Dana White on Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz: “If They Want to Fight, Why Would I Say No?”

June 12, 2014
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Anderson Silva vs Nick DiazCould Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz happen when “the Spider” makes his return to the Octagon early next year?

Why, yes it could. And why not?

Following his loss to Georges St-Pierre early last year, Diaz said that two of the possible match-ups that might keep him out of retirement were a rematch with GSP or a fight against Anderson Silva.

Neither happened and Diaz hasn’t fought since.

Silva, however, has lost two consecutive bouts to current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman since Diaz has been sidelined. He suffered a gruesome injury in the last one, and it put him on the sidelines for an extended period of time.

Having gained clearance to return to full MMA training, Silva still wants to wait until the beginning of 2015 to return to the Octagon, but he recently said whom he would like to fight upon his return.

Nick Diaz.

So now, the only missing piece of the puzzle would seem to be the UFC.

And UFC president Dana White at a UFC 174 media scrum in Vancouver on Thursday seems to be on board as well.

When asked about the possibility of making Silva vs. Diaz, White said it is definitely an interesting fight.

So he’s listening?

Oh yeah.

“If they want to fight each other, why would I say no?” he posed.

With Silva wanting to hold off until 2015, and Diaz’s quick turns of thought, the fight is far from a done deal… but it’s much closer to reality than it was a little over a year ago when Diaz said he wanted it.

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  • Just-scrap-nation

    I could honestly see Nick Diaz winning that fight. Not saying he will but I think people are jumping the gun a little too fast saying Diaz gets KO’d. I could see Nick submitting Silva or getting a TKO. And no I’m not a “nuthugger”, just see it how it is.

    • Johnny Lopes

      Nick is a bad match up for Anderson.. he would win that fight.. and 70% chance its a sub

      • ciriusm

        No way Diaz beats Silva. He can’t out strike him or take him down….he’s got a size advantage as well

        • lNZMMA

          nicks been putting on sum beef and will box ando up cant out strike ??? wtf

          • ciriusism

            Nope…sorry no way…Silva knocked out Belfort…he will have no problem with nick Diaz…come on!!!!

          • aaron gustaveson

            hes been getting bigger? How do you know this? You train with him?

      • NZMMA

        livershot ko lol

      • Mark McDowall

        You do know that Anderson is an amazing grappler right? Listen to people who train with him…his ground game is better than his striking. And this is coming from guys that were born wearing a gi.

        • Ian Price

          Anderson is a great grappler, but nick is a little better than that. Maybe almost as good as Maia, and we all know how that fight turned out. Nick ain’t putting up with that s–t!!

          • archaictext

            Maybe, and I would love to see Nick sub someone again. He just doesn’t use his Jits anymore. It’s like a weird ego thing. He just wants to beat guys until they stop moving. I swear he was in so many positions to sub guys in the last several fights, but he chose to just get back up with it. I don’t see Anderson taking him down anyway. And to the people saying Anderson would easily knock Nick out, Nick has fought plenty of knock out artists in his time, and he doesn’t give a s–t. One doesn’t simply just knock Nick Diaz out. Sure it’s possible, but let’s try to be realistic.

          • Johnny Lopes

            thank you… and Anderson is not grappin him like GSP did

        • Johnny Lopes

          your outta your mind and clearly and new fan… brasilian jui jitsu is a done style… american jui jitsu is wear its at… Nick is wit ceasar gracie and Bj Penn himself… Anderson is with the Noguiera bros , if they were born in there Gi’s why are they gettin there limbs broke by americans… Nicks BJJ is way better then Andersons.. his Cardio is above andersons, and Nick aint gettin hit with the garbage that these mediocre guys Anderson gets…. Nick fits top of the line competition, please dont try arguin who Anderson fights, its nowhere on Nicks level

          • Mark McDowall

            Nick fights top competition…who’s the new fan here???? He has fought 2 top 10 ranked fighters in his entire career…He spent the majority of his career fighting sub par competition…granted making them look not so great. But saying that he only fights top competition is one of the most laughable things I’ve ever seen someone right on here.

