Dana White: Jon Jones is on His Way to Being One of the Greatest of All Time

April 27, 2014
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Dana WhiteUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has already put together a Hall of Fame worthy resume and added to it on Saturday with a one-sided unanimous decision win over Glover Teixeira at UFC 172 in Baltimore.

He’s the youngest champion in UFC history, winning the title as a 23-year-old. He has the most successful and consecutive title defenses in the 205-pound division with seven. He holds the longest winning streak in UFC light heavyweight history with eleven.

“I broke my own record with title defenses which makes me feel so good. I’m one fight closer to GSP (Georges St-Pierre), one fight closer to Anderson Silva. I’ve got gigantic goals and I’m trying to take them down one opponent at a time,” said Jones during the UFC 172 Post Fight Show following Saturday’s event.

Jones currently sits atop the world pound-for-pound rankings, and UFC president Dana White believes Jones is on his way to being one of the greatest fighters ever.

“He’s definitely the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and on his way to being one of the greatest fighters of all time,” said White following the event. “He gets better every time. He gets more confident every time.”

Jones’ next fight will be a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson. He defeated Gustafsson by unanimous decision at UFC 165 in September 2013 in a back-and-forth war. The bout earned the 2013 Fight of the Year.

The date and location of the rematch is unknown, although White on Saturday night said that company officials are considering doing the fight in Sweden, perhaps in a stadium.

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  • TrentSki

    Vitor was younger you noob

  • qwerty

    Jones’ last 2 performances were lackluster, Cormier will beat him.

    • Mark McDowall

      Cormier doesn’t have a chance…besides being 5″ shorter and having a 12.5″ shorter reach…he wont even get close. IF Cormier gets past Hendo…his hype train will be immediately derailed against Jones.

  • Best of last 5yrs

    If bones jones beat DC I will admit he is the greatest light heavy weight of all time. But he still has a long way to go to catch fedor as greatest ever what was fedor 40-0 be4 he lost jones won’t beat DC

    • Sir_Roy

      Love Fedor. As a sports personality, as an athlete and as a professional fighter with incredible integrity, character and tact. He’s legend. Take all his qualities together, and I might acquiesce to him being the GOAT. But not based solely on fighting ability.

      If we’re realistic, he never faced the level of competition Jones has. Not even close. I mean, let’s take one of the best from the Fedor heyday, Shogun (widely considered THE best) and a less experienced, battle savvy Jones completely dismantled him.

      Fedor is a top 3 GOAT, but he’s no longer THE GOAT. What he is, is an absolute legend of the sport. Jones, as of yet, is not at that level. But hey, it most certainly is debatable.

      • BOSS

        lol wut

        • Sir_Roy

          Yeah, some points seem like they contradict each other. But it’s not what was intended. I meant that while Jones has fought competition which gives him more hold over the GOAT status than either Anderson or Fedor IMHO, he has not attained the level of overall legendary status that Fedor has achieved throughout his long and lustrous career.

          Distinction between legendary and Greatest fighter of all Time that I was making.

  • Raphael Mastro

    Whats the one fight Jones has never had to take…A rematch. It will be interesting to see if Gus has an answer for him this next time around. DC Has a chance and its the most interesting match up at 205 IMO

    • Sir_Roy

      I like Gus. But I really think Jones will have an answer this time around. Just the support and think tanks he has in his camp alone … he was caught completely by surprise by Gus their first fight as it was Gus who had his number – and still Gus couldn’t quite seal the deal. I see a better prepared Jones shutting Gus down.

      • Raphael Mastro

        I agree. We are going to see if either jones learns even more the 2nd time around as a fighter, which i am kind of leaning towards or if gus figures it out since he felt him out in that 5 round fight.

  • Hansa

    For me, and its REALLY hard to admit it cuz I’m a huge Anderson Silva fan, Jon Bone Jones is the GOAT in UFC. The way he fights, his versatility, his unpredictable fight strategies, and the way he disarms his opponents is incredible. JBJ is undefeated and has beaten all of his opponents and the list is incredible….

