Dana White on Chris Weidman: “How is He Not No. 1 Pound-for-Pound if He Beats Vitor Belfort?”

January 24, 2014
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Chris-Weidman-UFC-168-Post-Press-9859It’s no secret that UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman’s next title defense will be against Vitor Belfort. It’s also no secret that UFC officials plan for the bout to be in Las Vegas in late spring or mid-summer.

UFC president Dana White, in a scrum with reporters on Thursday, reiterated that the fight will be either May 24 (Memorial Day Weekend) or July 5 (Fourth of July Weekend) and that “it will be in Vegas.”

Weidman, however, is making a strong push for the earlier date.

“Weidman is pushing to make it earlier (the May date) because he wants to have a normal summer with his family,” said White. “He hasn’t had a normal summer in a while.”

There had been some lingering questions about Weidman’s health. He didn’t suffer any injuries in his second defeat of Anderson Silva, at UFC 168 on Dec. 28, but his Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach, Matt Serra, told Fox Sports at one point that there was some minor discomfort in his knee leading up to that fight.

White said that there are no longer any health concerns for the champ.

“His knees are good,” said White. “It was actually both his knees, but they’re both good.”

Having defeated Silva twice, and now stepping into the Octagon in the next few months with a red-hot Vitor Belfort, White believes that the star power is in place to deliver a solid pay-per-view number. More than that, if Weidman wins, White believes he may have his next superstar.

“[If Weidman beats Belfort] he’s the best. He’s No. 1. How is he not No. 1 pound-for-pound in the world if he beats Vitor Belfort?” White exclaimed. “It’s impossible not to call him the No. 1 pound-for-pound guy.”

When it was pointed out that White has been a little quick to proclaim a new No. 1 in the pound-for-pound rankings lately – he recently said if Renan Barão defeats Urijah Faber next week, he would be No. 1 on the list – he was just as quick to defend his proclamation about Weidman.

“If [Weidman] beats Vitor, Barão’s [expletive] No. 2!”

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  • Big Tuna

    No way he needs a couple years of dominance in the division like Bones, GSP, and Silva proved

  • TheCerealKiller

    “How is he not No. 1 pound-for-pound in the world if he beats Vitor Belfort?”

    Because Jones has defended his belt six times against better competition. Damn Dana, sometimes you sound like a retard.

    • Maddawgmar

      Name one guy that Jones beat that would beat Silva… While I agree it’s too early to call Weidman P4P best, Weidman beat arguably the GOAT, twice.

      • King_DG

        call me crazy but I think Gustaffson and Rashad would beat Silva. Gustaffson would beat him standing and Rashad would wrestle the sh!t out of him

        • Maddawgmar

          I disagree, I don’t see either of them beating Silva.

          • King_DG

            Machida would probably beat Silva too that’s why he doesn’t wanna fight him.

  • greatwhitejoke

    how can he be? he only has defended the belt once. he wont defend it 3 times before he loses it!

  • macarrech

    Sometimes Dana think MMA fans are retarded. Spitting such bs just to promote a fight. Chris must dominate that division for at least 3 years before he even be considered to be above 5th place in the p4p standing behind Silva, st. Pierre, Jones and Cain. I think even Jose Aldo is still Above weidman.

    • Aimed With “V”

      EVEN Jose Aldo?
      The only one retarded here is you.

      Jose Aldo is Above Cain and Weidman. He’s the most dominant champion in a history of his division, and, after he beats Lamas to a pulp, he will deserve a title of the best P4P fighter in the world.

      • macarrech


        • Aimed With “v”

          Denial is definitely not just a river in Egypt…

  • Jeffery Jones

    So he’s defended his title once and now he’s p4p greatest ? lol, Dana White has lost it since he bashed GSP, the real p4p greatest. Once he went on his tirade after GSP beat Hendricks I think most of Canada has been soured by White and his bigoted antics and remarks. Now he’s trying to push anyone he can down our throats. Lost respect for White and UFC. This is just another reason why. Man defends his title once and now he the greatest, lol.

  • Matte

    I agree. Dana seem out of balance nowadays.

    Weidman is awesome but he need to stay champ for awhile before being a serious threat to the P4P title.

    Barao, Aldo, Jones and Cain are ahead right now for sure.

  • aTomsLife

    He just said the other day if Barao finishes Faber then he’s the #1 PFP. All this talk about PFP is overdone anyway. I’m sick of it.

    If Weidman beats Belfort, what that proves is he’s the best at 85. And there’s nothing wrong with that, Dana. That’s a huge accomplishment in and of itself.

  • Aimed With “V”

    Jones/Aldo are numbers 1 and 2.
    Weidman is next, after beating the GOAT twice.
    4 – Cain
    5 – Mighty Mouse: ridiculously great in HIS division.
    6 – Anderson.
    7 – Barao
    8 – Pettis.

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      mine are aldo 1 jones 2 barao 3 weidman 4 johnson 5 but what do i know.