            And you do know that Nick trains Brazillian Jui Jitsu under Ceaser Gracie right…where he earned his black belt in BRAZILLIAN?? I really think you need to know your facts before you post my friend.

          • Johnny Lopes

            American Jui Jitsu is what ceasar teaches… Cesar barely knows a lick of Brazilian. 2 top ranked fighters? you talkin bout Nick or Anderson? GSP alone is better then anyone that Anderson fought, and hate to break it to you but Anderson aint wrestling Nick and holdin him down like GSP did… you think Anderson has had tough competition? your clearly lettin ranks get into your argument, which is dumn cause UFC gives top 10 to anyone… but fyi everytime Silva fought a top ranked guy so did Diaz.. GSP is better then anyone Anderson fought… and So is BJ PENN, and pretty much CONDIT. You wana say Silva has better competition… who? Vitor? Chael? Forrest? Cote? yeah those guys were ranked #2 when he fought them, because UFC said they were ranked 2… anderson tapped in Pride to RYO lol Nick tapped out GOMI on weed lol (when Gomi was in his prime) .. Diaz stand up and BJJ is better then MAIA, LEITES, COTE, FORREST, SONNEN. Clearly your a new fan lookin at ranks and didnt watch MMA from the start… and yeah Cesar got his BRAZILIAN BLACKBELT so you think hes 100% brazilian?.. so in your terms, CM Punk has a blackbelt in Karate.. so hes JAPANESSE?

          • Johnny Lopes

            to sum that all up… BJ PENN, GSP better then ANYONE ANDERSON FOUGHT…. and Condit is probably as good as anyone Anderson fought in my opinion, but will just say VITOR , unless you see someone on there better? other then Weidman no1 Anderson fought is ranked BTW.. obviously not the same wit DIAZ, people he fought still top 10

    • NZMMA

      agree alot of people hate on nick or nate for that matter i like anderson 2 but i see nick winning in my mind but thats just me this fight would be interesting hope i happens its a no lose situation nick loses makes $$$ returns 2 ww silva loses makes $$$ fights again(hopefully) ufc make $$$$$$$ as long as its a entertaining fight every1 wins

  • Fokkerdude

    Make the deal, book the fight. This would be an interesting fight. Not even going to make a prediction. I just want sit back and see how it all pans out.

  • Westcoastlove

    great fight

  • uncle

    The biggest PPV draw of the decade, Anderson is a animal .and Nick will not be afraid of him like the other guys.. Nick has a beautiful ground game ..and they are both strikers can’t go wrong with this 1.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Nobody cares about a pot head that has one top ten win in the past 8 years. You can’t put it on FOX, because he flips people off during the fight. I can name at least 10 fights that did better than this will. He still wants 500K for a fight, which supports he’s on drugs.

      I want to see the fight, but I don’t care about a Dia$.

      • uncle

        They wouldn’t put on FOX because UFC
        don’t want to lose PPV buys. with Anderson and Nick on a card ,giving some1 the finger is nothing when they have Family Guy ,that is way over the top come now it’s about the money.

      • aaron gustaveson

        “supports he’s drugs” ?
        You can’t possibly be talking about cannabis? Did you just time travel from the 1950’s?

      • archaictext

        You’ve got to be kidding me. This fight would draw huge numbers. So many people want to see Nick fight again. Especially in this fight. He wants a lot of money because he knows what kind of draw he has, and he wants what he can get. Also, he smokes pot. He isn’t “on drugs” and pot doesn’t cost that much anyway. It’s not like he is a drugged out loser who is desperate for drug money. He is a high level athlete who competes in triathlons and can go five rounds at full full speed. Sounds like “being on drugs” has really been a detriment to him.

    • Mark McDowall

      Diggest draw of the decade?!?! Really…

      Nick has a good ground game…Anderson’s is far better. They are both strikers…again…Anderson is far better. This wouldn’t even be a good fight…and the fact that Nick want’s about 10x what he is worth to fight anyone…if he fights Silva he will probably ask for more than that!

      • Ian Price

        Anderson is a far better striker, but didn’t GSP say nick is the best boxer at ww?

        • Mark McDowall

          Key word…Boxer…very basic style. Anderson will use his feet and his range and destroy nick.

