Dana White: It Won’t Take a Billion Dollars to Get TJ Dillashaw and Urijah Faber to Fight (Video)

September 7, 2014
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TJ Dillashaw may say different. Urijah Faber may say different. But UFC president Dana White believes that if it ever comes time to where Faber should challenge Dillashaw for the belt, the Team Alpha Male teammates will fight each other.

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  • Sky Sparks

    If they get to that spot they are both very professional they will fight Isay put fFaber against Cruz or renan and see if he can get past either of them first if not why would he even be in the discussion

  • cs

    Faber cannot defeat Dillashaw as long as Dillashaw has the belt because Faber cannot win title fights in the UFC. Truth hurts!

    • Lucas Freire

      tru dat

  • Chris Watson

    Regardless of one’s opinion on teammates fighting one another I am surprised this fight is even being talked about in the first place. DW has this obsession with trying to get friends to fight. If it makes sense I get it but is Faber REALLY deserving of getting yet another title shot when there are one or two more deserving contenders? I like the dude but damn!

  • GeneralLee_Write

    First, TJ would have to lose a couple of fights before their match would even be considered.