Dana White Not Caving to Nate Diaz’s Complaints: ‘Nate Can Sit Out for as Long as He Wants To’

July 16, 2014

Nate DiazFor whatever reason, the Diaz brothers continue their freeze on working with the UFC in making anything happen with their fight careers. But not only are they not currently fighting, they occasionally take digs at the UFC and other fighters under contract.

Prime example: Nate Diaz on Tuesday took a shot at UFC Fight Night 45 headliner Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone on Twitter.

“Some people just suck way too much #UFCd**k …” wrote Diaz. “An they where cowboy hats.”

UFC president Dana White, as part of his weekly check-in on UFC.com on Tuesday, rebuffed Diaz’s comment about Cerrone, shrugging off the Stocktonian’s continued refusal to fight when asked even though he and his brother are still under contract.

“Nate can do whatever he wants to do. Nate can sit out and not suck any UFC whatever, for as long as he wants to. Who cares? He’s a grown man,” said White.

“Sit out for as long as you want, sit out the rest of your career, it’s your decision. But to start making fun of guys who actually like to fight, and guys who go out there and put on unbelievable fights and people love to see him? (Cowboy) steps up and does what he does. People love Cowboy Cerrone.”

Both Diaz brothers have been complaining for several months about the paydays afforded by their UFC contracts, sitting on the sidelines, while other fighters continue to move along in their stead.

It’s not a strategy that seems to be having much impact on White.

“Nate wants to talk about making money, but there’s only one way to make money, and that’s fighting,” he said.

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  1. Nate Diaz is the illest

  2. Diaz should fight, his fights are good, and he doesnt suck. Cerrone is one of my favs to watch, but Diaz owned him a couple years ago. I think Cerrone has gotten better while Diaz has stayed mostly the same. However Nate sounds more like a fan in his comment, if you dont fight, your just a fan.

  3. Both of the Diaz brothers can go suck eggs. I look forward to a day that we never speak of them again. Neither have won a fight that makes them a star. Go smoke another potheads!

    • Agreed. I ate a potato last week that I think had a higher IQ than both of them put together. I don’t think either of them are smart enough to work at Burger King mopping floors. I wish they would just go away and stop crying

  4. What I will never understand,…..Why in the f@k did they sign the fkn contract to begin with…..I’m with Dana on this one…..They are both acting like Hollywood stars, when in fact they both dont add up to not even Rhonda (and I can’t stand that woman)

    • Bad management and coaching. That is how.

  5. The Diaz Brothers add some spice to the UFC.

    They are both decent fighters, but their antics make it fun to tune in.

    Everyone knows Uncle Dana/Lorenzo and rest of Zuffa are out for THEMSELVES.

    Meaning they line their pockets full of hard CASH off fighters blood, sweat, tears, injuries, etc….

    Nate Diaz falls into that category.

    Smoke more WEED Diaz Bros.

    War On Stockton’s Sons

  6. At this point either fight or go away. U got a bad contract fight it out sighn a new one. What a shame Nate become as bad as all us non ufc fighter basher Diaz bro’s was my favorite fighters but now just a lame joke.

  7. Average Josh Thompson beat the living hell out of Nate Ko’ing the dimwit. screw Nate Diaz and screw Nick Diaz the sons of Satan and the spawn of evil.

  8. Both Diaz brothers will end up in prison or dying broke on the streets after robbing a bank with water pistols. Two dimwits from bad genes. good riddance.

  9. “I don’t make enough money…I KNOW! I WILL COMPLETLY STOP WORKING! That should help me make more money”

    ^ Stockton’s logic. ANyone is curious why Nicky and Nate aren’t rich yet? It has barely anything to do with UFC’s pay scale.

    • 1) Smoke pot
      2) ?
      3) Profit!


      • Edited. Thanks…no idea why I wrote start, when I meant stop… xD

  10. The Diaz brothers are bad for the sport, and are nothing but trash. Two whining, bitching babies. Let’s all hope they both sit out the rest of their careers.

  11. Now that Diaz has some time off due to not fighting, he could sign up for a couple night school classes to help understand the difference between “where” and “wear”.

  12. The Diaz brothers would f— all of you up…keyboard warrior nerds!

  13. It is baffling why two guys (The Diaz Bros) would sit out longer in a sport that has clearly been passing them by already.

