Dana White on Counter Programming Bellator MMA: My Video Blog Does More Viewers

August 15, 2013
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Dana White UFC Fan Expo 2013-LogoBellator MMA will enter the pay-per-view market on Nov. 2 with an event headlined by former UFC light heavyweight titleholders Tito Ortiz and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

UFC president Dana White was asked on Thursday about the event and whether he plans to counter program the competition – a regular practice in the television industry – following the UFC Fight Night 26: Shogun vs. Sonnen pre-fight press conference in Boston.

White stated that he doesn’t plan to counter program Bellator’s first pay-per-view.

“I’m sure you guys saw, when the thing came out, when they did their press conference, all they talked about was me at the press conference.  What else are they going to talk about, that fight?  ‘Well, you guys have lost your last ten fights. How do you think the fight will go?  Well, I can tell you this, one of us is going to win.  Somebody’s O has got to go,’” said White.

Jackson (32-11) has gone 2-4 in his last six outings and is currently on a three-fight losing streak.  Ortiz (16-11-1) has one win since 2006.  He’s lost six of his last seven fights and is also riding a three-fight losing streak.

“Obviously they need money, and good for them,” said White about Jackson and Ortiz.  “Let them do their thing.”

The UFC president said he doesn’t view Bellator as competition at all.

“You’re talking about, ‘How is your competitive spirit feeling?’  My video blog does more (expletive) viewers than their television show does.  I’m not feeling very competitive.”

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  • Alex Adams

    Ouch! That hurt!!! Still firmly believe that bellator should bet on there own talent that they discover….not 2 old fighter coming from a another promotion

    • Manuel Lopez

      The two old fighters is to make you look. In other words, it’s a publicity stunt. This is what many of you guys refuse to see. Or you see it but act, or stubbornly want to think that the big wigs at Viacom and Bellator are banking their existence on Ortiz and Rampage. The ppv thing…it’s like tipping your toe in the water to see if it’s cold or hot. It’s an experiment, for lack of a better term. Bellator just got new backing and they are trying new stuff. They are NOT trying to be UFC yet. Why is it so hard for people to understand this? Man just wish them luck. Can’t you be genuinely happy that there is another mma promotion entertaining you and giving other mma fighters a platform to work in?? Why are you people so negative?

      • Alex Adams

        Publicity stunt ok…but right now it’s backfiring on them…if they are not eying to be the UFC they use 2 of the ex stars to promote he whole show. I would be happy to see a promotion coming with new talent, I knew a guy, Guillaume dilorenzi who fight for them. Bad fight last time but the kid’s good. I wanna see new talent not old fighter. New organization egal new talent… Old talent with new organization means we are going no where….

        • Manuel Lopez

          I’m not clear on your ‘backfiring’ claim. The ppv hasn’t even happened yet.

          • Alex Adams

            Backfiring: when you promote an event and everybody talk more about ex-UFC guy than bellator guys… for me it’s a backfire. Nobody talks about the other fight on the card, nobody talks about the other fighter of bellator. All you see is : 2 ex UFC legend. UFC hall of famer….2 UFC former champ. Those guys don’T have an history with bellator. All they talk are there history with the UFC. So nobody speak of bellator and Everybody talk about the UFC. And if you wana test the water like you said….do it with your fighter. because next time it’s gonna be what 2 Bellator guys?!? You d’ont know if fan will love them and buy the PPV. So you brought back 2 UFC fighter again….Randy Couture vs Ken Shamrock?!? That’s a backfire…..because you are caught in a mechanic where people wanna see former UFC star and not your guys.

          • Manuel Lopez

            Make you look! Yea people will tune in to see two over the hills, but they’ll be sitting down and discover Alvarez, Chandler, and others I expect are Bellator young blood. Again… it’s a test. No backfiring in a test. Hence the ‘test’ . They want to see if you’re right or not.

  • Timothy Malone

    I wish this Bellator card was free, not just so I could watch, but because I would be genuinely interested to see what kind of viewership numbers it could pull. I believe the record on Spike is still 6 million for the Ortiz vs Shamrock match (with the overall tv record being 9 million for Dos Santos v Velasquez on Fox)

    • Cptmats

      Fedor , Rogers was over 10 million US and 25 +million worldwide

      • Timothy Malone

        Every source I can find says Fedor-Rogers did 5.5 million in the US

  • dgs

    “My video blog does more (expletive) viewers than their television show does. I’m not feeling very competitive.”

    Actually Dana, what’s really scary, is that anyone would care enough to watch you video blogging.

    Then again I think the entire social media crap is just that, crap; time wasting crap. Only in today’s day and age could do nothing companies like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc., make their founders (mostly kids, which is even more ridiculous) billionaires and be popular enough to warrant IPO’s.

    • Asa

      Says the guy writing back to a article on social media haha. Obviously you sat down and read a whole story.

      • dgs

        I don’t think news sites qualify as social media. Although it does annoy me I have to type my user name and email (fake of course) every time I post here, because I refuse to register with disqus and I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or Google + account.

  • Maddawgmar

    I don’t alway like what the boss says, but he is dead on.

  • Bigdaddy

    Joe Warrens fight was sooo pathetic and ridiculous. He looked like a kid with no fight experience at all. It was silly despite that he won somehow was absolutely amazing since he cant punch, kick, grapple. the only thing he can do is wrestle and can only lay and prey with his wrestling.He is the biggest joke of bellator. Although trying to raise some money with a pay per view of two fighters that retired a few times so far and are old and played out. Both Ortiz and Rampage were on some fake wrestling show wwe or one of those fake ass fighting shows. Good luck bellator your gonna need it. I wouldn’t pay to see a bellator show regardless of who they scrape up from another fight organization leftover fighters (no Offense to the has been fighters)