      • Aimed W “v”Vith

        Oh, Mr. Beebe!
        Quite surprising, that you underrate your fellow wrestler, Cain Velasquez…

  • hard to argue

    i think it makes since the best p4p would come out of the best weight class. right no 185 is by far the strongest. still think jones,aldo n barao should be 1,2 n 3 in wich ever order can be argued


    Not Yet! IF he beats Belfort, then beats the winner of Machida v Mussasi, then beats the winner of Souza v Carmont, then beats the winner of Rockhold v whoever? then he’s in the conversation!

  • brad king

    dana just trying to piss jon jones off so he will anniilate his next opponent which is Texiara. Weidman is a good wrestler but p4p #1 LOLOLOLOL

  • shakejunt

    p4p is entertaining, but means nothing. people need to stop getting bent out of shape over it.

  • mendoza

    Weidman is the best now. He beat silva twice in such a dominant fashion that silva is going to boxing, where its easier.

    • earlsimmons

      mma is nowhere near as hard as boxing bro

      • mendoza

        I disagree, try wrestling for 12 rds. Way more energy required

        • Nick Emil Scheihing

          dude theres no 12 rounds in wrestling

      • archaictext

        That’s a bold claim. Most would say you are wrong. Care to actually try and explain why you think so?

  • Anthony cefalo

    sleeping on jones

  • Gary Fredericks

    What a joke….a victory over a TRT’d up 36 yr Vitor is going to make a guy that knocked out a clowning Silva and Silva again due to “freak of nature” circumstances as P4P best???? What a slap into the collective faces of Jon Jones, GSP, Jose Aldo, and Mighty Mouse Johnson….ALL of which make far more compelling arguments for best p4p currently fighting than Weidman.

    Weidman is champ. He has earned it by beating/KO’ing Silva once and again in an injury TKO that left a lot of questions. He needs many more title defenses prior to Weidman even being considered p4p champion.

    • g

      You sound jealous and butt hurt

      • archaictext

        And you sound like someone who has nothing valuable to contribute.

        • g

          I got your mama for sale. I’m contributing that,for a very small fee.

          • Gary Fredericks

            OOOOOOOOOOOH MAN! You’re like the coolest internet smack talker EVER!!! I bet you have a $hit ton of FaceBook friends too!

            …..man, to be like you……

      • Gary Fredericks

        Oh man, you really got me! Dude, that was so creative and insightful.

    • Ian Price

      I’d love for Weidman to continue extending his winning streak all decade, one ambiguous win after another. I wonder how many “iffy” wins if will take before doubters finally say “ok whatever, I guess he seems legit.”

      • Gary Fredericks

        Well Ian, more than two against the same guy with pretty odd circumstances, that much is for sure.

        Are you saying we should all hail him as the best ever straight out of the gate??? Silva, Jon Jones, Mighty Mouse, Aldo….those guys are all unquestionably champions of their divisions. Weidman is an untested commodity as champ and a victory over a chemically enhanced Vitor Belfort needs to end decisively to begin to stop the doubt. As I said before, he is a good fighter, but to compare him to Silva after two really wierd fights, well, that is jumping the gun.

        • Ian Price

          Not disagreeing with you. It will take a couple more fights, but I really do think that Weidman beat the best silva that’s ever been. I think his experience made him better at 38 than his physical best (at 32-35 years). He next 2 years will be critical for Weidman to show the world “nope, no fluke”. Of course, I’m secretly hoping he moves up to take on Bones, even though he’d be at least a 2:1 underdog. But imagine if he pulled it off!! I think I’d pass out.

          • Gary Fredericks

            I too hope it is no fluke. I like when fighters run up a long title run. Much better than titles changing every month like it was when Sylvia was HW champ years ago.

            Bones vs Weidman….that could be interesting to see how Jones deals with the power of Weidman and his grappling game. What is the height difference though? Is Weidman much smaller before the MW weight cut?

  • drkdisciple

    Just a few days back uncle Dana was talking about Barao being 1 on the P4P, now its Weidman a question of time before he brings up Ronda lol

  • tyrone

    Silva was considered goat in ufc. He was considered invincible by almost everyone familiar with mma, even with oddsmakers in both fights, but weidman proved the world wrong. He beat silva and made it look relatively easy, even after coming back after major surgery and a year layoff. He is like a pitbull in the ring. He has shown tremendous heart belief in self and skills, his timing is perfect, his punch is powerful and his wrestling is world class and he displays class without the disrespect that silva has displayed. Since weidman beat the goat then weidman is #1, for he is the goat slayer and everyone will be timid once in ring with him whether standing or grappling. Proud of the all american and give him his props. He beat a very disrespectful person in silva and he still gave him respect even though he was thoroughly disrespected.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Well said

  • Nate

    Pretty sure jones beat Belfort too were jus tossing out the #1 spot like Halloween candy

    • Ian Price

      He beat a middleweight.

  • nick

    according to dana white every fighter who beats his next opponent is the number 1 p4p fighter. wasnt he just saying this about renan barao?

  • tracy

    you cant measure p4p and if you could jon jones jose aldo deserve it more

  • Don’t know about #1 on the P4P list, but the fact that he has expressed interest in moving up to fight the best at LHW is a great potential barometer. Since Jon Jones-Anderson Silva has been derailed, wouldn’t Weidman-‘Bones’ be the next best thing?