Dana White on Georges St-Pierre: “He Never Said He Was Retiring, Ever”

March 16, 2014
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37-Dana-White-UFC-170-w-0352-478x270For the first time since 2007, the Ultimate Fighting Championship crowned a new welterweight champion on Saturday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Johny Hendricks defeated Robbie Lawler to capture the vacant belt that Georges St-Pierre voluntarily relinquished after nine consecutive title defenses.

St-Pierre announced following his UFC 167 split decision win over Hendricks on Nov. 16 that he was hanging the gloves up for a while. Speculation quickly spread about why he walked away. St-Pierre has admitted to having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and that it played a role in his decision. He’s also talked about how the current drug testing policy was a factor.

UFC president Dana White said that St-Pierre would be returning to fighting during the UFC 171 Post Show on Fox Sports 2 following Saturday’s event. He also said the real reason St-Pierre took a sabbatical was to deal with personal problems in his life.

“This whole thing got blown out of proportion. When we talked to him he said, ‘I’m going to take some time off. I have to deal with some personal problems.’ Everybody has made up their own reasons why he left. I know the reason why he left,” said White.

White wouldn’t go into specifics about what those personal problems are, but said once they’re resolved that the former champion will be back in the cage.

“He’s got personal problems and once he gets them handled he will be back. He never said he was retiring, ever,” said White.

When St-Pierre will be back remains uncertain.

(Courtesy of Fox Sports)

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  • Light Man

    Microexpressions say:

    1. Dana absolutely doesn’t care about Johny Hendricks;
    2. Dana pretty impressed by Robbie Lawler;
    3. Dana actually sympathizes Nick Diaz;
    4. Dana is really not sure that he knows the real reason why GSP left;
    5. Dana is quite satisfied with the fact that Jake Shields lost. He also shined while answering the question : “What are you going to do with Shields?”

  • Manuel Lopez

    I hope GSP doesn’t come back. The sport is more exciting without him. Look how great that main event was. It felt fresh! Hendricks is a great guy too, well spoken and willing to fight anyone.

    • Sir_Roy

      GSP’s fight with Carlos Condit was great as well – fight of the night to boot. I for one would love to see Georges redeem himself or lose officially, (preferably redeem himself), one or the other, in a rematch with Hendricks. Leaving things off like that, leaving the fight game with a highly controversial split decision, has got to leave a bad taste in his mouth being the perfectionist that he is.

    • armbars

      Hendricks is a whining crybaby who made more excuses again after this last fight. I know Dana White and company for sure would prefer St Pierre fighting seeing how he is the biggest draw pretty much ever.

  • Rence

    IMO IF/WHEN GSP comes back i think he’s going to be amazing. Think back to before he got the belt, he was amazing. Once he got the belt he fought to not lose, not to win. He didn’t need to “win” because he already had the belt. But, when he comes back he wont have the belt, he’s going to have to win and not just not lose. I would love for them to put him back in on the lower end of the string of contenders and make him work his way back through the murderers row of WW contenders. I think the fights he’d have to have to get back to the belt would be some of the best fights we’ve ever seen.

    Just my opinion