Dana White Nixes Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira for UFC 169 Super Bowl Fight Card

October 7, 2013
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Jon-Jones-UFC-128_8068Despite putting out an official announcement last week, Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira will not be headlining the UFC 169 fight card on Super Bowl weekend after all.

UFC president Dana White on Monday said that Jones vs. Teixeira on Feb. 1 was “never, ever a done deal.”

It’s not that the fight won’t happen, it just won’t happen that weekend.

“That’s going to be later. That was never a done deal,” he continued. “Our people put it out, but they shouldn’t have.”

He went on to say that Jones and Teixeira would likely fight sometime around March, about the same time that Alexander Gustafsson is likely to fight again in either London or Sweden.

If Jones defeats Teixeira and Gustafsson wins his fight, we can expect to see a rematch of Jones and Gustafsson’s epic UFC 165 battle in Toronto. White said it was “100 percent” guaranteed that Jones and Gustafsson would rematch if each man wins his next fight.

UFC officials last week initially announced the UFC 169 fight card for Feb. 1 in Newark, N.J., with Jones vs. Teixeira headlining. A heavyweight bout pitting former champion Frank Mir against Alistair Overeem was moved from the UFC 167 card in November to the Super Bowl weekend event.

As it stands, there are no details on a date or location for Jones vs. Teixeira, leaving Mir vs. Overeem as the only bout announced for UFC 169.

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  • Chicago

    UFC, what a tease. your worse than my gf @ prom when i was in H.S.

    • Dragon Kid

      they did this for years with GSP vs. Anderson Silva superfight.

      • bajafox

        It’s no the UFC’s fault GSP didn’t want to go up in weight

        • Dragon Kid

          he’s probably got used to fighting safe thats why.

        • Bouncer

          fanboys like you are so f****** annoying. like these fighters sit around and smash cheetohs and watch porn like your ugly ass does until fight night, then they magically transform into the weight required. learn GSP history. I hate the guy’s fight style but he’s a natural 170 for his body chemistry. if he was to move to 185 for a superfight he would have to remain there. educate yourself fool

      • jeremy

        The UFC never came out and said silva VS GSP agreed to fight and it will be at UFC pick your number. Its totaly diff. And this fight isnt a big deal anyways

        • Dragon Kid

          dana white constantly said over the years the fight was gonna take place and it’ll definetly happen. silva and gsp has to go thru this guy and that guy to get it underway, blah blah blah. and while it may not be such a big deal now due to silva no longer being champion, it was a big deal when dana white and ufc kept shoving it down our throats between 2009-2012

  • Mike Buchta

    Gustafsson should fight Mousassi if he’s healthy by then. IMO, I think Gegard could give him a run for his money, plus they were supposed to fight earlier this year and it never happened.

    • Ian Price

      Gustafsson can’t beat Mousasi. Only a wrestling-based fighter like Weidman, Chael or Evans can beat him.

      And maybe Jones with his reach.

      Gegard’s standup is just too good. He can even hang with Anderson, frankly.

      • shakejunt

        so the guy who just gave jon jones the fight of his life can’t mess with gegard, but tired old shell of himself rashad evans can?

        • Ian Price

          I just don’t think Jones has the striking speed and fluidity to compete with someone his length. And it showed in that last fight. If it weren’t for one elbow in the 4th round, it would have been 49-46 Gus. It was 48-47 for Gus anyway (my scoring), and that would have sealed the deal for the judges as well. You can’t count on one elbow in the 4th to bail you out.

          Gegard is a KICKBOXER. He’s really good at it, and although he’s long, he’s not as long as Gus or Jones. But he’ll definitely out strike eithe if the fight stays standing.

          • Bouncer

            there are three judges, you’re attempting to take over the scoring of one unanimous card.. I agree that 49-46 was the dumbest s*** to ever be recorded in history of MMA judging, your personal ( and obviously extremely confident ) judging of the fight could easily overrule the other judges and still remain jones as the winner, if not a draw.

          • Ian Price

            Not extremely overconfident. I wasn’t that upset with the decision. But a little upset yes.

            I’ll have to watch the fight again.

      • Bouncer

        this reponse is ignorant. IDK why anyone gave it attention. alex has the height on jones and the kicking length, which is why you choose jones to win (even though you’re probably too fanboyish to realize that) and his wrestling is just as good as weidman, chael, or evans. gus would murder mousasi and i’m actually a huge fan of his.

        • Ian Price

          Incorrect. I had $250 on Gus.

          I guess we’ll find out if he’ll murder Mousasi soon enough. Maybe next year.

      • Collideoverme

        Gegard had a draw with a very slow Keith Jardine…I think Gustafsson won’t have too much trouble.

        • Mike Buchta

          I don’t know if you know this about Mousassi, but the guy never really has a full training camp, as he doesn’t like to train. He just fights of off his pure God given talent, and that pure talent has won him numerous titles in various MMA organizations (including the Dream Middleweight & Light Heavyweight titles, plus the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight title) and given him an overall MMA record of 34-3. Now just think about if he really put his heart and soul into training, this guy could be the next big thing….Plus he fights in 2 different weight classes, has victories over guys like Mark Hunt, “Jacare” Souza & Hector Lombard. Can’t wait to see him fight a big name like Gustafsson!!

      • Lucas Freire

        Was I the only one who watched Mousasi’s fight against a random sweden guy on a week notice? Having a background in other martial art usually means nothing with this new breed of MMA fighters. Weidman and Jones both have a wrestling background, but they’re not even close to being as accomplished as guys like Hughes or Koscheck. Yet one defeated Silva, and the other destroyed one of the most competitive divisions. There’s a universe that separates K1 striking and MMA striking.
        Gegard may be good, but I don’t like his game, and I think Gustafsson mix it up much much much better.

    • Big Tuna

      Mosassi has a glass jaw. Gus would beat his brain in

      • Ian Price

        Oh, because of all those KOs he had?

      • bob

        Why do you say that? How can you tell that a guy have a glass jaws if he never been KO?

  • Mark McDowall

    Who wants to put money on it that Dana’s favorite fighter had a hissy fit because she was taken off the main event of that card…but now will become the main event again.

    • DamianCross


      dude i’m actually a rousey fan and even i know that’s just silly.

      • Mark McDowall

        I agree. But it wouldn’t surprise me to see that happen…

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    6 months off for Bones and Gus. That’s a long break, but I bet they both really need it. Unless Dana sets up Comier for Gus, Jones and Gus will easily beat Glover and Mousasi. Cormier vs. Gus would be a fight with a lot of unknowns.