Dana White “Likes” the Idea of Jon Jones Facing Daniel Cormier in the UFC

October 1, 2012
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Daniel Cormier StrikeforceThrough 12 fights and four title defenses, Jon Jones has made a pretty strong case that he’s close to cleaning out the list of contenders at 205lbs.

Jones has made short work of four former world champions, and his reign of terror has already solidified him as one of the best light heavyweights to ever grace the Octagon.

The only problem with greatness however is making the rest of the crowd look rather pedestrian.

There are some very good fighters at light heavyweight, but Jones has beat almost everybody on that list except former Pride and Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson. Outside of a prospect like Alexander Gustafsson, Jones has very few names left to face before potential rematches are the only thing staring back at him as light heavyweight champion.

That all might change in the next few months however if one heavyweight decides to move weight classes and give Jones an entirely new beast to deal with inside the cage.

Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier has hinted around at dropping down to 205lbs once his final bout is finished with Zuffa’s sister promotion, and there’s no doubt that should he move down, his target would be none other than Jon Jones.

The fight is anything but official and at this stage of the game only a fantasy bout for fans to theorize about, but UFC President Dana White gets a big smile on his face whenever this potential powder keg title fight comes up.

“That’d be interesting,” White said with a smirk when asked about a potential Jones vs. Cormier fight. “I like it”

White has stated that he will never pressure a fighter to move weight classes outside of stating an opinion, but he knows if Daniel Cormier could make the move down to light heavyweight, he would be a force of nature immediately.

Cormier has also stated his preference to move down to light heavyweight especially if his teammate and close friend Cain Velasquez recaptures the UFC heavyweight title in December.

Should that happen, Cormier’s move to 205lbs is almost a lock and if that happens, Jon Jones will quickly have a new and very good contender waiting in the wings.

To hear the entire conversation with White from UFC on Fuel 5 check out the video courtesy of Fighter’s Only.

  • stak

    Velasquez will not win the title but Cormier should still drop down to light heavyweight.

  • Seraph

    Yet another example of Dana’s off-the-cuff, haphazard matchmaking. So because Cormier won that joke of a tourney at Strikeforce after being inserted as a replacement, he is now worthy to face Jones should he cut weight and move down to LHW? Cormier shouldn’t even be in the conversation to challenge for the LHW belt.

    • shakejunt

      honestly a little surprised you haven’t gotten flamed for your comment, but you’re on point.

      cormier looks legit, but he didn’t have to fight any of the 3 favorites in the grand prix (overeem, fedor, werdum). not that he wouldn’t win, but he’s relatively untested.

  • bdono554

    Don’t forget about Glover Teixeria… assuming there’s someone who’s out there who’s not afraid to fight him.

    • mradriel1

      You so right about that. Glover will beat Jon Jones when they fight.

      • shakejunt

        i’m psyched to see fresh blood in the lhw division, but let’s see him fight someone ranked before we declare him the new che mills.

        • MrAdidas

          LOL lmao – “the new Che Mills” hahaha nice one!

  • Cormier is already causing problems; if Cain wins he’s not going to stay at HW. If he goes to LHW fans are going to complain and state he doesn’t deserve a shot yet. He’s in limbo right now. Throw him a fight at HW and see what happens from there, he needs to get a fight in. Jones didn’t clean out the division yet anyway. Silva and GSP cleaned out their divisions b/c they’ve been in the UFC since 04′ and 06′. Jones still has Hendo/Madhica, Gustaf/Rua, and Glover.

  • b-soc

    Dana White has “lost” his mind. In the last year, the UFC has gone away from people earning shots in divisions to money fights, and not fighters earning money. Classic example is Ovareem – a couple years back, he would have had to climb his way back.

    I’m not saying money shouldn’t be a factor, but its becoming the first factor now – not wins and losses.

