Dana White Offered UFC Fight to Nick Diaz Last Week, but He Turned It Down

November 10, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 129If you’re waiting for Nick Diaz to return to the Octagon, don’t hold your breath.

UFC president Dana White on Saturday evening revealed that he made a fight offer to Diaz last week. Diaz, however, isn’t interested in cutting his retirement short for what the UFC is offering.

“I made the offer to them last week,” White told a group of reporters, following UFC Fight Night 32. “They called me back and said he’s retired.”

The rejection White got from Diaz is the latest in a slew of conversations between the UFC and the fighter’s management that end in “no thanks.” One of the most recent reported offerings to Diaz was a match-up against middleweight contender Michael Bisping. White said he loved that fight, but explained it wouldn’t happen based off his talks with Diaz’s representation.

“Everything I hear from Nick Diaz is that he doesn’t want to fight,” White said in Houston during the week leading up to UFC 166.

Diaz left the UFC – and fighting, apparently – after losing his opportunity for the UFC welterweight title in a March bout with champion Georges St-Pierre. The fighter reportedly said he would remain retired, only coming back to the UFC for big fights.

White wouldn’t reveal who he offered to Diaz and his management, but it apparently wasn’t big enough to lure the fighter out of the comfort of his Stockton, Calif., home.

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  • Johnny Eagle

    Dana White probably offered him Vitor Belfort…

  • George Sperry

    I will never know what the fascination with Diaz is about.

    • b-soc

      Agree 100%. When your biggest accomplishment is beating BJ Penn at 170 since returning to the UFC, it must be his personality because it is not his fighting ability.

    • shakejunt

      the fascination with diaz is that some people love him and other people who don’t can’t seem to stay away from articles pertaining to him

      • ronbo

        The ones that don’t wanted to see what girl he was gonna fight bezotch.

    • solo

      Nick Diaz on this: “I didnt turned down the fight, and i dont have menager “

      • George Sperry

        Did he really write menager?

  • james j


  • Big Tuna

    Good, rather not see this Neanderthal in the ring. No class, respect, or versatility he belongs in bellator with the rest of the has been’s

    • uncle

      Bellator could be the next stop for Diaz unless
      he starts working on his wrestling soon, there are
      too many WW’s that can out muscle him by wrestling, or he can put on a little more muscle mass… to stop the take downs

    • these nuts

      Ring??? I’m Sorry whene did the ufc start using a ring? You talk about class or respect like its something ever fighter has?? Plenty of fighters know how to sell fights and nick and nate sell fights…

  • uncle

    What kind of news is this ? can you guys at least
    figure out who he was offered, every other week
    same title Diaz refuse to fight lol if he wants a crack
    at GSP he needs to earn it

  • Griff

    The problem for Nick is that if he is in a fight, it isn’t a big fight. Enjoy the retirement and the weed, you wont be missed.

  • BobGyro

    PU……….C !

  • Diaz isn’t going to be offered any big fights. He has to earn it.

  • Corey Hutton

    Of course he turned it down, He’s a BITCH!
    That and everyone knows how to beat a Diaz now.
    Step 1 to beating a Diaz – Don’t be stupid like BJ and play their game.
    Step 2 to beating a Diaz – Look at step 1.

    • Ksmma

      Well in 8 years the only people who have been able to beat him is kj noons (by cut), GSP (greatest ww ever), and condit (#3 ww). Diaz won the condit fight in my opinion. Being retired at thirty and not having to do anything but hang out at the gym and smoke weed seems like a pretty sweet gig to me.


    He probably offered Lombard? Offer him Gunnar Nelson!

  • Big mistake turning down Bisping. Everyone was excited for that fight. I don’t know what the guy wants. There’s Kampmann, Koscheck, McDonald, Ellenberger, Alves, Matt Brown. All of those fights are interesting.

    • Bouncer

      he wants a title fight

      • The fight with Condit was a great fight. But he offered nothing in that GSP fight for him to get a rematch. Would you entertain the idea of Diaz/McDonald? Even though Rory is booked with Lawler. I know Nick said he doesn’t want to fight Robbie again but he you never know. I’m a big Diaz fan but it’s annoying to see him not take any of these fights.

    • archaictext

      Why would he fight Bisping? Besides a paycheck, what does it do for him or Bisping? Bisping is a midddleweight. So Diaz moves up? I don’t see Bisping coming down, he want’s to make a (probably final) run in the direction of the middleweight title, being that he came so close. Diaz is a dangerous fight that doesn’t help him in that conquest. Diaz wants a big name in his own weight class, even if he doesn’t deserve it, but that’s his choice. They are throwing fights his way that they know he won’t take to try and make him seem like a chump. For the most part he is a chump, just because of how he talks and acts, but the UFC is being ridiculous with this.

      • Besides a paycheck I would say just for the challenge and love of fighting. I wonder if they have offered him Martin Kampmann or Thiago Alves because those are very good fights. I just want to see the guy back in the cage already.

  • ronbo

    You scared homie??? LoL… What a puss. Glad the Diaz sisters on done.

  • james j

    Diaz is a train wreck. I am still cracking up at the press conf post GSP fight. He could completely schooled in that fight and yet he still thinks he deserves a big fight.

  • Kris-tyahn

    Diaz has never need able to hang with the best WW’s in the UFC. Look at his UFC record & that will tell you all you need to know! He’s a good fighter, very tough and sick cardio, but he was never on the same level as the top WW’s in the UFC. He could easily be WW champ at Bellator, yes I believe he could beat ASSkren, b/c if ASSkren takes Diaz down, he would get submitted, if he stands, he gets picked apart. IMO!
    I’m not even a Diaz fan, just realistic.

  • solo

    Damn i would love to know who has been offered!!!!!

  • Muaythai4life

    So, GSP fulfilled his promise to retire Diaz? Thanks GSP!!!

  • BobGyro

    feed him to cain

  • jake snod

    Dana offered Satan Nick Diaz a fight? Satan turned it down? Good move on to the nicer more deserving fighters. Like Tim Kennedy. Nick Diaz is a disease.

  • Ray

    I have always been in Diaz’s corner. He is a Great fighter and brings a great fight. Fix the rules of the fight – make fighters fight in there TRUE WEIGHT category and watch Diaz rule.
    Nick Diaz PLEASE enjoy your retirement You are always GREAT ! ! !