Dana White Not Keen on Nate Diaz: ‘There’s a Laundry List of Problems There’

December 13, 2014
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UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis defended his lightweight title for the first time at UFC 181 on Dec. 6 by submitting Gilbert Melendez. He had been sidelined since August 2013 due to injuries and filming The Ultimate Fighter 20.

During the UFC 181 post-fight press conference, No. 1 ranked Khabib Nurmagomedov called out the champion and Pettis accepted the challenge. The only problem is, the undefeated Russian is injured. He was forced out of a September bout against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone due to a knee injury.

“He’s still hurt, so we’ve got to see what’s going on with him,” said UFC president Dana White when asked about the lightweight title picture during the UFC Post-Show following The Ultimate Fighter: A Champion Will Be Crowned Finale on Friday.

Nate Diaz and Dana WhiteNo. 3 ranked Rafael dos Anjos faces Nate Diaz in the UFC on Fox: dos Santos vs. Moicic co-main event in Phoenix on Saturday. Diaz failed to make weight during the weigh-in. Asked if the winner could leapfrog Nurmagomedov and face Pettis next, White wasn’t sure.

But it’s doubtful that Diaz would receive a title shot if he wins. He isn’t currently sitting on White’s good side.

“The Nate Diaz thing is a completely different scenario. The guy is complaining about money. He does tons of things to make sure that he gets fined. He’s complaining about the CM Punk deal,” said White.

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“All he’s been doing is complaining, not showing up for stuff, and now he doesn’t make weight. He’s four pounds over. I don’t know what to do with him if he wins. There’s a laundry list of problems there.”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Cancel the fight and pay dos Anjos. He did his job and made weight. Nate needs to cheat and stay hydrated to have a chance at winning this.

    • Seth

      I doubt he would have a chance even if you tie RDA’s hands behind his back…Diaz is done.

  • ColdHonestTruth

    Let him get his ass kicked and pounded. This is what MMA is all about.

  • Muttley76

    More Diaz drama lol. Even if this is one of u r r te to ts not started by one of the brothers it’s still hilarious. How does a guys thats entire family acts like pro wrestlers butch about a guy that’s gonna bring in a couple extra mill in PPVs lol? Irony…

  • Trevor

    Both him and is brother are complete idiots! I don’t care if they are decent fighters, they are more hassle and drama than they are worth and both will end up training kids with chips on there shoulders and when that runs out looking for sub-par labouring work for life. Everyone loves to bitch about the UFC and Dana and wages ..blah, blah, blah……Dana and the UFC created the industry with millions of investment dollars and took a “sport” that essentially didn’t exist and made it main stream and profitable. Idiots like the Diaz brothers would still be rolling around in sweat and not getting more than a few hundred bucks for it if the UFC never came along. When will people realize that if you think you can do better go for it….get lost.
    If the UFC wants to hire wrestlers, gorillas or donkeys to fight in the cage who cares they can it is their business to ruin. I seldom comment on these boards but I am so tired of hearing about these clowns. Drift them both….Nick will soon start his run of stupidity too and if he gets to the cage Anderson will knock his head off.

    • Gary Fredericks

      The wrestler sigining was more about keeping a household name OFF of the Bellator roster….a business decision.

  • Gary Fredericks

    The Diaz brothers are so 2010.

    They are just more scumbag thugs from the hood that are entertaining to watch. Nothing more, nothing less. Their MMA skill sets are rellics of the past and are going the way of the dodo bird, although they have heart and actually fight which is the one thing I respect them for as a fan. Other than that, they are stupid people that got lucky.

    • dandogood

      Nate and Nick are scum bags and trash-cut them both

  • ☃ Brad ☃

    diaz hit this one right on the head, why cant mma fighters go to the nba or nhl and play and make a joke of their sport?

    • ☃ Brad ☃

      mma/ufc is a niche sport thats why. noone really cares about it unless youre a diehard fan. in nba or nhl everyone is a fan

    • Shocked_n_Awed

      Because it’s like comparing apples and oranges… they may both be fruit, but they’re very different.

