Dana White on Bigfoot Silva’s Elevated Level of Testosterone: “It Destroyed Everything” (Video)

December 26, 2013
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Dana White talked to the press about his disappointment in finding out that Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva tested positive after Silva and Mark Hunt‘s UFC Brisbane Fight of the Night performance. White said that Silva took another shot of testosterone after he tested in range before the fight.

White added that Hunt said in regards to Silva after the fight, “I don’t care what he was on or what he did. Two guys went in there and did their thing.”

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  • Maddawgmar

    That smirk when asked about Brock Lesnar. Honestly if he comes back, he is gonna get smashed. He was overrated to begin with.

    • Jason Keith

      Got to agree… WWE is where the boys play and the UFC is where the men play,

    • Chris Morgan

      Depends on who he fights. Obviously, if he fights someone well rounded (like Cain) or a quality striker with a solid game plan, he’ll lose. However, he’s got a good shot against his fellow one-dimensional fighters. If I remember right, he did some “smashing” of his own during his brief tenure with the UFC. His fight against Heath Herring is probably the best example of that.

      That being said, he should stay out of the cage. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE had a problem with Brock actively fighting while he’s still under contract (health risks and whatnot).

    • Charlie Kenkel

      I don’t think theres anything wrong with Brock as a fighter for his division. Hes a top notch wrestler, a powerhouse of a guy, and his submission was improving. Honestly in that division of all the big guys you can’t ask for a whole lot more. But.. when you’re in there with guys that big you can also be KO’d as easily as you KO someone else. Cain is a beast no doubt but don’t think he can’t catch a hard punch from some guy like Brock and crumble to mat really quick. Just the reality of those guys.

      Boxing is much the same way, Heavyweight division rarely has a truly dominant champion who can weather that sheer brutality that those big guys can throw around. I respect guys like Cain, Dos Santos, Mir etc who do have some roundness to their game ontop of just being big dudes but it doesn’t change fact a Brock can still crush them on right day.

      • Jeff

        I agree that Brock would certainly belong in the division — but only if he’s healthy and actively training MMA. His last fights looked like he’d been lifting, but not much else. Lots of rumors swirled at the end about lazy training habits, Brock not allowing punches to his face/head during sparring, not being at all coachable anymore, etc.

    • Mark McDowall

      Brocks problem was his health. I read an article about him…the man didn’t eat ANYTHING but protein and carbs for almost 5 years…no veggies at all!! Not to be too graphic…but his poo was so rank that it ate a hole in his intestine…and his body wasn’t absorbing any nutrients anymore…and a guy that size needs uber amounts on nutrients in natural form to keep going.

      I think given a proper diet and some more training so he doesn’t have to rely on himself just being a big ogre that just smashes people…he could be a force. Whether he can hang with the top couple guys in the division is debatable but it would be good to see him back.

      • deepgrim

        brock is a funny one if he takes ya down and holds you there your in alot of trouble, hes submission game was getting stronger. really he’s stand up wasnt good enough at the time against the divisions elite, at the time when cain beat him people were shocked- but now we know how special cain is. also the defeat against overeem on the roids who is also a strong striker. if he can train well and improve the stand up- there wont be too many people that would want to fight him. people said he couldnt take a punch but he was the first person to make it out one round with shane carwin, so im hoping the rumours amount to something

      • archaictext

        Veggies have carbs. Potatoes are veggies. And protein is meat. The only other thing besides protein and carbs that people eat is fat. If all you ate was lean chicken, lean beef, fruits and vegetables, you would be eating all protein and carbs with a very small amount of fat, so…what exactly are you trying to say.

        • Mark McDowall

          He said in the interview he ate 0 vegetables/fruit etc for 5 years. He ate nothing but meat, bread, pasta etc.

  • Jeff

    He needs Brock to become champ again so he can charge an extra $10 for the PPVs.

  • Zap

    Brock and Mir can finally finish their feud. That’d be an awesome first fight back for Brock and Mayb Mir’s finale.

    • JDMMA

      You can get on your knees and blow Brock out of retirement

  • lksjdf

    Not trying to be a smart ass, but if it “doesn’t really do anything” why does it matter if they take the extra shot? And why would it be banned by the Commission?