Dana White: Luke Rockhold, ‘You Don’t Deserve Anything’

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Dana White had something to say about fighters saying they deserve a title shot. “Nobody deserves anything. You gotta earn it here.”

He specifically took aim at Luke Rockhold, saying, “You just got knocked out in the first round. You don’t deserve anything.”

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  • Johnny Sanchez

    All of you fighters are just a piece of meat. The UFC is a parasite feeding off you. Once you fail to produce enough, your spit out and thrown to the ground. Doesn’t matter if your still good. Doesn’t matter what you’ve given before. Even if you are producing they have other meat so they spit you out anyway. You make thousands while the parasite makes billions. You give blood, sweat and tears – they give smack downs more hurtful than any opponent you will face. When it’s all said and done your body is going to be broken, your finances will be broken but you will be endured into the hearts of many fans. Dana however will be sitting pretty – fat and rich no worse for ware. If I had a son I would not want him to be a fighter.

    • Jess Fenchley

      Well said Johnny, well said. Beer on me.

  • Rob Villa

    Well said Johnny- I think the top 5 ranked fighters from each division should jump ship and join Bellator. Give Dana and the UFC the middle finger…

    • Timothy Malone

      They would all be taking massive paycuts if they did that

  • Jess Fenchley

    I would like doughboy to get in the octagon with Rockhold and tell him that. Fatso chugs steroids to looks like a fighter and swears and yells to sound tough, just like a Yorkie. Dana is just an insecure little man, and no amount of money will squash that demon.

  • Gabe

    Fighters are like race horses, one purpose only. Dana White is the Michael Vick and his fighting dogs. That is why we have unions. Unions represents workers voices and get what is fair and market compensation for their hard work. Fighters make billions for Dana White and IMG. Without the fighters, they don’t make bank. Fighters should be treated just like their worth, billions of dollars. Should be paid fair wages, percentage of the ticket sales, life insurance, medical insurance, retirement plans, plus other professional help like investment, financial advises, nutritional and healthy living assistance. Anything that would keep the fighter, the products that makes millions in great condition.