Dana White Not Surprised by Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva Altercation at Mr. Olympia

September 30, 2013
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Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva

UFC fighters Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva have engaged in a public war of words that’s played out over the last several months.

The feud began when Sonnen made disparaging comments about Brazil as a nation and Brazilians as a whole during the build-up to his two fights with Anderson Silva.

Silva asked Sonnen to stop making disrespectful comments about Brazil while at an event in Texas in 2010.  The footage of the conversation that took place in a van ride can be seen here.

Sonnen regularly calls out the former Pride champion as an analyst on UFC Tonight.

Wanderlei released a video in August where he accepted Sonnen’s challenge to a fight.  He referred to Sonnen as a “coward” and a “lower level fighter.”  In the video, Silva promises to hurt Sonnen if they do ever step into the cage together.

Over the weekend, the two met face-to-face at the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition and convention in Las Vegas and engaged in a heated exchange that was caught on video (warning: explicit language).

The altercation wasn’t a surprise to anyone, including UFC president Dana White.

“It doesn’t surprise me.  It doesn’t shock me one bit.  They don’t like each other at all.  They hate each other.  I don’t have to tell you guys,” said White during a press conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Monday.

“Brazilians do not like Chael Sonnen, most Brazilians anyway.  Some like him, some don’t.  There’s situations in the United States where we had an event and a Brazilian fan started swinging at Chael Sonnen, trying to hit him.  Then we did the Fan Expo and a Brazilian tried to swing at him at that,” explained White.

“Wanderlei’s nickname is the Axe Murderer.  Okay?  And he is a very proud Brazilian.  He does not like Chael Sonnen.  The thing doesn’t surprise me one bit,” added the UFC president.

The intensive rivalry between Sonnen and Silva would be an interesting dynamic as coaches on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil, but White quickly extinguished the possibility.

“People keep asking me if they’re going to be the coaches.  I can’t have a Brazilian within ten feet of Chael Sonnen in America.  Imagine bringing Chael Sonnen here for six weeks.  I don’t think he’d make it,” said White.

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  • Jacob McDonald

    sonnen kills vandy inside of two rounds

    • JK

      Convicted of fraud, his balls don”t work, and he’s never been a champion of anything.

      Wanderlei on the other hand; pride legend and international superstar, his balls work, and he’s been a champion.

      No matter what Sonnen ever does, he will always be beneath Wanderlei.

      • Jacob McDonald

        and that may be but if later tonight muhammed ali comes up to me and starts talking s*** i could smash him irregardless of his “PAST” accomplishments

        • Ping

          Brian Stann, Cung Le, and Michael Bisping should have beat Silva too. Chael should be able to take him down and beat him but I don’t know. I have a feeling if they fight Silva will keep it standing and knock him out with a big right hand. Also Silva has never been submitted, or lost by GnP TKO. Only big strikes on the feet, or decision losses. Chael has only 2 submission victories in the UFC and the rest decision.

      • s

        rigged fights in japan via yakuza doesn’t make you a champion. p.s the chip on your shoulder is evident by your multiple replies lol get a life

  • freakonaleash

    no 2 rounds , sonnen drags it out to near the end of the third to inflict the maximum amount of punishment on wanda thereby putting an end to a career the died long ago.

    • JK

      Convicted of fraud, his balls don’t work, he’s failed a drug test, and he’s never been a champion of anything.

  • Nihilism

    Lol, now Dana’s beginning to promote this manufactured beef.

    • toom

      so you know for a fact it’s fake if a man insulted you like every time he got on camera and your entire people it wouldn’t upset you I mean is everyone here a conspiracy theorist

  • dhartm2

    Sonnen fans are some of the worst types of racist. Strictly poor white people, nobody with half a brain or an ounce of self respect could be behind Sonnen at all. Scum of the Earth, and oh yea, he’s straight TERRIBLE.

    • wow

      to be a fan of Sonnen makes you racist?? Brazil is a country ..not a race. So his comments about Brazil wouldn’t be considered racist. Get a clue. Secondly just because people like Sonnen doesn’t mean they agree with every word he says. That’s like saying if you like the Beatles then you’re a socialist. If you hate Sonnen’s comments so much for putting people in boxes, then maybe you should stop doing the same.

      • dhartm2

        Brazilian is a nationality, and you can certainly be racist against a nationality. If you listen to his words and don’t think they come from a place of hate and misunderstanding you are blind. Read anything about him on Deadspin or any other website with credibility.

    • Mark McDowall

      Is Sonnen a retard…yes. Is alot of what he says dumb…yes. But he also speaks some truth. So calling him a racist is a bit much.

