Dana White: Media and Fans Don’t Grasp Just How Good Anderson Silva Is

December 10, 2012
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Anderson Silva at UFC 126Sixteen wins in sixteen fights in the UFC, the most title defenses in UFC history and the willingness to go up in weight and fight when he’s needed most, but UFC president Dana White still isn’t convinced the world knows just how good Anderson Silva truly is.

The middleweight king and top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet is so good in fact, White believes he’s in a category all his own when it comes to MMA.

“Anderson Silva is so far the best fighter in the world, (expletive) pound-for-pound, they ought to make a whole other list for him. I don’t know what you call it, but he should be on that list. That’s how good this guy is,” White said last week.

For his last fight, Silva stepped up on short notice to face former Ultimate Fighter finalist Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153. It was revealed after the fight that Bonnar tested positive for steroids, but no amount of skills or performance enhancers were going to help him on that night.

White says when he spoke to Bonnar after it was over that he indicated it was the most shocking experience he ever felt in his many years inside the Octagon.

“This guy is 38 years old and still performing at the level. Bonnar went the distance with Jon Jones and he said to me after his fight with Anderson Silva, he was in total shock. Not to mention the fact that we find out he was on steroids,” White commented.

“He’s on steroids. He’s already the bigger, stronger guy. Anderson Silva has 36 days to prepare for that fight. He (expletive) annihilated him. So after the fight, he says to me, ‘That guy lives in the Matrix. Nobody’s ever done that to me in my life. I felt like I never fought a day in my life when I went in there with this guy,'” said White.

Silva’s next move is still to be determined because he was gunning for a super fight against UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, but it now appears he will instead face Nick Diaz in defense of his 170-pound title.

That leaves Silva without an opponent, but White isn’t worried about what’s next because the long standing Brazilian champion has always stepped up whenever the UFC has asked him to, and he doesn’t expect anything different going forward.

“When has Anderson Silva never stepped up to the plate and done what we asked him or needed him to do? Even fighting at 205 on a month’s notice,” said White.

The day that White dreads most, however, is the one when Silva walks into his office or gives him the call and says he’s hanging up his gloves for good. It will have to happen eventually because no one can fight forever, but White says it will be a sad day when Anderson Silva finally retires.

“That’s how good Anderson Silva is. I feel like the media and the fans don’t grasp it, don’t get it as much as I do,” said White.

“The day that that guy comes around and says I’d like to retire, it’s gonna bum me the (expletive) out.”

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  • Kris-tyahn

    LOL Dana, yeah Silva took the fight on short notice, but so di Bonnar, Silva had fought 3 months earlier vs. Sonnen. Dana forgets to mention that Bonnar also took the fight on the same amount of days notice & didnt fight in 11 months & was retired. Also Dana Silva is 37 yrs old. The reason why the media & fans don’t “understand how good Silva is” is b/c of the weak competition he has fought since being in the UFC. Silva also has the most losses out of any UFC Champ in all 8 divisions. Dana talks like Silva has moved up to LHW (his natural weight class BTW) & fought “world class” fighters. Forrest Griffin, Irvin & Bonnar were perfect fighters for Silva, 3 big slow 1 dimensional bums who like to stand & trade. Silva is a fast & accurate counter puncher, so they fed him perfect opponents for his style. Why hasnt he fought a top 10 LHW? Why hasnt he fought a LHW with WRESTLING?!? Until then, he will never get the praise morons like Dana White give him. Fight people your own size, take fights where he DEOSNT ALWAYS HAVE THE ADVANTAGES & fight top 10 LHW’s then come talk to me about being him being the GOAT. The guy is sooo good, he fights 1 dimensional bums @ LHW who have ZERO wrestling, one guy was “retired” & never a top 10, the other was never even a top 15 or top 20 & then he fought a 1 dimensioanl Griffin who loves to run in swinging, yeah good challenge for a counter striker. Not to mention hes fought mostly BUMS in the worst division in all of MW, except for 4 or 5 opponents. This is the GOAT?!? WOW talk about gutsy, fighting mcuh smaller fighters & then calls out a WW champ who he out weighs by 46lbs, 4″ in height & 3″ reach. Silva sure does like to gamble, challenging a much smaller fighter.
    FYI: GSP stated Silva walks around @ 234lbs & he gets up to 188lbs. Check out his press conference after UFC 154. Haters! Also, Steven Seagal also stated that the size diff would be too much for GSP & then followed with …. “GSP should take the fight.” BAHAHAHA

    • Sherekoholic

      First you should prob get some type of help for your rage its a little out of hand. Second, who do you pick for him to fight next? Jones is booked with TUF then Sonnen til April, Weidman is hurt, so whats your choice?

