Dana White Might Consider Women’s MMA in the UFC If They Can Find More Like Ronda Rousey

July 9, 2012
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Ronda Rousey Strikeforce
There appears to be a crack opening in UFC President Dana White’s stance about women’s MMA hitting the Octagon, but it’s going to take some serious science to make it happen.

White has always maintained the stance that until there is a lot more depth in the women’s division, he could never envision a time when the ladies would share the same stage as the men inside the UFC Octagon.

It’s no secret however over the last several months that White has become a huge fan of Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and her style both in and out of the cage.

Now if only they could transport her to George Lucas’ fantasy epic world of Star Wars and make a few more copies of Rousey, then White might start considering a women’s division in the UFC.

“I love Ronda Rousey. I don’t know where women’s MMA is going,” White admitted.

“She’s the example, she’s the level, we get a bunch of women at her level we’ll see what happens.”

Right now, Rousey is awaiting her next challenge in Strikeforce coming up in August where she faces former women’s champion Sarah Kaufman in the main event.

While Rousey’s star power and appeal are undoubtedly on the rise, White isn’t ready to waver just yet in his idea that women’s fighting won’t be a full fledged division in the UFC until there’s more competitors like the current champion in Strikeforce.

It remains to be seen if there are a few more Ronda Rousey’s just waiting to be discovered.

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  • EmmettThetruth

    Boooo who cares like all women’s sports who cares no offense. The world doesn’t need another WNBA or for that matter WMMA. 9 out of 10 games in women’s sports is like watching the grass grow.

    • Cptmats

      Idiot !

    • Dumbass!

    • Lesnardo

      While i agree with the substance of your comment, you realize that you do come across as a douchebag right?

  • EmmettThetruth

    Yup I do realize but I could care less keep them in strike force Im not paying 45$ to get more decisions and the cyborgs of the world the UFC
    needs to stay pure. And like I said 9 of 10 women’s fights suck so keep them in strikeforce and keep that the minor leagues.

    • pooby

      More decisions??? What womens’ fights have you been watching? Most of the womens’ fights I’ve seen in the last couple years have been some of the most aggressive and violent mma has to offer.

      Women fighters kick ass, and the UFC needs to get with the program.

      If Dana lets this opportunity go someone else will run with it. Then when they start making a lot of money and getting a lot of attention, Zuffa will have to buy them out as they’ve done with all their competition.

      Might as well get on it now.

      • macgrubber

        Can you tell me what women fights you have watched that have been the most agressive and violent because I think we may have different definitions for agressive and violent.

        • EmmettThetruth

          Top women mma decision rate suckas
          1/3 of Tate’s fights decisions
          Coenen 1/5 decisions
          Kaufman 1/3 decisions
          A. Davis 1/2 decisions
          Larosa 1/3 decisions
          Modafferi over 1/2 decisions
          Sexton 1/3 decisions
          Gurgel 2/3 decisions
          Aguilar 4/9 decisions
          Cyborg 1/4 decisions
          Rousey 0 in 5 fights

  • Obarmarama

    Firstly, I agree that almost all of womens sport sucks, and I’m talkin basketball, socce

  • Obarmarama

    Firstly, I agree that almost all of womens sport sucks, and I’m talkin basketball, soccer etc. But when it comes to mma, I find some of the fights very entertaining. I think Dana comes across as not very educated on this subject. In the full interview he refers to a fight he saw between a woman that fought and looked like Randy Couture pounding the crap out of a pretty woman who had taken 10 boxercise classes, and uses that as a reason he’s against womens mma. I’ve been watching great female fights for years, and there have been some great spectacles. If you did allow women’s fights in the ufc, you would get a lot more interest from women, who would probably start to train mma and become very good. Look at where men’s mma is now, compared to where it began. The fighters are so much more skilled because they watched mma when they were younger and trained for it. The same would happen with women. Once they see that it can be a career, more would go into it. Many world class female judokas, wrestlers, boxers and bjj artists would switch to mma (as is currently happening, but on a bigger scale). So you can’t really say “there isn’t enough talent to create a whole division” when you have the power to enable that. Make a female ultimate fighter. Put in a female division and you will see great fighters develop. There are better female judokas than Rousey. I think it would be exciting anyway, especially if they are hot, which is why we should all support this. When I see a men’s fight with 1 guy in between another’s legs for 5 rounds while they do some close hugging, I get bored and switch channels. If it’s 2 chicks doing that, I’d close the curtains and get real cosy.

  • It’s math: the more women they hire, the fewer men they have time and money for. I would rather have big acquisitions and deeper divisions in the men’s divisions they currently have than have them spend all these resources on women’s MMA. Every slot on a card for a women’s bout is one that won’t go to a bout that could have developed some new talent for the divisions they already have. Let women have their own organization like in almost every other major sport in the world.

  • MikeMc1983

    Uncanny is correct. Women should have their own separate place. Lol
    Whether its the cage, or the kitchen….

    Seriously though. He’s right. Except that women have already been fighting in the UFC. It’s called the featherweight, and bantamweight. And sadly, so the teenage girls don’t feel left out, there going to bring in flyweights. 🙂


    i really hope the womens division continues to grow and enters the ufc!

  • D-rail

    Envicta people. Separate the two genders and move on. Put The Ultimate Fighting Chicks on a different night, with an ALL WOMEN CARD and maybe give them their own ultimate fighter show. I’d watch it. Hell, i’d like to see Cyborg ground and pound Kaufman with her balls, or see Ronda accidentally do an armbar on Cyborg’s penis.