Dana White on Anderson Silva vs. GSP, “That Could be the Next Fight” (UFC Video)

September 9, 2012
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Anderson Silva vs Georges St-Pierre UFCThe speculation of an Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre superfight has floated out on the fringe for the past couple of years, but all of a sudden, talk of the fight actually becoming a reality has hit a fever pitch.

Even UFC president Dana White now says, “If Georges St-Pierre beats Carlos Condit (at UFC 154 in November), that could be the next fight.”

That’s no guarantee, and there is the matter of St-Pierre winning his fight and the details being hashed out, but White doesn’t talk about the fight as he had in the past, where it was some distant “wish list” type of dream. White now talks as if we’re on the cusp of it coming to fruition.

Check out UFC president Dana White’s comments from a recent UFC Tonight interview on the plausibility of an Anderson Silva vs. GSP superfight…

  • TKD

    Dana is trash! He is talking out his ass yet again. Can we get him to STFU about this fight already???

    • Dana has always stated this is a dream fight and that GSP and Silva had a few fights left so how if eh talking out his ass? He’s always been into “if the fans want it bad, they’ll have to make it happen” type of thing. It would make a lot of money and be good for business so why would he talk about this fight getting closer if it’s not. He said GSP needs to beat Condit. If GSP didn’t get injured and beat Condit I’m sure this would be inked already.

    • tokyomma

      I agree, Dana been saying this for the past 3 yrs, make it happen already and dont tease us

  • MaritalArtist

    Well, it looks like its gonna happen. How can it not, (barring injury, of course). The only parts of the equation that are missing is when, and at what weight. If Condit wins, the fight will probably happen at 180 or 185. If St Pierre wins, the fight will happen at 170, 175 or 180. When, is likely Feb, March or April. Probably at Dallas stadium. Feb gives GSP 3 months of training after the Condit fight, which is enough, unless he sustains some unforeseen injury. Can’t wait to see what GSP does against the Spider!

  • Neonbender63

    I really would rather see Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones. I think Anderson matches up better with Jones than with GSP, and it would be a much more exciting fight.

  • Kalei Kealoha

    UFC contenders are getting slapped in the face. All this talk about getting champion on champion fights and making the contenders wait their turn. Am I the only one who thinks that Dana is only looking for the big name main events? starting to kinda sound like the WWE