Dana White Misses UFC on Fuel TV 3; Heading into Surgery on Wednesday

May 15, 2012
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Dana White at UFC 102Eleven years.

That’s how long it’s been since UFC president Dana White missed a live fight card, but Tuesday night’s UFC on Fuel TV 3 event will break that streak.

The event taking place in Fairfax, Va., on Tuesday that features a main event pitting Dustin Poirier against “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung will be sans Dana White, who has to undergo surgery in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

White revealed the news via Twitter prior to the fights.

“First fight I will miss in 11 years and it is killing me,” White wrote. “I have to have surgery in L.A. tomorrow or trust me I would be (there).”

Later in the Twitter conversation with fans, White revealed that he is having surgery for Meniere’s disease.

According to PubMed Health online, Meniere’s disease is a condition when fluid in the inner ear gets too high, and it can affect balance and hearing, and also resembles a more severe case of Vertigo.

Approximately 50,000 to 100,000 develop Meniere’s disease per year.

“I’m hoping to be in and out quick,” wrote White.  “I have no time for this (expletive), but it has to be done.”

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  • hollafront1314

    is he gonna get his herpes he got from ariany treated also?

    • GiovanniB

      So you chose to attack Arianny just because Dana didn’t choose to fock you instead? LOL You’re so lame Fag-got!

      • bryanadams

        Really dude, you’re THAT naive? You don’t think Dana hit that!?! There’s a million hot chicks in California and Vegas alone, and she got that job! It’s not like she’s talented or unique, she put out! She’s definitely hot, but dude c’mon! She gave the best BJ, ’nuff said.

        • Ariany has NO ASS, just a pretty face, she does NOTHING for me…. But YEAH I’d still hit it…. haha

    • rsnowbass

      Really dude…?

    • FlowWithTheGo

      I’d happily get herpes from Ariany

      • jessemalloy

        YUP! I don’t care what any test says afterwards, it’d be well worth it.

  • 11 years! That’s an impressive run. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

    • come on bro, that is a BUNCH of BS…. He needs to get Operation on or in ear, and misses a Fight…. What puss, it wasn’t like the Coward was gonna jump in the Cage and fight himself….

      It is all a lie, he even chose a Tiny operation to make up…. haha

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    Dana, I am not like Tito, I am calling you out and will meet you in the ring any time, any where. You let me know where to be and I will be there.

    • artiegarrelli

      u are a fukin retard get real idiot

    • artiegarrelli

      and u are correct tito was a great fighter u my friend are a MORON GROW UP DUDE LMAO

  • White had a good run especially considering how he missed out on the Korean Zombie putting Dustin Poirier to sleep in an instant classic. I am wondering who White will announce to replace Dominick Cruz against Urijah Faber this Friday. It has to be Renan Barao but Michael McDonald could be a dark horse. Can’t see anyone else as qualified as those two.

    Check out this link about White http://www.ufcfightblogger.com/news/dana-white-menieres-disease-operation-los-angeles/

  • voltaire64

    I have Meniere’s, had it since 2001. There’s a bit of false information being put out there. Surgery is an option but isn’t a sure thing and there is no cure for it. It’s a treatment. Some people respond initially and then get sick later. Lifestyle choices are what I made. Low salt diet, low stress job, etc. And still I lost 85% of hearing bilaterally, have 24/7 tinnitus and still occasionally get dizzy. And I consider myself lucky. People get their driver’ licenses pulled and are in bed for weeks with severe vertigo.
    As much as he makes me mad at times I do wish the best for him.