      Also he turned it into a weak division by winning, same as Jones is doing at lhw. Rich Franklin was 22-1 when he got destroyed, Dan Henderson was lhw and mw champ in pride and lost, Belfort in a min and a half and took jones 3 and jones is stil rehabbing his elbow, Franklin isnt anything now but he was then though Im sure you’ll forget. And he doesnt lay and pray on guys like GSP, he finishes guys… If they are out classed he proves it, over and over.

      Have your thoughts and opinions but your anger over an article is overboard…

      • stak

        He should fight Weidman. Wait for him to heal from the injury. Silva claimed he wanted to take time off anyway.

    • stak

      Even though it is a rant everything is completely correct.

    • Milosc

      I’ve met him in person, and he is absolutely a 185 pounder. His hands are like a woman’s and entire frame very narrow

      234 lbs??? More like 210

      • Sherekoholic

        I agree, do these guys know how thick someone 6’1″ 234 is? Thats Adrian Peterson size plus 15lbs… So they are saying Silva cuts 50lbs for a fight? Thats sounds a little naive and ignorant.

    • haji 1

      Agreed 100%. Silvas opponents (for the most part) have been hand picked and spoon fed to him. Is he a phenomenal fighter absolutely but hes dominant in easily the ufcs least stacked division. Silvas fights at 205 are no different than putting a guy off the street in with a Gracie and telling him not to get submitted. They never stood a chance. As far as GSP I can see the appeal for silva easily being an easier fight than Jones. Talk about a guy whos run the gauntlet!!

    • BLK

      So dan henderson can’t wrestle? idiot

      • wegetit

        Dan Henderson’s MMA wrestling is average at best. It is unfortunate but when many accomplished wrestlers enter into MMA and find striking they immediately forget their wrestling and focus on the stand-up. Dan Henderson is no exception, he has terrible MMA wrestling when you consider he has an extensive grapple roman wrestling background. As a matter of fact, Henderson is a one punch wonder fighter just as Chuck Liddell. These dudes are out dated just as the dinosaurs age. You can only get by on one punch for so long …

        • BLK

          I totally agree with everything you said except the wrestling. Randy did roman greco too and won a lot of admiration and high class fights (at the time, remember this sport is continually pushing forward and leaving behind average) let us not forget the age of both mentioned fighters.
          I just felt compelled to object to @kristyahn:disqus point that anderson has never faced a wrestler when he quit clearly has beaten 2 wrestler 1 of them twice. I just don’t get the spider haters are they Arachnophobes?

    • kbesq

      I’m so tired of reading these comments about how Silva doesn’t face good competition. It only appears that way because Silva is the dominant alpha of the division. There aren’t any guys under him who dominate the other fighters of the division. The MWD doesn’t have a Condit, Diaz, Hendrix (formerly Kos and Fitch), who dominate the other WW fighters, but cannot beat GSP. GSP has fighters under him who dominate most other fighters in the WWD, but who cannot beat GSP. That makes GSP appear more dominant than he his (by the way, this is not a commentary about GSP – GSP is awesome, no doubt).

      The point is, in the MWD, under Silva, there is more of a pool of fighters who win and lose to each other. That makes it appear as if Silva doesn’t face real competition, but he’s facing the best MWD fighters in the world, and the fact that the MWD doesn’t have guys who string wins together, except for when the fight the champ doesn’t mean anything about the quality of Silva’s opponents.

  • Booker T

    Silva’s so good, then put him in with Jones! Come on Dana. The fans want that fight.

    • Sherekoholic

      Im not sure you noticed Jones is already scheduled for a fight, but you’re smart you prob know that

      • Darin

        So, because Jones has a next fight already set, he can therefore NEVER fight Silva???

