Dana White Needs to Figure Out Ronda Rousey’s Long List of Potential Opponents

August 31, 2014
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Ronda Rousey vs Gina Carano - SmilesFollowing her win on Saturday, Bethe Correia is angling to get a shot at UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey sooner rather than later. But according to UFC president Dana White, she’s going to have to wait a bit.

Correia beat one of Rousey’s teammates in Shayna Baszler at UFC 177. After the bout, she called out the women’s champ. Rousey responded, telling MMAWeekly.com that she hopes “she doesn’t lose before I get a chance to beat her.”

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White’s response? Get in line.

“There’s a long list for Rousey waiting right now,” White said. “[Correia’s] on the list.”

Included on the short list are names like Gina Carano and Cat Zingano. Carano has been away from MMA for the past five years, but has been in discussions with White and the UFC about making a comeback. If she’s to return, she will likely get an immediate title shot and face Rousey on a pay-per-view card in late 2014 or early 2o15.

As for Zingano, the fighter was scheduled to face Rousey at the end of 2013. An injury derailed those plans, forcing Zingano into extended rehabilitation. Additionally, she dealt with the death of her husband.

Zingano is now scheduled to make her return to the Octagon on Sept. 27 at UFC 178 in Las Vegas. If she wins that fight and a deal with Carano isn’t done, White said Zingano will be next in line for a shot at Rousey.

Correia has beaten two of Rousey’s teammates in Baszler and Jessamyn Duke before her. The momentum combined with her three UFC wins and an undefeated record carries her to a place where she feels she should be next.

“I’d love to have a chance at the title. I’d love to be champion,” she said at the UFC 177 post-fight press conference. “I have three [wins] in the UFC. I’m undefeated right now and I feel that if I had the chance for the title, I would go in there and make the most of it.”

White, however, isn’t so convinced, and even exchanged text messages with Rousey, explaining to her that he has things he has to figure out before he pairs her with someone else.

“She texted me and said, ‘I want that fight,’” White revealed. “‘I said, ‘Calm down, lady. You’ve got other people to fight.’”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Two people is not a long list.

    • Fat Bloke

      Zingano, Carano, and Holly is a long list in the MMA world. That’s probably a year of Rousey’s career.

  • Mark McDowall

    Zigano I understand. Carano hasn’t fought in 5 years and always had problems making 135…that’s a serious contender there Dana…oh and by the way you have to sign her first. Beyond that your 3rd in line, Cyborg, doesn’t even work for the UFC. Last

    Dana ‘ relentless hype of Rousey is really starting to wear thin. Last time I looked…1 person doesn’t constitute a “long line”…so why make it look like she is just tearing through a division full of contenders…

    • TheCerealKiller

      Gina had trouble making 145, she never fought at 135.

      • Austin, TX

        Yeah. Gina’s too big. Even if she did make 135 she’d lose more than likely because of the cut. (Unless she’s figured something weightwise ….in the meantime. Maybe she has. ) That would be an interesting matchup though. I don’t think she can deal with judo though, much as it pains me to admit it. But I think she is potentially stronger in some areas. She’s a bigger girl than a lot of Rousey’s opponents.

        Hey DANA. create 145 division for GINA. 😉

        • Lucas Freire

          Problem is Ronda is a big girl too. On her Judo times she used to compete on 150.

  • Renan Aldo Jr.

    Holly could be in the mix as well sooner than later

    • Xgecko

      Only if she proves she can beat a real BW and that she has some Takedown Defence

  • eddie eagle

    Carano wants Publicity and is never making 135lbs.

  • bvol

    Until someone grapples better than Ronda she will be champion. Women (mostly) don’t have enough power for the striking to control the fight and end it with 1 punch. It will always come down to grappling and Ronda is in a league of her own. She would beat Gina at 145 or 160. I’d cheer for Gina but Ronda s grappling is too good

    • Timothy Malone

      Maybe not one punch but one kick to the head should do it. The problem of course then is throwing kicks leaves you open to the takedown though so maybe you are right.

    • Yannick Messaoud

      Zingano got some sick power i rather see that fight then the carano fight for sure.

  • eddie eagle

    Gina semi truck frame Carano is a joke and a fraud. Carano made her fake rep beating on smaller weaker girls till exposed as a fraud by Cyborg and KO’d in round 1. carano is not any good and never sees 145lbs again let alone the miracle weight of `135lbs. ignore this Cowrano and her publicity seeking glory hunt. Gina is a fraud and huge mistake.

  • solo

    Its not important really. She’ll destroy everyone!!!

  • eddie eagle

    Gine semi truck frame Carano is a glory seeking marginally talented MMA fighter and a lousy movie actor with zero screen presence. Cyborg exposed Carano as a fraud and a fake and KO’d the Cowrano sending KO’d Gina out of MMA for 5 years. There are no fights for the huge carano to be in at 135 unless it’s half of Carano?

    • earlsimmons

      ehhhh i spot a troll. Get new material bro. Talking crap about one of the best looking fighters is getting old… Be creative get new lines.

      • eddie eagle

        judge not girly wimpy kid. Carano is a fraud as Cyborg exposed.very average and huge framed like a semi truck frame on Cowrano.

  • peeter mans

    Can we go a day without hearing the name Ronda. That pouty angry creepy looking woman does not contribute much to MMA. Dana seems to be trying a little to hard to promote her…wonder why??

  • eddie eagle

    want to get rid of Carano just announce an UFC 145lb division for Woman and the 1st PPV fight is Carano vs Cyborg. Watch Cowrano run away then and disappear another 5 years. Carano will be 200lbs plus after spitting out 2-3 kids. watch this fraud fade away now.

  • eddie eagle

    Gina Carano is a huge fake and an MMA fraud.