      Punk said himself, if the Blackhawks had gotten in touch with him before he’d signed his UFC deal and offered him a spot on their roster as a goaltender, he’d have jumped at the chance. Others have noted how Michael Jorden was signed by the Chicago White Sox after he left the Bulls, but only made their minor league roster.

      Professional team sports, however, aren’t in the same business as the UFC. They need to build a team that will win to generate fan interest and spending. If they brought in Punk to play net, and he sucked, the whole team loses. The UFC isn’t a team sport, it only hurts Punk if he gets his face broken in his first fight – the company still wins big.

      There’s absolutely no argument that, from a sporting standpoint, Punk doesn’t deserve to be a UFC fighter. But that’s missing the whole point of why he’s there. 🙂

    • shakejunt

      celebrity boxing is accepted

  • ☃ Brad ☃

    we live in a society today where everyone lies and cheats to each other. when a breathe of fresh air like nick or nate diaz talk its 100% truth and something you dont want to hear but needs to be said.

    • Jeff McLeroy

      Fresh air? They constantly whine and cry. Nate shows up overweight and signed a deal and is whining like a bitch. Nick whines like a bitch. They just whine and cry all the time. If I am going to take them seriously stop crying and fight, they are talented in fighting.

    • Shocked_n_Awed

      100% idiocy would be more accurate. They may speak the truth as far as their punch-drunk brains see it, but that doesn’t make ’em right!

    • shakejunt

      the two of them speaking is one thing, because no employer wants to be bad mouthed, but they certainly don’t put themselves in positions of positive leverage.

    • GoalieSwagger

      Speaking your mind is a breath of fresh air, but being disrespectful and ignorant are not.

  • Twizz Nizzle

    He doing this to try to get released its obvious

    • TheCerealKiller

      Zero chance he gets cut. Dana will sit him on the shelf until his contract expires, he already said that.

      • Twizz Nizzle

        I know that but that’s what he is aiming for

  • Wade

    Just cut the punk bitch loose. Bad publicity and bad for business

    • shakejunt

      tough spot because i doubt they wanna lose him to bellator.

  • Junior

    nick doesnt know what hes leading into, silva isnt a brawler. dana wants this to be diaz’s last fight because of all the problems he gets from him outside the cage. no way silva gonna lose, nick’s reactionary timing will be his downfall

    • GrasshopperMMA

      Diaz isn’t a brawler.

    • shakejunt

      i’m not sure sure they’re trying to get rid of nick. makes them money.

    • T

      They are talking about Nate Diaz….

      • Junior

        i kno lol

  • dandogood

    Nate Diaz is trash and why does Dana put up with this evil low life nate Diaz? All the good hard working dedicated respectful men wanting to fight in the UFC and dana lets’ Nate and Nick Diaz abuse everything about good sportsmanship. Remove these two diseases from the UFC.

    • mmalive

      dandobad, Take your ignorant replies off here.

      Dana has not cut either brother. The reason?

      BOTH brothers make Dana/UFC some MAJOR CASH.

  • mmalive

    Nate and Nick Diaz makes the UFC some MAJOR CASH.

    Both guys are good fighters in MMA. Either one will CRUSH competition form Bellator, WSOF, OncFC, etc….

    Dana White WILL NOT either of these guys because he still makes GOOD DOUGH off both brothers.

    We all know that UFC pays fighters JACK SQUAT!!!

    The complaining of pay has ALWAYS been an issue.

    At least Nate and Nick have GUTS to speak up.

    Signing any type of contract requires proper and extensive legal representation from an experienced lawyer.

    What happened is that Nate was pressured into signing new deal without knowing the legal clauses of contract.

    He must of did it WITHOUT any legal help otherwise he would be in a better position.

    War on Diaz brothers from 209.

    • GoalieSwagger

      And who’s fault is it that they dont have an agent or a rep? But yeah, they do make the UFC money.

  • Nicholas Krieger

    Off to Bellator with ye! It’s obvious that’s what’s going on. Nick Diaz became a major star under Coker. I’m sure as irritated as they both are with the UFC, that’s the plan here.

  • dandogood

    Why is nate Diaz even allowed in the UFC? Low class disrespectful and ignorant?