        • Sherekoholic

          No… Im talking whats NEXT for Silva, or since you’re twisting my words, would you prefer he just waits til july’ish?

    • subidoo

      I see people want that fight, but the more I think about it, I don’t want it. I want JJ to dominate his weight class and Silva to stay in his. I also want GSP to stay in his own weight class. What if Silva never loses again, except to JJ? Then people will just mock his middleweight record.

  • W

    • I’ve read more than once that silva walks around at 220ish. A fight with GSP will not prove anything to me. GSP, comes in ripped at WW, and going up to MW only favors Silva. Besides, GSP has already peaked and is definitely on the down hill side of his career. IMO. Silva is still going strong. I want to see Silva and Jones fight ASAP. Otherwise it’s going to be another Fedor story where all we can do is imagine what could have happened if had they fought in their primes.

  • Mike mckinney

    It’s interesting. Up until about a year ago it seemed like only Fedor fans hated on silva. Everyone else at least respected what he’s done.
    Now, all of a sudden, the new breed of Gsp, and jones fans have decided they have to be anti silva.

    As for the people who act as if Gsp is small… Can anyone name more than one guy Gsp has fought that is larger than he is? Pound for pound Gsp is bigger vs. his opponents than silva is vs. his.
    However, I agree silva would have an unfair advantage over Gsp, but its talent and ability, not just size.

    • Don’t agree with everything you said but, most of what you say makes sense.

    • yup

      TOTALLY AGREE. You Sir, deserve a 5 star blowjob 🙂

    • Sir_Roy

      Who’s as big, or bigger, let’s see; Thiago Alves (walks around heavier by a significant margin), Carlos Condit walks around every bit as heavy as Georges (if not more so), as does Dan Hardy.

      Georges is more built, not heavier (Alves) or taller (Condit / Hardy). Thus the misconception.

  • So good, proving it against Boonars, Sonnens, Okamis…

    • Tyme_5

      And Franklins, Hendos, Marquardts, Belforts, Maias, etc……

  • stak

    kill yourself? really?

    • logic

      Gsp fans now go into hiding lol finally you get silva and what do you do? You put every possible excuse :/ he is too tall, long, heavy lol c’mon darling. All we want for you nuthuggers is to admit is anderson will totally dominate gsp and psychologically destroy him mentally for future fights. Your just waiting for the coast to clear and all the silva talks are done so then you can come back out and start that “gsp wrestling can beat him” talk

      • wegetit

        It’s obvious this fight is already in the works. Another obvious negotiation between GSP, White, and Silva is how and when they want it to go down. GSP will fight a few more fights to solidify his status and than proceed to take on Silva. I would say one more fight after Diaz or possibly they agreed right after Diaz. GSP IS GOING TO KILL THAT BOY!

  • adam1848

    Silva’s performances speak for themselves. People can whine all they want about him facing weak opponents and not facing a top 10 LHW…they conveniently forget how dominant Rich Franklin was before Silva entered the picture; how highly touted Dan Henderson was when Silva got his hands around his neck; how Forrest was one fight removed from being the LHW champ and wins over Shogun and Rampage when Silva made him look like an amateur; the facts speak for themselves. But hey, its easy to forget all of that when you let your personal feelings about a fighter blind you from the reality of the situation.

    • Sir_Roy

      I agree. In fact, I’m of the impression Silva actually holds back in the Octagon to give fans a show – until he wants to make a point (like he did with Belfort). I would go further and state that he, at times, chooses the rounds within which he finishes his opponents (and makes bank on the side for him and his Brazilian homes in doing so). Really study his fights, even with Chael, and you’ll see some truth shine through …

      (He plays with prey way too often. And it’s obvious.)

      He’s that good.

      He effectively humiliated Forest so badly, that he broke his spirit and ended his career prematurely. Forest never recovered from that. And, sadly, he never will. No shame Forest! Anderson Silva is in a league all his own. He’s one of the few greats that is far more pure master martial artist than he is athlete. Unlike the majority of other fighters in the sport.

      Conversely, I would say GSP is more equal parts martial artist & athlete.