      As far as the fight goes…Sonnen will most likely win due to his wrestling. But it will most likely be a boring fight…

      • Lucas Freire

        I don’t know…I see Sonnen evolving on the submission game, I think he’s able to submit Wand. He trains with Vinny Magalhaes, one of the best no-gi grapplers in the world, maybe not a good MMA fighter, but on the no-gi he’s on the high echelon

    • Lucas Freire

      OH THE IRONY. lol

    • Gary Gilbert

      You are wrong. I am not racist.I am not poor. I have more than half a brain. I have plenty of self respect. And I like Chael Sonnen

      • dhartm2

        Cool story bro!

    • fsunoles10

      talking about respect yet the people you’re defending right now scream death threats at all foreigners not just sonnen when they come to brazil. is that respect? is that not discriminatory? putting a title on an entire group of completely different people isnt discrimination either right? also sonnens terrible? whens the last time chael had a weak fight? the only people to beat em lately have been 2 of the greatest fighters ever bro where is your logic?

      • dhartm2

        I’m not defending the antics of Brazilian fight fans, I’m not sure how you would attribute that to what I said. I was talking about Sonnen fans, because anyone who would be a fan of a guy who said “pray to whatever Demon effigy you prance and dance in front of with your piglet tribe of savages that I decide not to CRUCIFY you,” or “thrashing around the jungle w/a blowgun trying’ to catch breakfast” or “sellin’ barbecued monkey on the street in Manaus,” as though he’s not racist is completely ignorant. Like the guy 3 posts below who said Brazilian is a nationality so Chael isn’t racist. OK guy. Sonnen is also a convicted money launderer and all around middling fighter. So I have to assume the reason people get behind him is the stuff he says, which I find reprehensible. But I guess that makes me the minority in MMA fan circles.

        • lmao12

          how is that racist?

        • wow

          You bitch about racism yet talk about Sonnen fans as “poor white people” and what does money laundering have to do with being racist? Maybe you should get control of your own misguiding hatred before accusing anyone else of it.

          • dhartm2

            Money laundering has to do with being a scum bag. Sonnen is racist. I guess that doesn’t definitively make all of his fans racist, it just makes them fans of a racist. Since he’s not a particularly good fighter, and is also a criminal to boot, I can’t really figure out why anyone would be a fan of his.

    • JK

      Plus the guy has been convicted of fraud, he’s failed a drug test, his balls don’t work (due to steroid abuse), and he’s never been a champion of anything.

      His fans are idiots and white teenagers.

  • Mike

    If there was a title for trash talk, Sonnen would be undefeated world champ.

    • JK

      Well, at least he’d finally be the champion of something. Besides getting submitted and losing every championship fight he’s ever been in.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Would much rather see this fight, too bad Chael is already locked in versus Rashad. It will be a little less exciting if Chael loses against Rashad and then ends up signing against Wanderlei but I would put my money on Chael against both guys. This is a good opportunity for Chael to put together a small win streak and silence some of the stat critics who mention his recent win/loss ratio. Aside from Chael’s losses to Anderson and Jones, he hasn’t lost in several years and losing to those two guys is nothing to criticize. Chael was the best coach on TUF to date IMO (Tito although somewhat of a clown was pretty good as well), wouldn’t mind seeing him do another season if that’s what they decide to do.

    • Ernest Bethea

      It doesn’t matter about the Rashad fight. Wandy even said he didn’t care if Chael won or lost to Rashad, he wants Sonnen immediately after that.

    • Jerm137

      Agree. I was a Shamrock fan and hated Tito and Then I watched reruns of TUF and Tito was a good coach (both times) and Ken really seemed kinda shitty. Tito got my respect then, still, he’s not quite right, he has his moments and points. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy the hell out of his gravedigger routine after beating Bader. Hard to keep all that douchy-ness locked up for years between wins….lol

  • Sir_Roy

    This manufactured BS insults the intelligence of the fans. I don’t mind promoting fights to an extent, but carrying a camera around and getting in Sonnen’s face is weak and transparent.

    What really promotes fights? The undeniable talent of the two fighters, their styles, past performances and the prospect of an explosive match-up.

  • Bouncer

    there are too many comments about how UFC is turning into the WWE. they legitimately hate each other, did you not even read the article? silva heard sonnen was there and they taped the confrontation. a lot of people attend events with cameras. why can nobody enjoy a legitimate feud, it’s going to make an interesting fight. stop trying to pretend you’re the mystical lover not a fighter type of martial artist that enjoys competition.

    • Timothy Malone

      Yeah a promo like this isn’t WWE. WWE would be like if Wanderlei hit Sonnen with a car while doing his next promo and Dana got mad about it and fought him himself in a match where they have to climb to the top of a ladder and get the keys to the UFC to win. That would probably be too gimmicky.

    • JK

      The UFC is turning into WWE.

      • jeremy


  • get2dachoppa

    1st round TKO finish for Chael

  • sbv

    wandy says he is a professional thats why he didnt hit him, yet i declines to enter the ring with chael. punk ass

  • candelario

    people swinging at Chael makes me sick…. if you want a piece of him go where he trains and done some “little” sparring…. see how you feel afterwards