    • uejsj

      Agreed. If he can get through gus and cormier, Dana should consider a superfight between him and Cain.

      • Hansa

        Jones will beat the s–t out of Cormier. The way he uses his height advantage and reach is impeccable. Gus is a though fight, but I don’t think Jones will underestimate Gus again. It looks like the LHW-belt will remain with Jones for at least 5-6 more fights.

        • Sir_Roy

          While I think Jones will beat Cormier, I wouldn’t underestimate Cormier’s raw strength / power (apparently the dudes a beast) and ability to tie Jones up against the cage and dirty box while avoiding those disastrous elbows. I think Cormier can take Jones down. In short, it all hinges on Cormier’s ability to control where the fight goes and when – as he has thus far against bigger opponents than Jones. Will be an interesting question to see answered.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Jones is on his way to being the GSP , someone that came in to the sport with mega talent and highlight reel stoppages, to a guy that held on to the belt with boring safe decision wins.

    • Sir_Roy

      I don’t know what fights you’ve been watching bud, but that comment was ridiculously uninspired. You cannot be serious. 5 round wars are far, far more exciting than highlight reel finishes. And the last two fights Jones didn’t finish just so happened to be the best of his career.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        All of his fights since he got the belt except the Machida one. And Jones is ducking Alex Gus the same way GSP was ducking Hendicks

        • archaictext

          How is he ducking Gus? The UFC isn’t exactly handing out immediate rematches lately. I thought he deserved a rematch, but there is no evidence that he is ducking Gus. The UFC makes the final decisions, and it could be SPECULATED that they are hurting for reigning, long time champs with the exit of Silva and GSP, and that they want to solidify their new poster boy, but that is just, like I said, speculation. There’s no point in arguing too much though fella; Gus will get his rematch, and we will all get to see if he can do what he couldn’t (but fan boys for some reason think he did) the first time.

          • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

            Jones said he felt he beat Gus decisively after he said ok to a rematch. Thats changing his tune, thats ducking.

    • Hansa

      Give Jones the “cookie-eating” wrestler that is disgrace to the UFC(Phil Davies), then you’ll see a knockout for the highlight reels…He is so one-dimensional and boring and I can’t beleive that “mister not so Wonderful” is ranked #4. Dana please cut Davies or give me some money back for the PPV.

  • archaictext

    I’m not so sure JJ is the GOAT. It’s hard to say that anyone is the GOAT. JJ, GSP, AS all different weight classes, with opponents of different skill sets/levels. It’s too much incomparable information, and is nothing but opinion. GSP stayed in his weight class the whole time, (we have yet to see what JJ does in that respect) and AS obviously competed well in two weight classes. Some say AS didn’t have competitors as skilled as GSP or Jones. GSP’s style was very orthodox, though he was great at it, whereas JJ and AS have unpredictable, original styles (not that it makes much of a difference, just noting). JJ is obviously to be accredited for having achieved his accolades at such a young age by comparison. Being that he is still fighting (and the other two have shown difficulty with the new wave of fighters) JJ is showing how skilled he is by comparison (but again, it’s hard to compare the weight classes with any real accuracy). However, above all else, as MMA has become more popular, the long time reigning champs have begun to, and will continue to disappear. If you consider that there is a larger group at the top of the pyramid, as time goes forward, the belt will be harder to keep. GSP, and AS have experienced this first hand (as has JJ). For the moment JJ is still standing, but (and I may be wrong) I think the period of long time reigning champs is at its apex, and is drawing to a close. That will change the concept of the GOAT. There may be better fighters in the future, but as they are now, they will be fighting progressively better and better competition, and while they may be better than a JJ or an AS, people won’t give them credit because their title reign will pale in comparison to their predecessors due to the higher skill level standard. More “phenoms” will rise to the surface, and there will be less standouts. You can only take the human body so far. JMO obviously.