there’s no way you can say he has had it easier. Hence, the multiple decisions in his record. It has gotten tougher and tougher for Georges, not only because of tougher opponents, but because MMA is not what it used to be 18 years ago. Now-a-days you get kids like Rory McDonald who come out a stud from the start. Say what you will, but I rather spend my $50 on a GSP ppv than any other UFC champion!! I admire GSP for not being like Rashad Evans who excretes drama everywhere he goes or guys like Kenny Florian who jumped from division to division in search of a belt or a Matt Hughes who is just dick. GSP is a true champion inside the octagon and outside of it. The only question I have is that Jake Ellenberger dispatched of Jake Shields fairly easily in comparison to the 5 rounder with GSP.


  • okaydude

    Frankie is number 2 because he doesn’t even fight in his own weight class. He should be fighting at ’45, but he’s such a stud he stuck with what was once his only option in the beginning of his career, 155lbs. Nobody at 145 could match his overall game, his wrestling and striking are too good. Frankie is No. 2 P4P.

    • Jay32

      I had to register account simply after reading so many posts,such as this I can no longer stand it.

      Frankie Edgar would never drop down to 145. The biggest edge he has in the 155 is his speed. No one would match him at 145? What are you smoking? Jose Aldo? Not only would Edgar lose his quickness edge, which he only uses essentially to ” SCORE ” and win fights by decision. That is his biggest asset. He wouldn’t be the quickest, or even the best striker at 145.

      He beats Gray Maynard, who keep in mind has won 10 fights and 8 of those are by decision. Yet gets completely rocked by him, not in just one fight, but two fights. A known fighter who doesn’t finish, rocks Edgar twice, and now Edgar has chin?
      You think honestly against faster and far superior striker like Jose Aldo, he would last? 20 wins, and 13 by KO. It is not just about having power, which Aldo does. It’s possessing the ability to land combination on fighters and not letting them recover. I also hate to tell you that even if he managed a take down, what he manages to do against a BJJ Black Belt out of Black House on the ground will be next to nothing.

      Dana White is simply doing what he always does. Opening his mouth and crap spewing out of it. He is attempting to pump up a division that has now become the ” Flat Tire ” of the UFC, something the HW Division once was. Why do you honestly think he is trying so hard to get Melendez.

  • wonggfan

    By that logic prime Fedor and prime Saku was p4p the best.

    GSP being a role-model? LOL! What a self-serving statement coming from a fight promoter. People should show respect to MMA fighers but as for being a role-model I am not so sure.

    In any case, GSP is not as annoying as Frank Mir who is a self-declared role-model for the “youth” out there.

    • Jay32

      What does a mans profession has little to do with him being a ” Role Model “. How he lives his life, is what makes that person it or not.

      GSP is without a doubt, one of the best ambassadors of the sport. How he treats ” Fighters and the Sport “, is what and why, Dana and the public consider him the face of MMA.

      • wonggfan

        You are a horrible writer.