Dana White: Kelvin Gastelum and John Lineker Get No More Chances

January 31, 2015
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After both men missed weight on Friday, UFC president Dana White said that Kelvin Gastelum and John Lineker and will each have to move up a weight class after UFC 183.

Gastelum, who reportedly had flu-like symptoms on Friday and had to go to the hospital prior to weigh-ins, stepped on the scale at 180 pounds, which is a full nine pounds above the 171-pound limit for his welterweight non-title fight with Tyron Woodley.

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Woodley agreed to accept the fight after Gastelum agreed to a 30-percent fine that would go to his opponent.

It was the second time out of his six UFC bouts that Gastelum has missed weight, but he has struggled almost every time, even when he eventually hit the mark.

Ian McCall vs John LinekerLineker weighed at 130 pounds for his flyweight fight with Ian McCall. That’s four pounds above the limit for a non-title fight in the division.

Like Gastelum, Lineker will forfeit 30-percent of his fight purse to McCall.

Lineker has now failed to make weight in four out of his eight UFC fights.

For White, Friday’s weigh-in was the last straw. In comments to Brazilian outlet Globo, the UFC pres said that both would have to move up in weight the next time they hope to step in the Octagon.

“Lineker will never fight at flyweight again. He will have to move up to bantamweight. Same thing with Kelvin Gastelum. This was the last time he will fight at welterweight,” said White.

“He has weight issues, had to go to the hospital, and was cleared by the doctors to come to the weigh-ins. He came here 10 pounds over. He will have to move up to middleweight.”

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Good, but how is this not listed as a catchweight fight now?

    • Collideoverme

      Good point, unless it’s just miss printed.

      • TheCerealKiller

        They said flu symptoms, every time I had to flu I lost 5 pounds. It only lasts a few days, so he was way over headed into this fight.

        • cheflacsto

          Not necessarily, maybe he just could not properly finish his weight cut. Either way thank goodness he has to move up, and I don’t think they make it a catch weight fight because that give the appearance that he made weight, and then probably doesn’t have to forfeit the purse. Woodley pisses me off but I give him credit for still accepting the fight.

        • Imjuhsaying

          I read somewhere that doctors at the hospital apparently had him on an IV for the purpose of replenishing fluids. That would have added a couple of pounds back on… He struggles so much with making this weight every time though, so it’s hard to defend him.

  • KerryCraig

    Thank god. I hope this becomes normal for people that miss multiple weigh ins. Getting a little ridiculous.

  • billywood

    The whole reason hes even sick could be from cutting too much weight since they been telling us he was sick a week out from the fight.

  • George P

    Im sorry but its a disgrace to miss weight. I mean thats what you get paid to do….do it or find another career. Melvin is a little different i mean hes had the flu and the drs at the er pumped him full of IV fluids but even still. They are lucky they aren’t fired! Get it together fellas!!


    kelvin gastelum and jon lineker get no more chances! but jon jones gets 17 more.

    • Sarge

      When has jones missed weight at a weigh in?

      • DonkeyTeeth

        Hes not stating that Jones missed weight he is talking chances in general “Sarge”

  • runner2300

    Hey maybe if those guys did coke or got arrested for DUI instead of missing weight they’d get all the chances they needed.

    • Guest

      They’ll be a suspension or automatic termination from UFC.

  • Sarge

    Hope both guys get KO’ed