      I fear if GSP fights Silva, similar to same might happen to Georges. And he may never be the same fighter afterward. I’d rather enjoy both fighter’s stellar careers in their respective weight classes, than have them meet and see one of them broken for no other reason than a one time 5 round thrill ride. Anderson loses to Georges (which is highly unlikely) and he’ll lose a lot of his luster whereas Georges might lose his drive to compete completely. Either way, UFC may lose one its main draws in that deal. Makes you wonder if it’s worth it.

      Anderson is set to sign for another 8 fights. Georges is still in his prime. Let them run a while, at least another year, before setting up a potentially career ending ‘super fight’.

      Some questions, are better left unanswered.

  • Dana is right a lot of fans don’t grasp it. There are still a lot of people out there who call Anderson a can crusher and such. To do with the guy does, especially after all the fights he’s been thru is just incredible.

  • Bake44

    Think about what he walks around at(lbs). He’s always cutting weight even to get to 205. Tell him to step up to JDS then you’ll see what he’s made of. My bet he’s not man enough.

  • Mike mckinney

    You want to know how good silva is? When considering him in a “super fight” the question is whether or not Gsp could take him down and dry hump him for 25min. And people would be excited for that to happen.
    No one even thinks the other “p4p” guy could really finish or do much damage. It’s whether or not he could lay on top for 25 min and not be submitted.
    In fact it’s the same thing with all his fights.
    Btw, Irving was a scary matchup for silva at the time. It was a gigantic 205er with ko power in his pinky. Any guy with his power is always a threat.
    Forest was the guy silva wasn’t supposed to be able to finish. He had a freaky ability to take punishment…. Well except he couldn’t take a back stepping jab from a certain middleweight. Same thing goes for Bonnar. Think of all the shots those guys have taken.
    I would understand the haters better if they argued that silva pays his opponents to dump the fight. That at least seems plausible since he beats everybody at

    • Mike mckinney

      Beats everyone at what they do best. His first 5 fights he let guys fight where they wanted to. It was Franklin who thought he wanted to be in the clinch…. Lol

    • wegetit

      GSP would destroy Silva. GSP has too many tools in his toolbox. All Silva can do is keep it on the feet and nothing else, he is a one trick pony.

  • NHB7

    Yes Dana, only you are privy to the knowledge that Silva is really really friggin good. Us Stupid fans just don’t realize it. Thank you for your Jazzercize wisdom.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    If so Dana, then schedule the fight with Weidman. Before the fight with Bonnar, Bonnar was ranked 27th in the world at 205. Any champ in his weight class can be the 27th ranked guy in the class above. BFD!

  • wegetit

    Trust me Dana, we get it. The reason why most fans don’t praise Silva as much as you do is because we are educated fans. The true greats, like Ali, fought foes that were perceived by his peers to actually be stronger than him. I am of course talking about Foreman and his numerous other challengers! Foreman was a destroyer who not only was stronger than Ali, but had some mad boxing skills, his jab would crush a tank and those hooks packed 1,000 lbs of dynamite! The list of Ali’s opponents and how great they were put Ali as the greatest of all time. Now for Anderson, LMAO, he has fought no hack talent and it is a sad shame. I don’t blame Silva because it is not his fault there are no real threats out there. Also fans realize it is not the case of Silva being so head ‘n shoulders above the rest but rather the talent at middleweight is so lacking. Until Silva actually fights someone with the threat of him being destroyed and he comes out on top one fight after the other than we can call him great.

    Rocky Marciano suffered the same fate as Silva, they both were very talented but unfortunately there was nobody around in their time that was at their skill level. The only solution for Silva would be to fight the perceived monster that is Jon Jones (the bigger guy with equal skills). However, it appears that Silva is not interested, at least for now. Until Silva steps up to beat another great fighter to whom Silva could potential lose, he will always be a fighter with loads of skill used on inferior opponents. In the end that is just not great.

  • Yeah! And I think the main issue is that too many people put down Anderson Silva over the weight class thing because they don’t understand that his frame is small or narrow for his height. His torso weights less than most people his height. That means he is going to be taller than most people that weight the same. If he isn’t taller, he’ll either have more muscle density or size. That goes for any fighter that is tall and narrow. There’s nothing anyone can do about that.