Dana White May Be Opening Up to the Possibility of Signing Undefeated Ben Askren

September 3, 2014
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Ben Askren - ONE FC 16Former Bellator welterweight champion and current ONE FC welterweight titleholder Ben Askren is undefeated in mixed martial arts. Despite his success in MMA, the two-time NCAA wrestling national champion and Olympian has had a tough time being accepted based on his fighting style.

After defending his Bellator title four times, he was released by the organization in 2013. UFC president Dana White said the UFC had “no interest” in signing Askren at that time, but his stance may slowly be changing.

“As far as the kid, as far as the level he’s on? He barely beat Jay Hieron, you know? He’s got some work to do. He can fight in another organization and work his way up and go from there,” said White following the UFC 167 post-fight press conference in November 2013.

Since the UFC passed on the opportunity to sign Askren when he was a free agent, Askren has been critical of the organization and its president, regularly voicing his criticisms via Twitter.

After his Bellator release, Askren signed with ONE FC and captured their 170-pound title on Aug. 29. While White’s not exactly ready to make Askren an offer, the 30-year-old athlete is certainly on the UFC’s radar.

“Yeah, if he keeps winning. You know, he could get a shot over here,” said White following UFC 177 on Aug. 30.

“Ben Askren said a lot of stupid (expletive) when he left, but I could care less about any of that. We’ll see what the kid keeps doing and we’ll go from there,” said White.

“If you’re a real idiot, I’ll hold a grudge until the day I drop dead. But I don’t really do that with fighters. They’re tough guys. This is what they do for a living. They’re going to say stuff like that. If Tito Ortiz could come back to the UFC, anybody can come in here. Because there’s nobody on Earth I hated worse than Tito and Tito came back. Don’t have to like them to do business with them,” added the UFC president.

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  • thr royal one

    Dana my man stop playing n get him signed he certainly belongs in the ufc long ago especially when u consider all the no namers that get a chance much easier seen ample guys have several losses n not a 5th of his talent or crudentials WE wanted to see him vs gsp more than hendricks or anyone in that weight class except for maybe rory cuz hes gsp boy now id love to see askren mangle hendricks with his wrestling/grappling dana do u actually not see he wouldve beat gsp n defended that belt several times now hes prolly the toughest ww out to be honest fitch was my fav ww im no askren fan but i am a realist usually u are too dana but u doubt askren when he prolly really should be fighting my boy weidman i just dont see wws that can fuck with him and rhonda beating floyd in street match is more likely than those wws touching ben how cant u see that i know u have to see it deep down it has to be another reason cuz we both know askren is no joke hell run through that division even in the ufc n i know u know this but one thing u might not know honestly is that holly will knock rhonda out n shes gonna cyborg would too probably but holly is gonna for sure when that fight happens sign askren n mark my words hes gon be one the top pound for pounds not long after n i dont write on here EVER but ive been a longtime mma fan n i know my shit n the askren thing is getting stupid now when u know he belonged in the ufc awhile ago nah but well give bums with 15 losses a chance all day stop the excuses n trying to find dumb shit to say to cover the facts if he hasnt been deserved a chance then more than half the whole ufc roster didnt cuz he can beat 80 percent of the guys in the ufc more than likely all weight classes included n stop hating on wanderlei u were going nuts when u signed him hes my fav fighter ever n who fights more for the fans n the style we wanna see more than anyone no fear p.s. fedor doesnt come close to get the credit he deserves from u just cuz he didnt sign with u he would made brock run like everyone who hits em does he wouldve beat spider n any man in pride in his prime n he was smaller than couture i believe beating many men way bigger than himself that alones deserves props u stay hating on the true goat on the last note i need to see an event live lol and i need u to get me a record deal contact me at 3158765373 Syracuse new york eminem only white dude on earth that can rap with me even if u arent a rap fan (not saying u arent) u will absolutely love me im nothing the degenerates n bandwagon superficial fakes full of gimmicks had a hard ass life i neef a break help your boy out dana n dont get mad at some of my comments cuz we both are realists still big love for u dana

  • TheCerealKiller

    I don’t want to see him fight, but you kinda have to give him a shot. The fight doesn’t start off with Ben on top humping you, stop him from doing it!

  • thr royal one

    Wow they cut my long message off dana wouldve wanted to see n im not writing it all again but ill shorthand this time not an askren fan but he shouldve been in ufc especially with all the others who get chances who are much less deserving hell prolly beat gsp n anyone in that division give em weidman cuz hell mangle j hendricks in wrestling/grappling wanderlei should be loved by all cuz he fights how we most like to see balls out no fear brock wouldve ran if fedor hit em like he always runs fedor is the true goat beating many men bigger than him for ten straight years n in his prime in pride he wouldve killed spider holly holm gonna knock rhonda out n dana i need a record deal had a hard life help a brother out only white boy on earth touching my mic is eminem n dana even if u hate rap (not saying u do) u will love me cuz im a realist like u n i dont rap that degenerate bandwagon superficial gimmick bull wont leave my num cuz thats prolly why they erased my last post or maybe cuz was too long n elaborate i need to see a live event im from Syracuse new york if u cant take a second n make a call n plug me in to get my deal i deserved since the 90s then Hey let me work for u id love that trust n to go n watch the events with u too be a dream come true josh hamm look me up on fb or however but please help me out brotha

    • j


      • thr royal one

        Fall back n split ya melon to the white meat hater

  • Maven

    I haven’t seen him fight much, except his last title defense in One. He had a bit of a spare tire around his waste, ala Chuck Lidell. Put it in the contract that he shows up ripped to shreds and sign him. His ground game is just too good, and having him in there will bring everyone else’s gg up who has to prepare for him.

  • Shred Man

    They should take him.

  • greaterworks

    He needs to get signed after a couple more title defenses in One FC. Most importantly he has to win impressively, which isn’t too hard considering the level of competition there. Boring style or not, he’s going to be a test for everybody in the UFC.