Dana White Likes the ‘Idea of Tito Ortiz vs. Rich Franklin’; Nothing Set Yet

August 26, 2011
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Rich Franklin at UFC 115

Rich Franklin at UFC 115

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz was able to jump start his career at UFC 132 when he submitted former Ultimate Fighter winner Ryan Bader.

And while Ortiz came up short in his late notice bid to take out Rashad Evans one event later at UFC 133, his career resurgence is still in full swing.

Following the back-to-back fights in just a month’s time, Ortiz is getting some much needed vacation time in right now, but the ideas for his next fight are already in motion.

Speaking to fans via UStream on Friday in Brazil, UFC president Dana White has a fight in mind for Ortiz, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

“I don’t know yet, still working on fights for Tito,” White said. “But we do like the idea of Tito vs. Rich Franklin.”

Franklin was originally scheduled to compete on the UFC 133 card in Philadelphia, same as Ortiz, but a late injury to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira forced him off the show.

Recently, Franklin has commented that he sees himself back in the Octagon before the end of the year, most likely in December. Add to that Ortiz’s time off following the two straight fights and the timing could work out for the two former champions to meet in the Octagon.

While Franklin and Ortiz have been part of conversations with fans for years, the two fighters have never actually been presented as potential opponents for each other by the UFC. For Franklin’s part, if the fans and the UFC want to see it, he’s happy to accept.

“The fans have talked about how they would be interested in that fight,” Franklin told MMAWeekly.com about facing Ortiz. “It’s something the fans have talked about being an entertaining fight, and if it’s something the UFC wanted to put on, I’d be open to that.”

It remains to be seen if the UFC will decide to put together Rich Franklin vs. Tito Ortiz, but right now it appears to be the most popular option.

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  • wonggfan

    Yes, I agree that the fight makes sense. But the UFC could make more money by cutting these guys and focusing on marketing up-and-coming guys who will ask for 1/5 of the pay.

    Rich Franklin vs Tito Ortiz could easily be a fight in SF. So relegate them to SF and promote Mousasi and the winner of King Mo/Roger Gracie to the UFC

  • shakejunt

    only fight that makes sense for either of them unless nog makes a full recovery in time

  • wonggfan

    I want to see Tito vs JDS in an open-weight match up.

    Also, make the fight 7 rounds and no technical KOs. So even if Tito doesn’t intelligently defenses himself, the fight goes on until he becomes unconscious.

    I would pay $100 to see that fight.

    • Unador

      Tito will tap. It has to be no TKO’s and a non taping bout. Doctor or ref stopage only. Then we get Steve Mazagati in there, he let someone beat the future right out of you.

  • bajafox

    This fight does make the most sense for both of them. I doubt either will ever see a title fight again. The only thing left for both of them is to fight who the fans (and the UFC) want. It’s all about putting on entertaining fights and this one is definitely entertaining.

    It’d be a great headliner for a FOX fight too, either way I’d still pay to see this

  • Unador

    What’s Franklin’s take down defense like?

    This ought to be a great match up, both of these guys need a win. Ingredients for a good scrap.

  • I would like to see this fight because Tito would not be able to win.

  • Mr. Bojangles

    Good fight even though it will be a split decision win for Franklin.

  • If this fight happens, Tito will be a slight favorite, based on how both of them did in their recent fights against Forrest; and this matchup would definitely appeal to the oldest end of the relevant demographic – and that is the end with the most disposable income, so it does figure to be a money-maker for Zuffa.