    I would like to see them fire their manager, switch to a better camp, and accept the fact their windows are rapidly closing (if not closed) to be competitive and make that money they are holding out for. Nick’s last couple fights have shown his skills have eroded and he is on the down swing of his career. Nate, he has shown flashes of what he could have been and has hit or passed his peak form as well. Time is not on their side. The youngblood is rising and soon the Diaz’s will only be interesting to those fans still here from 6-8 years ago.

  14. Could the two dimwit Diaz brothers be the two dumbest kids on earth?? Two morons who are clueless and now broke. Plus both ahve lost twice or more in recent fights and are not even close to be a champ. Flush both of these dimwit turds dana immediately. they stink like crap.

  15. Nate Diaz needs an elementary school student to proofread his Twitter posts.

  16. The Diaz brothers add some spice to the face of UFC.

    Their antics is one of the major reasons why they still make headlines.

    Their are funny as hell ala Sonnen style. Very amusing.

    Both are decent fighters that will well in top 10.

    The MAIN REASON Uncle Dana has not booted them is that both brothers can and will make money for Uncle Dana/Lorenzo and Zuffa crew.

    Both brothers will draw BIG on pay per views.

    Imagine Nick VS Anderson, Nick VS Hendricks, etc…

    War on weed smoking Diaz Bothers YEAH!!!

    • Both Diaz brothers are bottom of the barrel trash. plus they lose anyway. Josh KO’d nate. Nick lost two lopsided bouts. poof their gone.

  17. Nate and Nick Diaz are the type of street kid low life troubled bad upbringing poor gene pool kid you beg and ask your daughter not to bring home to meet the parents. If one could look at life’s bottom of the barrel then Nick and Nate would be scraping the bottom of life’s barrel.

    • Try making the same statement about either brother in the cage.

      Either Diaz will scrape your life to bottom of barrel and bury you for sure.

      Both brother’s upbringing helped made them the fighters they are.

      Not great fighters but enough to generate pay per views.

      Ooh smoke more weed, buy try to clean your systems out before and after fights.

      War on Stockton 209’s sons.

      • Nate and Nick are trash more like dog poop on someone’s shoe. Both of these low lifes need scraped off the UFC and disposed of. Two dumb ignorant clueless morons are these sons of Satan. good riddance.

  18. The UFC has so many good clean cut hard working deserving fighters that the Diaz Brothers are more of a disease that should be cut out quickly from the UFC. Give the respectable deserving hard workers the fights. Tell these two morons to go to hell.

  19. dandogood, are you still living in your parents basement, jobless, and leeching off them?

    You are a loser and joke trying to be a mma fan with no merit.

    Back to the subject at hand.

    The Diaz bothers are money makers for Uncle Dana/Lorenzo and rest of Zuffa top brass Mr. dummy dandogood.

    Both bothers will and are capable of generating many per per views for UFC.

    Both brothers are good ppv draws that UFC knows brings in money.

    Otherwise, Uncle Dana would have cut them a long time ago.

    You might be a Diaz brothers hater, but are NO REAL MMA fan for sure.

    You are a dumb, no clue, time waster, want to be knowledgeable mma fan.

    Weed smoking Stockton’s son’s WAR ON.

  20. Dana and the UFC have basically told the Satan Diaz brothers to F off and disappear. Neither of these dimwit half breeds is worth dog poop. Too many good decent human beings in the UFC who deserve a chance. The Diaz brothers are both flushable and a waste of air. Good riddance and bring on the good clean cut respectful young men. Diaz brothers are sewer trash and low lifes’. Dana knows this.

    • dandogood, Are you that SERIOUSLY of a JACK A$$?

      You comments are Dog Crap dummy.

      If Dana knew all the issues you mentioned why has he no cut the Diaz brothers.

      Let me answer the question loser.

      Dana still and will make money off those 2 guys.

      If both brothers were worthless Uncle Dana would have cut them LONG AGO.

      Money is the foundation here.

      Uncle Dana makes money off them but does not pay them enough.

  21. Both Diaz brothers belong in Bellator and let them foul up that organization. The UFC is so far above these bottom feeding trash Diaz brothers it’s funny. The Diaz brothers are outcasts and misfits with mental issues and IQ’s maybe of 11. Both Diaz brothers are just plain dumb and ignorant and do not deserve the UFC. Have the nice decent kids fight. screw the Diaz turds. Like Stockton both are broke anyway. Great to see.