  • dathump

    Just read Cormier wants Pat Berry, not sure what to think? HD has a set of hands and kicks but little else, size and reach is comparable, but Berry isn’t a great stepping stone for DC, and would be detrimental if he were to lose. on the other hand a good journeyman UFC HW to gauge his performance against. If Cormier can live up to the hype he should not only win, but dominate.

  • Lets be real…Cormier winng the StrikeForce HW Grand Prix isn’t all its cracked up to be. It’s like saying…Hey congrats on winning the AA Baseball “world series”…now go play the (insert best baseball team here).

    I don’t think he deserves a title shot in the UFC. The StrikeForce HW division was made up of a Juice Monster, a Russian that has been overhyped his whole career, A guy who should be in the WWE, a guy named after a mythical beast, a guy who was changinf tires 2 years ago and probably should go back to that. Not exactly a stacked card of talent if you ask me. And Cormier came in to it half way through after stepping in for an injured fighter…I personally think whether its LHW or HW…he’s not going to be a force in the UFC

    • fsunoles09

      he is an olympic caliber wrestler and showed he has some power in his hands and good footwork so i think that alone would be enough to make him a pretty hard fight for anybody at 205.

      • And I’m a purple belt in BJJ and I tapped a black belt once…doesn’t mean I should be in the UFC. I’m not saying he isn’t skilled, but he hasn’t faced UFC level competition before. StrikeForce is the MMA equivalent of the MLB minor leagues…there are some good fighters, but they need to step up their games and fight some SERIOUS competition before getting thrown in to title fight talk.

        • dgs

          Poor analogy. Cormier is much more decorated than your measly purple belt. Additionally, Cormier has been EXTREMELY impressive in Strikeforce. His manhandling of Josh Barnett was a thing of beauty. I consider Josh one of the top ten heavyweights in MMA, and Cormier destroyed him for four rounds, and won the 5th as well. How much more MMA experience did Barnett have over Comier going into that fight… yeah, lots and lots.

          Cormier would probably beat down all of the UFC heavyweights except Dos Santos, and if he does move down to light heavy, forget about it, Jon Jones can kiss his title goodbye.

          Cormier is the real deal, regardless of what you believe, and I’m sure he will prove that when he’s fighting in the UFC.

          • shakejunt

            let’s not act like barnett has fought top competition recently

  • Bob

    Both DC and Cain should drop to 205!

  • If you don’t think Daniel stands a chance against jones or doesn’t deserve a shot after another fight then you must not watch mma or have any intuition of what a good up and comer fighter looks like. Daniel is a beast if you haven’t noticed. He not only has a way better wrestling pedigree then say chael sonnen and extremely powerful punches. He has the speed of almost a light weight in his hands. I can smell a big upset.

  • rolando_mota

    Cormier is a beast….lets not forget he k.o.’d Bigfoot and tossed Barnett around like 280 lb ragdoll…as a runner-up…and a heavy underdog in most fights..the Guy probably cuts no weight..and is still a lot smaller than most heavies but still gets it done..whether heavy or light heavy he is the lebron James of Mma..it might take him a few fight but he will.get the title..and if he wasn’t contracted to strikeforce…he’d already be knocking heads off in the ufc. I don’t understand why people are underrate him when he’s the strikeforce champ. Not fedor not bigfoot not reem not Bigfoot or werdum.

    • shakejunt

      … he’s not the strikeforce champ

  • I dont think anyone is doubting his ability. But so far he hasn’t fought anyone too tough. Throwing around Josh Barnett is not a big deal…and KO’ing bigfoot is a bit of a step up…but again not HUGE bragging rights. Time will tell, and there’s a good chance he will do well. Only time and a couple tough opponents will see what he really is all about…

    I do like your enthusiasm though…the Labron James of MMA lol…thats a good one.

  • lardo

    I am not sure if DC at 205 could perform as well as he did at HW. Make the bout a 230 catch weight and it would be more interesting. In the past, I’ve seen fighters with a decent amount of fat perform poorly after losing the fat.