Dana White: Let’s See if Rory MacDonald Still Won’t Fight GSP Once He Sees His Bank Account

April 26, 2012
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Rory MacDonald at UFC 129
It’s the age old debate of teammate vs. teammate, and the latest comes about as rising star Rory MacDonald gets closer and closer to the elite fighters in the welterweight division, while his teammate Georges St-Pierre as champion.

Both have said they will not fight each other, but UFC president Dana White isn’t buying it.

White says that every fighter is in this sport to be a champion and make a paycheck, and he’s quite sure Rory MacDonald wants both of those things.

Check out what White had to say about the latest teammate vs. teammate discussion following UFC 145 in Atlanta:

  • Towers66

    I see Dana’s side on this subject. Sometimes money isn’t everything though. Especially when other options to be champion are within reach. If that fight ever happened they’d hype it just like JBJ vs. Evans.

    • You’re right and I think they should fight right They are my two favorite fighters.Dana is wrong about always look at the money.I bet Rory knows more about GSP’s bank account than Dana White does I can also see Rory’s point because GSP was the one who took Rory under his wings,gave him a place to stay and brought him to Tri Star and basically thought him everything he knows.So I can see Rory feel loyal to GSP and do not wanna fight him,It’s not just about the money.So yes I think They should fight if it comes to it but I can also unerstand if the wont.Like Machida and Anderson Silva wont fight or Nick Diaz and Jake Shields said they will never fight so there are the add few that I can understand

  • mmachoman

    You can’t grow in the sport without being fully honest about your strengths and weaknesses with your teammates and you can’t show all your weaknesses to your teammates and then fight one of them the next night without suffering serious disadvantages.

    If they fight, one of them will have to move camp for the entire duration of the training.

  • These guys will do what should’ve happened in the Evans and Jones situation, one of them will change a weight class. Rory is still young and growing and I could see him taking a shot at 185, GSP has even hinted at it so perhaps when Anderson retires he’ll move up.

  • ukangrymonkey

    Have to agree, these guy’s need to fight each other. Some of the best fights have been when two equal people, all be it friends have fought have put on some of the best fights. Each person knows the other mans weakness so they almost cancel each other out but then they adapt and bring something else to the game.

    Neither guy should be running from a fight, show the MMA world that the person across the ring is my friend but nothing will stop me from winning the fight. Least at the end of the night I can share a beer with him and say “Dam you can hit”

  • I really dont like this. Stop making excuses your paid to fight and your goal is to be the best. To be the best you have to beat the best and if the best is your friend then step up or step aside. Friends fight friends all the time.

  • MaritalArtist

    It should be an honor for those two to be so good that there is no one else to fight.

  • somecokehead

    I say it comes down to respect… Rory learned a lot from training with GSP, so to use it against him is disrespectful. I hope they never fight. Good friends are worth more than fame… ask Mike Tyson. If they do fight I hope GSP injures Rory and he can never fight again. Keep your word!

  • KBEsq

    I don’t know why this is even controversial. How can fighters refuse to fight their training partners if that’s where the cards lie? I don’t agree with White that the motivating factor has to be money and notoriety, but this is a sport. If you can’t fight your training partner and still be friends with him after that, then you weren’t very good friends to begin with.

    This attitude that fighters won’t fight their training buddies also feeds into the negative connotation of the sport from outside viewers that the UFC is barbaric and human cock fighting. If we want to argue that this is a true sport, then we can’t have guys refusing to fight their friends. Would a baseball player or football player refuse to play against a team their friend is on? No way! So refusing in MMA is essentially to say: “yes, we are going out there to hurt people, and I don’t want to do that to a friend.”