          • Ian Price

            Yeah. I realized that right after I closed the browser. I dunno. He took a couple good Condit kicks to the face, but I don’t think he could take a well-placed Anderson one. I guess we’ll find out soon enough what happens when Andy’s bionic shin meets the Stockton slap.

      • Baller31

        Anderson’s ground game is in no way better than nicks, and Anderson is a more powerful striker, but he’s never fought someone with Diaz’s boxing skills, so it remains to be seen if he’s a better striker

      • uncle

        So tell me a bigger draw ?

        • Mark McDowall

          Sonnen vs Silva 1 or 2
          Jones vs Gus 2(will be)
          GSP vs Hendricks
          Any Brock Lesnar fight…

          Should I keep going?

          • uncle

            I’m talking about fights right now!
            not in the past, Gus vs Jones 2
            should do well .but Anderson has
            more fans then Jones …so Nick
            can draw a crowd with no problem
            I’m not saying Stockton is bigger
            then Sweden ,but the PPV buys
            will be insane people want to see
            Diaz fight again.

          • aaron gustaveson

            Really, Brock Lesnar?!
            Why? Guess it attracts wwf fans?

          • Mark McDowall

            Look it up…almost all of his fights are in the top 10 PPV draws in UFC history.

          • aaron gustaveson

            I dont doubt you. It goes to support my theory that most mma fans are complete mental defectives that only want to see the biggest guys possible planting their feet and trading punches to the face.

    • gnodeb

      Except AS is (huge) 185 and Nick is (average) 170. But again, this fight is meaningless anyway and while I don’t care for Nick (or anyone else) talking, I would like to see him KOed silly…

  • Corey Hutton

    I would love to see this, but Diaz is out matched. More so when others fighters have already shown how to beat a Diaz.

    • Ian Price

      Sorry but Anderson is no takedown expert. Plus, it’s not his thing. He’s a counter striker who moves backwards. Nick is a counter striker who moves forward relentlessly. I’m sure Anderson is at least a -500, but it should be fun to watch regardless.

  • omar

    I don’t appreciate you getting my hopes up.

  • Random

    Anderson Silva is too old to win the fight, he needs to retire.

    • Lucas Freire

      Dafuq? One year ago he was the best P4P and now he’s too old? what?

      • TW

        Depends how much that brutal injury set him back. Some guys bounce back like nothing ever happened. Other guys are never the same again. We won’t know until we see Silva fight again. I hope he can return to full form, but that break was nasty.

  • Dad

    The fight’s only half the fun for this matchup, the other half would be the insane build up! I wanna see it

  • travyb

    This would be a great matchup (entertaining). Diaz is a very accurate striker, and very solid BJJ ground (except take downs). I think Silva will have the edge and will win the fight due to the lack of knock out power from Diaz. That is also why Silva is willing to take this fight (IMO). He knows he doesnt have to worry about his chin (like Weidman). Im not counting Diaz out (I am a huge Diaz bros fan just because of their skill and pace, just need to zip their mouths up). I would pay to see this fight. The ground advantage I would give (slightly) to Diaz. But I dont see Diaz taking him down, or getting the decision. One of the very few fights I could get excited to watch recently. So tired of the PEDS drama lately.

  • dandogood

    If Satan had a son it would look like Nick Diaz. Nick has two tiny horns on his head. Nick looks better in a red suit and horns and pitch fork with flames all around him. Nick Diaz is the son of Satan.

    • TW

      Funny. I always thought of Satan as being cunning and intelligent.

      • dandogood

        satan got thrown out of heaven. Satan is one dumb devil?

        • John Bunch

          He thought running his own household was preferable to being a servant in another’s home?

          • dandogood

            satan got all the arabs backing him now.

          • i dont got no cents

            your english is horrible

          • dandogood

            Nick Diaz is still stupid in any language-get it wimp?

  • dandogood

    Nick Diaz could be the stupidist kid on earth even making Mike Tyson look Brilliant. Nate is jsut as dumb. Poor kids get no advice.

    • jimmychong

      Diaz, Tyson are both millionaires, shows stupidity is working just fine for them. God bless America.